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If the Economy Is So Good, Why Are People So Unhappy?

If the Economy Is So Good, Why Are People So Unhappy?

John Atcheson

Trump is collecting credit, while shedding blame

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That’s easy to answer, We Fucking Hate Trump and what he’s doing to “our” country.


Also “good news makes bad copy”.

Information overload?


Low unemployment might suggest full employment to Mr. Atcheson, but the stat doesn’t reflect those who have given up looking for good-paying jobs. About half of American wage earners can’t make ends meet. Loss of wage bargaining due to automation and off-shoring needs to be countered by federal income supplements.


Obama “created” jobs by lowering the full-time threshold from 40 to 32 hours. Not sure how they missed that. Did he really think that everyone working at least 32 hours/week would suddenly get benefits? Because what actually happened is a whole lot of jobs that were 32 hours got broken up into two jobs of 16 hours per week.

What a miracle! He created jobs.


And back in 2016, a lot of people here said Democrats would rather lose to Trump than win with a progressive. But now I get the impression that Democrats secretly love Trump. Something along the lines of: "Awesome! People are so obsessed with hating everything about Trump that they don’t even notice how bad we’re screwing them. Those “Fight-for-15ers are finally off our backs!”


We’ve been hearing these words for decades and nothing has changed. Do we have to hit rock bottom before we see change? What is rock bottom? Are we already there and people are so filled with hyped up fear and patriotism that we cannot see our country as it really is?

Democrats have changed nothing they’ve allowed it to get worse. Crumbs are not good enough anymore.

How are all these calculations figured? They were changed during Clinton years? Unemployment, Economy Index, Inflation Index, and SS index. They are all ways to manipulate the numbers. How many years has it been since real inflation has been considered? The price of fricking everything has gone up for us consumers and seniors but the indexes don’t show that? WTF


As others here have written, its all accounting gimmcks and ways of measuring what the “economy” really means - it’s skewed to the 1% and their processes, NOT the 99%!

remember that candy bar we once enjoyed as kids? Its now half the size and many times more than it was.

“Its the economy stupid” was a gimmick in itself, like “change we can believe-in” (need not mention the completely mental & depraved R’cons) - shrink the candy bar but charge us a whole hell of a lot more for it.
The beneficiaries being the usual suspect 1%, banker/wall street (and other) criminal parasite thieves and overall corporate fascism - profits over people - enforced by the same people/government that tell us how good (or bad - whatever they need to keep the scam going) the “economy” is doing…

Life on earth should NOT all measured by the frelling “economy”!


Yeah, I hate Trump. But it’s the neoliberal capitalism of the duopoly that’s fucking everything up.


I’m sorry I used the word hate. It’s such a strong word.

You’re right about the Duopoly.

This system of government may well be the death of us.

Amazing how so many are blind to it.

Off topic but: Mixed metaphor alert! In the closing paragraph:

“… it is out of such cloth that despots are spawned…”

Cloth does not spawn!

The Republicans showed up to vote in big numbers in 2010 as a backlash against Obama. I would expect the Democrats to show in large numbers in November to vote against Trump. He is wrecking democracy, foreign policy, and just about everything Democrats care about. His inhumane policy of separating families at the border must be making many Democrats extremely angry. Indivisible is working to contest every House district. Although the ACLU is non-partisan, for the first time in its history it is getting involved in elections. Organizing for Action is targeting a number of House districts. The Sierra Club will be working to elect certain candidates. And in Republican primaries candidates who strongly support Trump are doing very well should be further motivation for Democrats to vote.

What fun to play with numbers and definitions to make one’s side look good! How easily the masses are bamboozled.

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He spoke about how wages are not what people can live on. That was one of his gripes, that while unemployment is low, wages have not risen like they were predicted to. The given wisdom is that low unemployment leads to people being able to demand higher wages. He stated it wasn’t happening.
Monopolies have stopped that as they have been able to control wages.

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The result may be true, but that was not the intention. Before he changed it, you had to work 40 hrs to get benefits, his rule stated only 32 hrs were needed. Which should have been a help.
But the whole breaking it up was already happening with 40 hr work weeks. Employers were simply breaking it up into 2 20 hr work week. And there is no rule change that can change that. My place of work was already doing that back in the 90s’ so they didn’t have to pay benefits. So were many other places. It is why so many have to work 2 or 3 jobs, which has been going on for a few decades now.
As for job creation, part time jobs being created count as a part time job. So you would lose 1 full time and have 2 part time jobs. And most people realized that that many of the new jobs were part time or min wage jobs.
The only solution to people losing benefits because of their jobs is to have benefits for everyone. Then figure some work around for the cos that would stop giving benefits and perhaps increase wages. That was the excuse my employer gave me for not raising wages, that I got benefits.
You are not going to stop businesses from screwing their employees on benefits or wages until there are laws that are passed to stop them. They have been using all sorts of tricks to avoid either for a long time. In fact the 1st article I read stated back in 1995, creating part time jobs to avoid benefits was happening then. And I would be willing to bet it goes back further.
It wasn’t Obama’s fault that benefits were cut, businesses were doing this for a long time. Like I said, it was being done back in the 90s’ when I worked to avoid paying benefits.

People are SO unhappy because they’ve not seen their wages rise in decades to match inflation. Many who lost jobs are now working crap jobs, multiple PT jobs, or have just given up, so they’re not counted any more!

It’s true that Dems are just as complicit in this as Repubs.! Feed all the wealth to the to 1 or .01% and let everyone else be dog food! They’re off playing their Neo-Liberal games, and we’re in the trenches dying!

A pox on them all!

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Why are people so unhappy? For all the boilerplate blather spouted by every corporation –
“Our employees are a resource to be nourished!” or “Our employees are our most important product!” – the reality is that employees are “a cost to be minimized,” by keeping wages low and cutting benefits.

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Other countries have guaranteed health care and guaranteed paid vacations.

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This automation crap is so old. When are people going to get that human need to work with humans=it’s not all about efficiency and money.

Who’s going to buy their products or make their investments? There are not enough one percenters to carrry it all.