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If Sessions Had Nothing to Hide, Why Did He Try to Hide it?


If Sessions Had Nothing to Hide, Why Did He Try to Hide it?

Michael Winship

There’s something out there that has a lot of people scared, but no one’s telling the full story. Yet.

For months and weeks, bits and pieces of the continuing saga of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Russian intelligence and its influence on the 2016 elections have been dribbling out, thanks to leaks and solid reporting by a free and independent press.

Eventually we may get to the whole truth, but already it seems clear that deep down, all these secrets coming to light, one by one, are part of a greater, as yet unrevealed, wrong.


Winship writes, "Methinks, as the witches in Macbeth pronounce, something wicked this way comes."

I think something wicked is already here: a full-scale push to war by the neocon elite of both the Dems and the Repubs, who are determined to get a conflict with Russia going, as their puppet masters in the military-industrial complex were counting on Hillary to do.

Professor Stephen Cohen, who has studied and written on Russia for decades, writes:

"The bipartisan, nearly full-political-spectrum tsunami of factually unverified allegations that President Trump has been sedi tiously “compromised” by the Kremlin, with scarcely any nonpartisan pushback from influential political or media sources, is deeply alarming. Begun by the Clinton campaign in mid-2016, and exemplified now by New York Times columnists (who write of a “Trump-Putin regime” in Washington), strident MSNBC hosts, and unbalanced CNN commentators, the practice is growing into a latter-day McCarthyite hysteria. Such politically malignant practices should be deplored wherever they appear, whether on the part of conservatives, liberals, or progressives.

"The allegations are driven by political forces with various agendas: the Hillary Clinton wing of the Democratic Party, which wants to maintain its grip on the party by insisting that she didn’t lose the election but that it was stolen by Russian President Vladimir Putin for Trump; by enemies of Trump’s proposed détente with Russia, who want to discredit both him and Putin; and by Republicans and Democrats stunned that Trump essentially ran and won without either party, thereby threatening the established two-party system. Whatever the motivation, the ensuing slurs against Trump, which are already producing calls for his impeachment, pose grave threats to US and international security and to American democracy itself." https://www.thenation.com/article/why-we-must-oppose-the-kremlin-baiting-against-trump/

We are being played.


Thoroughly repressed people can display an array of traits, but quite commonly are just plain miserable on the inside, because they refuse to accept who are they are. If you're a white conservative male in politics, denying the truth about yourself warps into denying the truth about others, until a person becomes very practiced at denying the truth in general, and then wields power in such a way to make others miserable as well. Trans J Edgar Hoover's reign at the FBI is a case in point, despite Hoover acknowledging that side of himself in his private life. Imagine what it must be for men like Sessions, who simply won't face what he considers his inner demon--non-conforming sexuality. Or maybe he's just impotent, and screwing the nation is as close he'll come to a sexual act.

I believe the GOP has a number of repressed members, who dare not admit the truth about themselves. They abuse their power to force others to conform on a wide array of issues in an effort to align their own inner beings with their world view. Government fails when the human beings within it fail to embrace their own humanity in both conforming and non-conforming ways. One size does not fit all.


I simply don't understand how you and quite a few others continue to play the 3 monkeys routine. Nearly every day there's something new. The whole "King of Fertilizer" stuff just keeps getting richer and smellier. Now we know the King of Fertilizer's $100 million plane was in lots of different cities at the same time that Trump's plane was in the same city on campaigning trips.


I'm fine if you think we are being played, but this morning I read a series of tweets from the president accusing the former president of wiretapping Trump Tower during the election. If the president is telling us he was wiretapped, I'd sure like to know why, wouldn't you? More to the point, if it's all just a scam to ignite WW3, I'd like to know why the president doesn't take the very usual upfront steps all presidents have taken over the last 40 years to show us he's in it to do right by us, like release his tax returns, put his businesses in blind trusts, and not treat his financial disclosure forms as a joke. Maybe you are right and it is all a deep state attack on our good president, but our President continues to be less than forthright on the most basic level about his financial interests with the American people.

Well before the hacking story and Russia connections reached fever pitch, the president's need for financial backing from foreign sources was well reported. That he was deeply over-leveraged was reported as well as his past, unscrupulous business dealings. My question is why wouldn't you, at this point, assume he is running the office to benefit himself, even if that means doing favors for the Russian (or other) government irrespective of our interests or our ally's interests? The man has literally done nothing to assuage these concerns, the exact opposite actually.


Of course Trump is running the office to benefit himself.

If he continues on the path he has started, Madam Liberty will unmoor herself from New York harbor, and walk back to France.


There is certainly enough suspicious stuff out there to require an impartial or independent investigation. What is impeding it is a right wing populist movement that is trying to overthrow Western liberalism. Many white people in the US and Europe are not happy about all the non-white people with various cultures who are now living in their countries and continue to immigrate, they also aren't happy about the social changes that have taken place since the 1960s, and they are not happy about the fast pace of technological change and globalization which has not been beneficial to them economically. Enter demagogues like Trump and others and throw in Putin who is trying to undermine Western liberalism to benefit Russia and what you get the messy situation we are now in. The right wingers here in the US and the Russians have a common goal. That is why collusion between Trump's surrogates and the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton may have occurred. Winship like many others is right in calling for an investigation to try to get to the truth.



