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If Sanders Has Lost, What Have the Democrats Won?


If Sanders Has Lost, What Have the Democrats Won?

Peter Bloom

In the midst of an intensifying primary, the mainstream media joined as one to announce Hillary Clinton as the presumptive Democratic nominee for President. While she lacks a clear majority of pledged delegates, the expected support of as yet to vote superdelegates has apparently handed her a hard won victory against an impassioned Bernie Sanders and the growing progressive movement propelling him forward.


It is difficult for me to see how Trump could be worse than Clinton.


Earlier today, shortly after airing a celebrity at a Clinton rally endorsing her, NPR interviewed a researcher whose thesis was that products endorsed by celebrities were all bad for your health.


The answer is hopefully "A hollow victory". When 30-40% of we Sanders supporters not only walk away from the party in the wake of Hillary's victory of voter suppression and oligarchic control, but actively work to make sure she NEVER becomes POTUS, they will realize that the jig is finally up, that we will turn out the Clinton/DLC faction and seize control of the party back for labor, the poor, working people environmentalists, and everyone else who has been left without a voice in the process for nearly 30 years. It starts with her losing in November. #NeverHillary.


Nah, the establishment wants her to carry their water and she is more than willing. She may be crowned by them but she will never put the pieces back together and get the vote of the Bernie supporters. She might have been able to if this had been a fair election but not now. Hillary, Obama now, the DNC and the media have all ganged up on Bernie throughout this election. They have proven everything Bernie has said about the corruption. They overreached as they so often do and broke it. Now she and they need to fix the general election too cause she's on her own, I could never put my name on someone as openly corrupt as her and the establishment.
Bernie or Bust!


Agreed. We can impeach Trump just as easy as Clinton. I don't care which one wins we still have a revolution to attend to. She won't get my vote.


Thomas Jefferson penned that "the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure." The manure of Trump might be better than the disdain of Clinton.


If Sanders has lost, what have the Democrats won?

Well, that´s easy enough to answer: if Sanders has lost (and Clinton has won), the Democrats will have won, or gotten, exactly what they deserve--and, as I hope, a lifetime supply of cooties, too!


Q: If Sanders Has Lost, What Have the Democrats Won?

A: A good and deserved ass whipping by the fascist, Trump.


What about this turn on the question? Would it not have been worthwhile to consider, if Sanders has lost, what have the Democrats lost? And, if Sanders were to win, what will the Democrats have lost? The answer to those just may be, who cares? Because the question as to what the rest of us will suffer if Sanders has lost or loses is far more important and compelling than what a group of arrogant elitists will have either won or lost--and I´m speaking here about those who loaded the nomination process from the beginning: 400 superdelegates to Clinton before one regular citizen vote was cast, and on and on, and hand in hand with the MSM, until there is altogether too much to be enraged about.


It is hard to tell which way the Democrats are headed. While the progressive message played well with white people, particularly younger white people, it did not play well with African Americans, and particularly older African American women. Exactly how it played with Hispanics is less clear. It also is of some note that progressive senate primary candidates lost in Maryland and Pennsylvania. It should not be ignored that the center left message seems to resonate with many voters. People seem to want a more progressive agenda but they also seem to want politicians who are willing to compromise to accomplish something. I don't think there is a simple answer about what direction Democratic party will take in the future.


@Lrx: I think much too much has been made of the lopsided nature of support for Hillary Clinton among African Americans in the Democratic primary. First, of course, it's important to keep in mind this is a primary contest, so support for one candidate over the other doesn't mean the other candidate wouldn't be supported in a general election.

Bernie Sanders certainly has a solid history of support for civil rights -- and his economic message is almost perfectly in line with the writings of MLK. It's unfortunate that Sanders didn't -- or couldn't afford to -- promote his early civil rights activism before the Super Tuesday primaries.

