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If the Media Keeps Ignoring Health Care, We’ll Lose It


If the Media Keeps Ignoring Health Care, We’ll Lose It

Jeremy Slevin

There is a giant scandal in Washington this week—and it’s not the one blaring from your television screen. Largely without media scrutiny, the United States Senate is quietly getting ready to pass their version of the House bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act.


This is what the GOP is doing to win GA-6:

There’s no content to it, nothing about healthcare, just liberals are bad nonsense. They are scaring their voters to come out, and based on recent polls, they appear to be.

As much as we want to make healthcare the issue, Republicans may not want to. They may be successful at that too.


Elections have been hyperbole on steroids, ignoring or mischaracterizing issues of consequence for at least the past half century.

Although third party candidates have addressed issues of consequence, only to be ignored, Sanders addressing them in Democratic Party primaries prevented the Democrats, GOP and media from completely sweeping them under the rug.


This is typical, irresponsible journalism, coming from, sorry to say, the Democrat-supporting media.

“Paul Ryan and Republican leadership were forced to cancel a vote in mid-March, because the public opposition to the bill made it impossible to secure the votes they needed.”

Not true. According to news at the time, the vote was cancelled because far-right Republicans (Freedom Caucus, mainly) wouldn’t vote for it. And the reports I remember about dodging the CBO score were to hurry it along, not to hide how bad it was. In fact, most people expected it to be worse than the original plan, mostly because it shifted right to win the votes of the people who wouldn’t vote for the first version.

It’s also typical of liberal journalism to revisit ACA and make it seem like paradise. I’ll grant you that whatever the GOP is coking up is far worse, but Obama and Congressional Democrats were still in power when they saw exchange premiums skyrocketing beyond the ability of many people to pay and didn’t seem to give a hoot. And ordinary folks like me saw it coming from day 0.

I’m a little sick of this “yay, aren’t liberals wonderful?” crap buttressing the myth that ObamaCare gave everyone coverage. Far from it. However, the only good thing about what the GOP is doing is the elastic band effect that finally has people talking about actual coverage for all.


““it is the responsibility of the press to draw out the contents of the Senate’s health care bill—before it is too late.””
Well, good luck with that, the press is anything but responsible-
Bring back the “Fairness Doctrine” and we might have a chance…


“If the Media Keeps Ignoring Health Care, We’ll Lose It”

Isn’t that their point?

Direct Democracy


I would call it “neoliberal journalism”.


One reason to defend liberals from conservative troglodytes is that oligarchs have people like Frank Luntz on the air:



I remember when Lakoff’s book went around. The thing with Luntz is you have to give him credit: Lakoff knows about the language they use, but Luntz knows that plus how to use it.


Neoliberals think the government should do only two things, and health care isn’t one of them. Voting is not even a part of the solution, since Democrats (save the Bernie sector) are also neoliberals. That’s why nothing changes when they get elected. Defense and enforcing contracts is all government should do, neoliberals believe.

The last time these morons were in this much power, Charles Dickens wrote about them.

Neoliberals own the corporate press and media. Why would they say anything about this? They gave Trump $Billions worth of coverage, and they still do. If he farts, someone has it in a story somewhere within the day.

Two things that are not compatible with operating for profit are health care and the press and media. Who’s going to change that ownership pattern?


Well, lessee here. Quite ironic, now isn’t it. It was precisely the focus, pushed by the D’s and their friends in the MSM, on the Russian bogeyman…"they’re trying to steal our democracy, goldangit!)… that has helped the GOP keep their dirty deeds away from public scrutiny.

This was all too predictable…and in fact some of the more critical thinkers did raise this concern.

Imagine that…the neolibs abetting the neocons. Such a shock!

Now the D’s have to put on a show of feigned outrage.


So we have two republican senators out peddling their own plan–Collins and Cassidy-and in every interview they are tearing down democrats healthcare-----yet these two aren’t even invited to take part with these 14 republicans hashing out a republican plan.

The senate could vote to have hearings—McCain said today he didn’t like the behind closed door situation. So will republicans vote with democrats to open the process???

We have seen in the past were one senator brings everything to a halt—the democrats have 48???

Collins and Snow were the ones who gummed everything up with the ACA. And its clear Collins is up to her old tricks with a new buddy.

Who wants this bill to pass? COMCAST! The a-holes who think they are the owners and we are their slaves.

