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If the Feds Won't Face Climate Change, the Region Can

If the Feds Won't Face Climate Change, the Region Can

Ken Kimmell

President Trump’s disgraceful decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement has an unintended silver lining — within days of the announcement, a large and growing group of governors, mayors, and university and business leaders have vowed to compensate for federal abdication with climate change policies of their own.

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Something needs to be done about reducing emissions from transportation quickly. The emissions from this sector are difficult to address. Electric vehicles recharged with electricity from renewable energy would seem to be needed on a widespread basis. The Northeast has several areas that experience heavy traffic. Cars and trucks with gasoline engines stuck in traffic putting out emissions while getting nowhere fast. We have created a pattern of development that produces inefficiency when it some to transportation. More solutions are definitely needed.

Transport and travel in our urban/suburban mega-regions need not only electrification. They need travel/transport reduction. Any urban planning effort as in Calthorpe’s Regional City designs are hopeful.

Globalization is like the automobile: The global economy ‘disempowers’ the lesser though no less fundamental economies of locale, city, county, state and nation. So too the automobile disempowers alternate travel modes - safe convenient walking, bicycling, mass transit.
(hint: the self-driving car is a ruse, a fraud)