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If President Obama Doesn't Commute Her Sentence, Chelsea Manning Won't Survive

If President Obama Doesn't Commute Her Sentence, Chelsea Manning Won't Survive

Evan Greer

Reports suggest that imprisoned transparency advocate Chelsea Manning is on President Obama’s “shortlist” for a possible commutation.

If true, this move would offer a glimmer of hope during a time when it is in short supply. If President Obama fails to act now, he is condemning Chelsea to a gruesome fate, and his legacy as an advocate for LGBTQ rights will be forever tarnished.


Bad news Evan. Obama is expecting to finally become rich after he leaves office by conducting over priced speaking engagements around the U.S. and beyond. But the corporate big wigs have told him in no uncertain terms that he must do their bidding or suffer the consequences (no more high paying speeches). Obama’s timid farewell speech took a few shots at Trump, but he never ruffled the feathers of the corporate State. To expect him to do that now, is a long shot at best. The only way that an outgoing president would pardon heroes like Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, would be if the departed leader was courageous enough to tell corporate America that he was going to side with the 99%. The last time I saw that was Eisenhower’s farewell speech 55 years ago.


Checking to see how I show up online

Good. Common Dreams had me confused there for a minute.
Evan you are perfectly wonderful!
All of us need you.
Am a grandmother of a transgender child. Before “she” came along,
I hardly knew what being transgender was. Now I learn more each
day. For all of those who have survived with their dignity, creativity,
self-confidence and other positive traits, I salute you.
Evan, you represent us all so beautifully! Keep up your good work, and
I’ll keep looking for you online and maybe in Seattle?


excerpt from email from Fight for the Future yesterday:

Not on social media? You can still help! Call the DOJ comments line and forward this email to your friends!

Here’s the number: 202-353-1555

Here’s a sample script for what to say:

“Hi, I saw on the Today Show that President Obama is considering commuting Chelsea Manning’s sentence. I calling to strongly encourage him to do so. Chelsea Manning has suffered enough. She deserves to be released. Thank you.”

Chelsea has always tried to do the right thing and speak truth to power. Please, take a moment today to speak out on her behalf. This could be our last chance to get her free.

Thanks for reading,

-Evan at Fight for the Future


Not the devil incarnate just an ignorant, hateful person.

Whether he lives or dies in prison is not really a relevant legal issue. What is more important is whether he committed a crime only in the eyes of the military. Why we still permit the military to conduct kangaroo courts is beyond me. The public service he did by exposing illegal military behavior more than justifies his release. This is a war on whistle blowers, nothing more.


Let’s face it, the great progressive Fraud just does not have the moral compass or political courage to pardon political or WOD prisoners having their lives taken away in US prisons! The several patriots he is directly responsible for - Manning and Snowden - must be released now.

“In the last full week of Barack Obama’s eight year tenure as President of the United States of America, dozens of political prisoners still sit in cages across the nation’s prisons, rotting away as Obama consciously chooses not to exercise the power to simply free them with the stroke of a pen. Many activists for Puerto Rican independence, Native American and African American rights, and other causes were targeted by the political police’s illegal COINTELPRO program and convicted in sham trials. Now elderly, some in poor health, they may effectively be facing death sentences unless Obama decides within the next two weeks to grant their appeals for clemency.”

OBAMA, FREE THEM ALL or forever be a failed stooge for the status quo deserving little but contempt!



Your misgendering of Chelsea Manning is very jarring.

Yes, I agree. It wasn’t intentional.
I knew her as him far longer than I have known him as her.

Obama won’t do the right thing!

He never does!

He was a former See-Eye-Aye spook according to ex-NSA Wayne Madsen Reports. Spooks don’t respect people who talk. Chelsea intentionally embarrassed and exposed Hillary Clinton’s misdeeds via releasing State Department cables.

There’s no way on this Earth that Barack Hussian Obama, who is probably responsible for Chelsea’s mistreatment, is going to free her. Double-Agent Barack Obama, a.k.a., Barry Soetoro, is the guy who forced down another president’s plane just to look for Edward Snowden who was on the run for the same thing.

Thank god the jerk is gone in one more week! He’s persecuted more whistle-blowers than all other presidents combined!


Chelsea Manning, Don Siegelman: both deserve pardons beyond anyone–except Leonard Peltier, of course. What is Obama thinking to ignore them? What has he got to lose at this point? Edward Snowden seems to be doing OK and isn’t locked up. He can wait for the time being.

But well, yeah—I’m still expecting some spark of the “hope” from Obama. I don’t think it would cost him as much as he thinks to resurrect a little of our former faith i n him. This would be the ideal way.

Thank you.