Democrats just spent how much on this Georgia race? How about a national ad campaign calling this healthcare thing what it is—THE BIGGEST TRANSFER OF WEALTH IN AMERICAN HISTORY! And make clear that democrats see healthcare as a RIGHT. Want to change the dynamics of these elections.FIGHT FOR SOMETHING!----support the Commons!


The Health-Care bill written by the GOP (which was my party until Trump recklessly pulled the United States out of the Paris climate agreement) is a horrible disaster.

This bill strips health-care from millions of people and puts an end to health-care for people with pre existing conditions.

I support and DEMAND single-payer Health-care for everyone.


I will not vote for any lawmaker IN ANY PARTY who will be running in any future election who voted for this monstrosity bill.

I will continue to make donations to organizations dedicated to unseating any of these politicians who obviously only care about putting corporate greed over the health and safety of the American People.


Russia interfering - doubtful - isn’t newsworthy

That story goes like this

The Democrats Clinton cheated in the semifinals and somehow the facts got out

If that fact had not been revealed the election might have gone a different way

The reason Health care won’t pass is because neither the GOP or Dems don’t want it


A significant problem for the ACA Health Insurance plan is that its main beneficiaries are the poorest Americans and this group does not vote in large numbers. Republicans know this. It is unlikely that Republicans will end the ACA until after the 2018 election or even perhaps as late as the 2020 election. But even if the poor know they will lose something, it is not clear that this will bring them to the polls. It is also not even clear that when they lose something, it will bring them to the polls.

The election in GA-6 is not a clear indication about how the majority of Americans will react to a loss of health insurance because that district is relatively affluent compared to most of America. However, it does show that wealthier middle class Americans have little interest in helping the poor.

The ACA was flawed from the outset because it used means testing as a way to distribute benefits. Unlike Medicare and Social Security, whose benefits are not means tested, the ACA gave most of its benefits to the least wealthy among us. This made the outstanding 2 million Americans who felt they were helping to pay for a benefit which gave them nothing, very angry. How short sighted to leave this small group out of coverage. The other weakness in the bill is that it was based around markets in different states. The fact that the Dems wasted so much time trying to get a bipartisan deal passed is down to Obama as well. He was all about bipartisanship and we see how far that got us.

If the Republicans pass the AHCA tax cut, and the Dems do no come roaring back in 2018, both locally and in the House and the Senate I think it is game over.

At this point in time, the plutocrats fully control 25 states. The goal is a Constitutional Convention. They only need 8 more. The state legislatures determine the new Constitution. The entire game plan is to disenfranchise voters, and make Medicare and Social Security unconstitutional. Don’t take my word for it. Read “Democracy in Chains” by Nancy MacLean.


I wonder if the Republicans are fully conscious of the fact that much of the job growth since 2014 has been in the health care sector. There were 2 million more health care jobs in 2016 than in 2013. This is further demonstrated by the fact that states which accepted the ACA Medicaid benefits had much stronger job growth than those which did not. Given that the AHCA tax cut bill actually will reduce health coverage well below the benefits offered from Medcaid in 2013, there will be many layoffs in health care jobs once it takes effect. This big job loss over a relatively short period of time will bring about a recession. Healthcare jobs are relatively well paying jobs compared to many of the jobs created during Obama’s Presidency. So the effect will have ripples throughout the economy as that much buying power is taken out of the GDP. As a progressive, I hope the Republicans really overreach but as a human being, I know the cost will be very high in term of human life and human suffering.


There is no reason to expect any of the MSM to say a word about this. The NYT has shown by its articles and the people they hired recently that they are doing full right wing politicizing the same way they led the charge into Iraq. The rest of the MSM is equally as bad. When push comes to shove, the MSM is part of the oligarchy and they aren’t about to do anything to challenge the status quo. The days of Izzy Stone, Mike Royko, Studs Terkel and Molly Ivins are long gone.


Of course they are aware of where job growth has been. The answer to your implied question is that they all have jobs and don’t give a flip about the average guy in the street. As long as unemployment is high, then inflation will be down and the republicants can stick it to their workers and make out like bandits. Declining unemployment is a bug for them, not a feature.


We have already lost it. I’m preparing myself for the loss of Medicare. Look at these egomaniacal faces of these two monkey’s, Ryan and McConnell. The people of Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district have the opportunity to dump Ryan and replace the position with a real human being. Will they take it or will they prove themselves a confederacy of dunces (to borrow a phrase). Forget the people of Kentucky. They’re a lost cause. Have you ever looked at McConnell. It is the face of an idiot.