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If the President Writes It, Should USA Today Publish?


If the President Writes It, Should USA Today Publish?

Pete Vernon

News outlets have long held to the principle that when the president speaks, his words are newsworthy. President Trump, whose frequent lies and misleading claims are a feature of his communications strategy, has challenged that maxim during the 2016 campaign and since taking office. Instant fact checks, quick analysis, and contextual reporting have become vital strategies for any organization attempting to accurately cover Trump’s words.


Susan Page’s observations, commentary and reportage have about as much credibility as POTUS Trump’s op-ed.
Why do you think she’s on The Talking Head T.V.?


Ever read the Wall Street Journal??? They have tons of BS mixed with regular news.

I was watching the Washington state debate with Sen Cantwell and its kind of amazing how democrats refuse to hit back on healthcare. The republican kept talking about how private enterprise is the way to fix healthcare??? Funny I think we have been doing this for decades and it is not working—the US has one of the worst healthcare systems in the world—just look at the infant mortality rate.

In this private system the insurance companies should be working to keep prices low-but they totally fail at doing their job—instead these corrupt insurance companies work with the healthcare industry in stealing billions from the common people. This is why we need a public system.

Trump has said Australia and Scotland have great healthcare systems----these are both national healthcare systems------run the stupid commercial----stop bitching about what the other side is doing and run a campaign for something.


Had that been true then USA Today would have published their findings alongside Trumpian “opinion” which begs the question if “opinion” based on outright lies constitutes opinion at all or perhaps USA Today subscribes to the old adage: “opinions are like ass holes–everyone is entitled to one”. Given the power differential by someone holding the highest post in the nation and members of the general public the paper had the responsibility to expose the lies. Man, born free is everywhere in chains facilitated by an irresponsible press.


Headline sez: “If the President Writes It, Should USA Today Publish?”

If it could be established that this ‘president’ was capable of stringing together several coherent sentences (and not Bannon or some K-Street insurance flack who penned the USA Today pap), that would be a ‘stop the presses’ moment.

Of course, the content would be predicated on horseshit, so it would need to be presented as such.


Cantwell has no interest in alarming the for-profit insurance lobby. If Sec. Clinton didn’t say it in the last presidential debates, the good senator isn’t going to bring it up now.


Are we supposed to wonder why the normally vigorous journalistic integrity of CIA Today was compromised?


This opinion piece by trump is nothing more than an example of yellow journalism and USA Today should be ashamed that it allowed itself to be a tool in providing the platform for it.


“In this private system the insurance companies should be working to keep prices low…”

Key word there: “private.” The main goal of pretty much any private enterprise is to maximize profits. A government run health care system would be a public insurance program, which does not have this incentive to continually raise prices.


“If The President Does It, It’s Not Illegal.”  — Richard M. Nixon

“If The President Says It, It’s Not A Lie.”    — Donald J. Trump


If USA TODAY actually states clearly that the article is by President Trump, that is a step ahead of a good deal of commercial media.


Just to restate my point----yes insurance companies can make a nice profit----but part of their job should be keeping medical costs down----which they totally fail in doing. A recent study about the cost of a broken ankle should cost about $10,000-----yet the standard payment is about $50,000.