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If the Answer is 'Tax Cuts for the Rich; More Pain for the Rest of us,' What Was the Question?


If the Answer is 'Tax Cuts for the Rich; More Pain for the Rest of us,' What Was the Question?

John Atcheson

Well, where Republicans and Trump are concerned, it could be any question you ask.


This is great news! Yes, we need more tax cuts for the wealthy, we need more spending on defense, we need more charter schools, we need to privatize social security, cut medicare and medicaid funding---in fact, lets cut out all funding for any program that doesn't directly benefit the richest among us. That way, we can sweep all of these heartless, compassion-less elected officials out of office over the next three election cycles and start fresh with a government that represents all of the people and are left with a Congress and president that are willing to get corporate money out of politics and run the government for the good of society--not just our own, but the world's. Perhaps then we will truly support our troops by bringing them home, we'll switch to government-financing of green energy technologies and we'll have universal health care, a minimum wage that will support a person and a decent retirement system.

Trump will yet become the "best thing" that ever happened to us as a nation in the way that addicts often say that the best thing that happened to them was whatever catastrophic event took place to finally get them into treatment. Although in the short-term many of us will suffer and die, in the long-term we'll emerge from this better off. Go trump! Go GOP! Screw the People!


We live in a Christian nation. Jesus loves the poor. The sooner we kill them off, the sooner they will live in Paradise. The wealthy have as much chance of Heaven as a camel has a chance to pass through the eye of a needle. That is why we must help the wealthy as much as we can. Hopefully near the end of their life, they will see the Light, give everything away (to their children I guess) and then Paradise. There is a plan.


Excellent article.

The Epiphany, for me, came within the last couple of decades, when I reached saturation on suggestions that it was time for "...all of us to tighten our belts...".

Seeing Tax Dollars fly freely to the Military, the Banks, and the Corporations, with little, or nothing, asked of them in return, put the lie to that canard once and for all.

The Captured Media does all it can to not let the Populace in on this Con, and we, here, should do all that we can to spread the Truth of the Matter, as best we can.,


Three election cycles? I'll be close to death by then. I'd rather self-immolate in front of the White House in protest.


The article is a wonderful summary of all the lies and myths the 99s have been subjected to for almost four decades now.
The missing part is the payoff our politicians receive after they've retired or quit " to spend more time at the foundation, think tank or on the speaking circuit ". The Congress Critters don't have to even lobby anymore. They can pick up the phone and call a former colleague to pitch their latest client's special " carve out " relief or regulatory exception. And, then tell their friends about the new upcoming stock offering planned by said client. Quid pro Quo makes political animals into 1%ers, living the dream. Which translates into more nightmares for the 99s, living under the thumb of the state and federal gov't's latest demands. And, the shifting sands of " pay to play " wealth extraction which always follows " tax reform " or " new investment strategies " to grow the economy. It's a farce, of course, but the buyer's market for politicians and governments help, has never been better. The 99s suffer from their lack of buying power, in this regard, and it's not going to change until the money stops flowing up to the top. Which means political revolution, as political evolution has failed us so miserably. The article sites so many examples, the redundancy is deafening. To everybody but the winners, of course, who could care less at this point.


Do not despair Ann. Contrary to what everyone here is saying, We, the Sane People possess the real power to affect whatever change we demand.

Let go of the fear, for it will sap your strength and make you docile. This is part of their intent.

Be ready when the time comes to stand your ground and speak up for the masses.

Oh, and never vote Democrat or Republican again.


"I'll be close to death by then. I'd rather self-immolate in front of the White House in protest."

You may be on to something here! If I were diagnosed with a disease that was going to kill me for lack of medical treatment that I might otherwise have under the ACA, I'd consider it. That would be a powerful statement--although I'd probably opt for a bullet to the head since I don't think I could sit still for your approach and would become a "screaming, running alpha fire"--as they use to joke in the Navy during fire-fighting school. The political price to be paid would be huge--especially if there were veterans among them (us?).


And, despair is sold as a liberal solution to vote incumbents in, yet again. Which takes us back to The UniParty " consensus " which puts the shifting sand in the sandbox, to begin with.
They devise a political solution which is mutable to the whims of a 2 or 4 year election cycle; changing funding or tax plans, which only people with deep pockets can immediately adjust to. Thus, the ACA or other programs like Medicare and Medicaid, are tax cut vehicles for the 1%ers. There are so many examples of this type of subterfuge in tax policies, it's ridiculous.
But suggest modest cuts to DoD, HSA or other programs benefiting narrow interests linked to the formal Police & Security State, and the blank, glassy stare of bureaucracy kicks in. Here you see the real meaning of the old saw, " the ballot or the bullet ", in action. The ballot is mostly useless to direct progressive change ( DNC Chair vote ) and The UniParty has no qualms about buying more bullets or passing more laws against even peaceful and legally guaranteed protest. The reality is obvious to those following the money, as it flows in and out of our political economy.


Wow, Ann. And I thought I was the cynical one.

Looks like you would be the 'fun' one to be around in a conversation.

I wish you peace of mind Ann. Don't dwell on it. It will fry the brain.


I don't know what media you read, but I follow all types of media inc. the mainstream and the mainstream has pointed out for decades how bad things are and how things were good for the rich.
I know everyone loves to bash the mainstream media, but it is not anywhere near as bad as it is portrayed.
I know I will get bashed for this, but consider this, when the US airforce bombed the hospital in afghan, the mainstream media reported it and raised questions as to how it could have happened. Just one of many incidents they covered.
Do they go far enough, no not always depending who is doing the reporting. And if a government hides the evidence well enough, no amount of good reporting will expose a wrong.
It is important to use many sources of media to be informed.


Sorry, not buying apologists.


In America, saying " it's all good " or " it is what it is " gets you lots of invites to the best cocktail parties, in the monied halls of power. The Smart Set just loves them some consensus, right?
Where I hang out, it gets you labeled as a dweeb. " Shit happens " is closer to the real skinny, as regards the Federal Gov't, imo. Just sayin'.


Shit does happen in regards to our Federal government. That's a fact.

We as individuals have little to no control over this. But as a group, we are a force to be reckoned with.

It's okay to be passionate towards your desire for change. In fact, it's advantageous in the current political climate.

You're no dweeb, Mrs. Hitts.


I often tell proponents of the Trickle Down Theory that no matter how rich the rich are or how profitable a business is they are under no obligation to hire more employees or give raises to the employees they already have just because they can afford to. Have we seen any news of of any of rump's businesses hiring more employees now that rump is president? I haven't seen any. The Trickle Down Theory is a LIE! Stockholders don't like seeing their profit margins decreased because some generous CEO decided to hire more staff and hand out raises because the company is doing well. Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, set that standard back in the 80s. Fire a bunch of employees, make the remaining employees do the extra work, and watch those stock values soar. That's how the game is really played.