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If "Ryancare" Is Dead on Arrival, Can We Please Now Try Single Payer?


If "Ryancare" Is Dead on Arrival, Can We Please Now Try Single Payer?

Ellen Brown

"The Canadian plan also helps Canadians live longer and healthier than Americans. . . . We need, as a nation, to reexamine the single-payer plan, as many individual states are doing." — Donald Trump, The America We Deserve (2000)


Of course that would be the most efficient, most cost savings, better health outcomes et al and all other industrialized nations have been provided it for 50 plus years.

Trump voters are not the deplorables (a few are) it is Donald Trump and most of the republican party who are the deplorables.

Help us, each state, get state banks and get rid of the banksters.


OK, this may be cynical prejudice, but I believe health care policy is the key to unraveling US political thinking in any domain.

Anyone with an ounce of reason knows that if you care about people at all, single-payer is preferable to predatorial corporatism. So it should be plain as day that any politician who says we shouldn't have single-payer is completely lying when they say their plans for health care reform are designed to help people.

And the same thing can be said with other policies, although I think we already know this: war is not for profit, it is to help people living under an oppressive regime; we can't raise the minimum wage, because all those struggling low-wage earners would be fired; we need to continue to promote the fossil fuel industry to promote jobs, etc. etc.

But some voters are still duped into believing the horse feces about the evils of single-payer. Send the message that lower costs + universal coverage = it is impossible to have people's well-being at heart when you oppose it.


A huge obstacle to increasing popular support for single payer in the US is that so many Murkins have bought into the myth that gubmit can't do anything correctly and putting gubmit at the hub of single payer will make it fail.

Although this myth has been proven false, the GOP propaganda machine has repeated it so frequently and for so long that it has become a fact for many voters.


Before the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine, and the Equal Time Amendment, it was a whole lot harder to spread Propaganda, and now there's a whole lot of blame, that can be widely spread around, to take credit for that sad state of affairs.


So then is it the deplorables and the ignorant? Surely there is something wrong with these peoples" grasp of common sense and logic.


The hub of Trump's strategy to win hearts and minds and to hold on to hearts and minds is to create new enemies ever day that only he can save his followers from. Pure Goebbels.

In addition to people and organizations being on Trump's enemies list, logic, facts, commonsense and other concepts are being added to the list so that any voter who is even marginally delusional has an easy time giving into whatever delusion and distraction Trump puts before them. Putting facts before them is of no value...facts are an enemy.

While Trump's cohorts and appointees are indeed "deplorables", most of his voters just want simple answers and silver bullets to address issues and problems real, contrived and imagined.


Anyone who wants single payer health care should think about moving to just about any other advanced country than this one. To even begin the process of getting single payer in this country will first require getting the Democratic party to endorse it and, at this time, only a small minority of the party has done so. The core of the party remains very much Obama-Clinton and that faction has always opposed it. Obama took single payer off the table, immediately, when we had our best chance to get it. The political reality is that in order to get single payer, the Democratic party will have to undergo a major transformation and then get back in power. Most of us will be dead and buried if and when that ever happens.


Put somewhat differently, to me the primary question we should all ask and demand an answer to is: Why should anybody profit off of the misfortune of others?
I am talking about the idea of "for profit" hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical and equipment suppliers whose investors put up their money for no reason other than to make as much profit as they can from their investment.
Healthcare (along with education and fire departments, and police ought to be something whose cost we all share and whose benefits we all enjoy. As things stand we have the best healthcare system that money can buy and the money that has bought it has made it a mess.


“The problem for both administrations…”

It’s really a problem for the public, as government officials have their own asses covered. And, of course, the plan was/is crafted by the crooks who profit from it, and part of the quid pro quo is to spread some of the largess to the lowlifes who pushed or will push it through. SOP for our bought-off representatives and the current kleptocracy. And Trump has said a lot of things we wish he meant. It’s all part of the con.


HR-676 is written and ready to go. It could be voted on and passed in a week. As for accomplishing that see justicedemocrats.com/BrandNewCongress.org. They have, in a few weeks, raised over $1 million, have 200,000 supporters, 4,000 PROGRESSIVES who have been nominated or have volunteered to run for office, and have 100 people now in training to run as a Progressive. Take a look at their platform. The establishment-corporate democrats that are in place now don't have to endorse squat....as JD-BNC become more and more successful, hopefully by 2018, their sorry asses will be run out of town.


Thank-you for that ray of hope. I shall lend them my support, too.


No, not if it means universal health care. We're some 20 years into our war on the poor. What would be the logic of providing more than emergency room services to our truly poor, just to dump them back on the streets, denied adequate food and shelter? Consider that the overall life expectancy of the US poor has already fallen below that of every developed nation. Providing anything more than emergency room services would be like trying to fill a sieve with water.


The medical industries are for-profit corporations. We do, indeed, maintain a rather brutal form of capitalism. Today's Americans believe that people are entitled only to what they, personally, can afford to purchase. We have a capitalist, free market system, and corporations set the prices.

Liberals in particular are having a hard time picking and choosing who is actually entitled to what. We could get down to the basics and recognize that international human rights standards include basic food/water, shelter, and medical care, even for the jobless poor. As of twenty years ago, we ended actual welfare aid, no longer recognizing food and shelter as fundamental human rights. We do still have emergency room services.


The health care pirates have used anti socialized health care propaganda for decades. The Democratic Party establishment is part and parcel to this propaganda effort.

One of the Common Dreams inmates recently castigated me because I didn't think Obama gave a true single payer effort. The idea was why waste your breath trying to enact something that is impossible, pie in the sky. I won't accept that bullshit. If the Democratic Party actually worked on behalf of the people they would go full on endorsement of Medicare for All. If the entire rest of the developed world has single payer we can too. I think we are very close to gaining single payer right now. We need to push with everything we have.


The Democratic Party will either undergo an immediate transformation or they are dead and buried.


These "liberals" you speak of are not very liberal.


Is there hope in Trump's earlier, apparently strong, advocacy for Single Payer? If he indeed believes what he said on Letterman, then . . . maybe?

Would Bernie have been able to pass Single Payer if he were President? Not by a long shot. Every single Republican would have opposed it out of pure orneriness in collective knee-jerk as they did with everything Obama tried to do.

On the other hand, if one of their own, Trump, were to hock Single Payer (perhaps under the guise of economic security the way Eisenhower sold the Interstate system as national security) Single Payer just might pass this Congress. God knows it's the only national healthcare system that makes sense in the numerous ways this article lists.

What seems to matter most to Trump is getting his ego stroked. If he wants approval ratings over 50% passing Single Payer would do it.


Democrats need to start loudly pushing single payer NOW!
All the debate and talking points should be widely distributed to all Progressives and in fact everyone. Myths need to be attacked. Medicare is a great example!


I know that many in the CD crowd despise them, but many (if not most) of the hospitals in this country were originally built and maintained by the churches of this land. Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Jewish have all contributed institutions of renown to the US..
They planted their affiliation with these institutions in the names and practices of them and did not (as do predatory corporations like HCA) regard them as cash cows to milk for the sake of quarterly profit reports to share holders.