However France is having an election coming and the front runner is a nationalist like Bannon.


The author apparently fails to appreciate the difference between professional and amateur liars. The amateur generally wants to tell the truth and only lies when necessary to obtain a coveted goal or avoid punishment. But Trump and his crew are real professionals. They sometimes lie simply for the sheer fun of it or just to keep in practice. So the lies of professionals can often seem pointless to the uninitiated -- that is, one finds no obvious compelling reason for them to do it. For a professional like Sessions telling a lie to Al Franken is merely an amusing prank. It requires no further justification.


This is all a red herring by the Neocons. To get the US to go to war against Russia. These Democrats including the likes of Mccain and Linsey Graham. Need to face charges of Treason.

Check Debbie the Sane Progressives video I posted above.


And here is the problem in this attack... it just assumes that Russians are horrid evil, people who must be resisted.

What if it was UK business interests that you were concerned about? Would everybody be up in arms that Trump might be (knowing what kind of selfish, buffoonish, shady business man he is) doing favors for Britain?

Of course not.

The problem here isn't your doubts about Trump. It's your unquestioned assumption that Russia is our enemy and the problem in the world.

What would be the favor? Removing the sanctions? The sanctions that were imposed on them due to the people of Crimea freely and democratic, legally, voting to leave the Ukraine after the fascists took it over in a coup and return to Russia? But that would be horrid because Putin is Hitler (as HRC told us) and Putin stands in the way of demolishing Syria so Israel can freely retake south Lebanon and kill every Hezbollah resister without anyone getting in their way.

Would anyone even have mentioned it if Sessions had talked to a British diplomat? Or an Israeli one? But the big, bad, boogie man Russia. Oh, horrors! The bad guys are talking to Trump's people!!!! IMPEACH!!!!

Please, just stop it. Resist Trump and the terrible Sessions for things like cutting social services, enabling more hate crimes, ruining the environment, removing protection for vulnerable Transgender children, and increasing military spending. But please let go of the constant attacks on Russia. It is leading us in the wrong direction.

The powers that be that keep feeding us this anti-Trump stuff by mainly focusing on Russia don't really care about the rest of Trump's agenda that we people out here care about. If they can get Trump to go along with them on Russia and Syria, they'll be happy and not give one fig about the stuff that we are upset about. Every time we out here who resist Trump join in the anti-Russia stuff we make it more likely he'll do what they want and thus more likely they'll just smile and let the horrid right-wing agenda pass.

Or better yet (in their eyes,) they'll get Pence.


While I'm certain there are some bad people in Britain, I doubt very much that British leadership is as bad as the Putin bunch. While there is so much horror going on with the Trump Administration, I see it as a bad idea to give up on any area that appears to be in need of either criticism or investigation.


But Russia is all the Democrats have outside of admitting that their own corporate-friendly policies cost them the working class vote to a buffoon like Trump, not to mention an ongoing series of electoral debacles.

They. Will. Never. Own. Up. To. That.


"Neocons inside the U.S. government – including Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, Sen. John McCain and National Endowment for Democracy president Carl Gershman – then took aim at “regime change” in Ukraine, realizing its sensitivity to Russia. Gershman, whose NED is funded by the U.S. government, called Ukraine “the biggest prize” and a key step toward ousting Putin inside Russia; McCain cheered on Ukraine’s ultranationalists who were firebombing police in Kiev’s Maidan square; and Nuland was conspiring with U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt on how to “glue” or “midwife” a change in government."...Robert Parry.

I never thought I would see the day that liberals would align with the War Party for petty political purposes.


Did anyone else notice the words, "as yet unrevealed," in the above synopsis?

I'm anti-Trump. I'm anti-Putin. Above all, I'm anti-ColdWarStyleBrinksmanship in the service of covering up Democratic Party failure.

Meanwhile, there's a simple way for the Deep State cheer leading squad to prove Russia stole Hilary's coronation: serve up the trail other than John Podesta falling for a phishing expedition like Pence did.

Until then, excuse me if I don't trust proven perjurer, John Clapper, and his merry band of lying liars.


There are is lot of crazy stuff being thrown around these days and a lot of people believe much of it but who would believe anybody in the US would want to go war with Russia. I guess any nonsense is permissible to divert people from searching for the truth about Trump's connections to Russia. Nice try but I am not buying.


The only people I see talking about war with Russia seem to be folks who want to funnel everything through the prism of war with Russia.


When you put thousands of Nato troops on Russia's border, And place missile systems that have first strike offensive nuke capacity. Which Russia then perceives a clear and present danger to it's national security. Then I would say war is just around the corner.


Thank you for providing a little sanity to this situation.