There are lots of time & place-specific historical/cultural explanations for African American voters -- especially in the South -- voting so solidly for Clinton over Sanders. First, of course, name recognition. And, as you note, the African American vote skews older & female -- two of Clinton's reliable constituencies. Clinton also spent a good deal of her adult life in the South (and even spoke with a southern accent while campaigning here). African Americans tend to be more religious than Americans generally, so Sanders' lack of overt religiosity was probably a factor. (Clinton pandered to the religious voters while campaigning here -- frequently referring to God, praying, etc.) Also, Clinton was a loyal member of Obama's administration, and Sanders has been a critic of some of Obama's policies (like most progressives) and some African American voters might take umbrage to that for understandable reasons.

Finally, this racial disparity among supporters virtually disappears as you go down the age scale (especially outside the South) so what appears to be a "racial" disparity is more likely a reflection of other factors.


The movement Bernie has garnered will go down in smoke. Inspirational words that lead progressives to believe that success is finally within our grasp are worthless. If Hillary or Trump become president it's doubtful we'll get another chance like this one, in my opinion. It's best to keep on fighting or, if necessary, help Jill Stein to carry the revolution.


The irony of today is that during the age of emerging millennials we shall nominate a neo-liberal, neo con war hawk baby boomer candidate who represents all that they reject. Yes, she wears a skirt but so what?


Many strong insights in this essay, Mr. Bloom.

This one particularly stands out:

"The country was being forced to commit itself to becoming an equal opportunity oligarchy."

When minorities are taken in to serve as tokens--like long-established products given new labels, there's never any genuine alteration of content. Change is only applied to the exterior "brand."

THAT is the problem.

Imagine if the elections offered a choice between two women--Jill Stein or Hillary Clinton, and two males--Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump and the winner was based on instant run-off style vote numbers.

Obama did little to tackle structural, systemic racism. In fact, there was more overt police brutality (aimed at the Black community) on his watch.

Hillary Clinton's pro-War and pro-Wall Street policies are going to cause further hardships to women and girls all over the world even if she talks a good game about Feminism and/or gender rights.


Granted, it would be better if Sanders did act as "the breakaway" candidate paving that new political tributary.

However, just as one could argue that OWS created the momentum for Sanders, in the lousy case that Sanders is kept out of the Presidency, the momentum will NOT die. It will seek new forms of expression.


The FBI is going to decide this election ...lol. Do they want presidential mob ties and deep secrets no multibillionaire oligarch should be allowed to take advantage of? Or do they want a president who may have given American secrets to people from other countries who shouldn't have known them and brokered national secrets for career advancement? Maybe even betraying oaths taken against treason?

Or do they believe in a democracy which is teetering on its last legs as powerful elites subvert the will of the public to choose whomever they wanted?

At least Bernie is an honest man and that should earn him some respect from the FBI but then who knows what is the reality in America anymore and who would the FBI choose to win. A fascist with unsavory connections, a corrupt politician who has forsworn her oaths and may have revealed secrets not hers to give to others or the choice of the majority of voters ( including independents )?

My guess is honesty carries the least weight ... Too bad for America that.



This message was drowned out by the pro-Hillary media circus chorus.

Less African Americans have private Internet at home and that makes them more reliant on the Corporate Media (and their Church congregations) for "news." In other words, they were played.


I doubt that those options that you mention are the "only options". So far Sanders has been able to find and take options that were not there, so I expect there are yet more options to find and take.

My opinion is that Sanders becoming the Green Party Presidential candidate might not be as good a choice as having Sanders as the Green Party Vice-presidential candidate. With Jill Stein as the Presidential candidate, the female vote for the great moral victory of breaking the barrier to the presidency would be be negated enough that the discussion can focus on socialism and New Deal choices, vs neo-Liberal choices. This debate has considerable potential to solidify the movement and educate the population.

If it becomes apparent that Trump will win a three way race then it is conceivable that either Clinton or Stein could withdraw from the race in late October and throw her support to Trump's other challenger. That does assume that Clinton if behind has enough integrity to withdraw based on the lessor calculus she has been wielding against progressives. We know what she would demand if in late October she has the better chance of beating Trump. My thoughts on this is that if in late October Stein has the better chance of beating Trump and Clinton refuses to withdraw then it will be clear that she is not the lessor evil, not even to Trump.

However at this point I still think that Sanders has a decent shot at the Democratic nomination and am not counting him out.


I agree. If Sanders has lost --- THE PEOPLE LOST.