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If The Rule Of Law Means Anything, Kavanaugh Must Be Impeached


If The Rule Of Law Means Anything, Kavanaugh Must Be Impeached

Nathan J. Robinson

At this point, my position on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination is quite simple: you cannot flagrantly violate a sworn oath and be placed on the Supreme Court. Someone who lies to the Senate in sworn testimony is not just unqualified to be a justice, but they should not be any kind of judge at all. Judges must take oaths seriously, because if they treat them as meaningless, then it’s unclear why they should mean anything to anybody.


If you disrespect your own profession and the law by lying under oath or any other time, you disrespect the honor of the institution, every American and all other people, and the common environment of every person, and all other life forms

Falsus in Uno, Falsus in Omnibus! - ""false in one thing, false in everything.**

"At common law, it is the legal principle that a witness who testifies falsely about one matter is not credible to testify about any matter." - And that obviously included judging others, or issues that affect others and the environment, in any regard!

This person is a political creature, NOT a jurist - he revealed his partisan nature in his “hearing” rant showing paranoid and right-wing talking points - a politician, NOT an impartial justice that should be refused this nomination, and removed from his current position of trust! Go back to the extremist politics that drives you!


Kavanaugh no longer has the support of the people who studied, worked and socialized with him. Their strongest defense of him is, " I don’t remember Brett blacking out at the keggers or at bars, where we spent 6-8 hours slamming brewskis and willingly participated in a few drinking contests ". There’s a character witness in that drunken dogpile somewhere, to be sure. Yet; nobody can remember exactly, funny that.
Overlooked of course are all of Kavanaugh’s other previous lies in front of Congress about felony crimes to aid and abet the Bush Adm.
They say the first casualty of war is the truth. The appointment of Kavanaugh to SCOTUS will start this new war. In fact, the future skirmishes should be called The Kavanaugh War. It’s that bad.


If the rule of law means anything? Kavanaugh won’t be impeached. In fact, he’ll be rewarded by being confirmed. That’s what the rule of law has always meant in this country - as long as you are white, prosperous and a graduate of all the finest schools. A fitting legacy for a president who has spent a lifetime of evading and dodging the law.


“I am going to assume that there are one or two honest Republicans left.”

That’s kind of like assuming there are two species of fish that live in the desert.


You may be right. But " the big picture " arguments you offer is another forest, as well.
Lost in this process is the Bush Adm. officials sitting behind Kavanaugh; most prominent was Condi Rice as surrogate for Bush/Cheney, et al. This is about more than Roe v. Wade and you’re smart enough to know that. Just sayin’.


Your opinions aren’t worth a pinch of shit, honestly. They’re like a broken record, really. I don’t think you’ve even watched any of the Kavanaugh hearings, etc. I’d bet my watch on it. And, it’s a very nice and collectable watch.


So, much to their credit, upon this pig’s coronation as another back-up singer in the neo-fascist choir of the Supremes, a few Dems are going to introduce perjury charges against K in the House, potentially leading to K’s impeachment.

In any case, they will put all kinds of stuff out there that can provide recusal fodder against the rapist when he actually sits atop the offal of the U.S. “justice” system.

That said, where have the Dim Senators been on this?

Leahy of Vermont (Bernie’s senior partner in crime) did mention the perjury evidence (which is overwhelming) early in the white-wash. Then he shut up about it cuz, you know, they were going to bring K down with the rape evidence and Feinstein had the secret letter and all that.

But of course they under-estimated their own stupidity and cowardice and more importantly under-estimated how patriarchal and mysogynistic the good ole US of Assholes is. We are NUMBAH ONE after all. So Ms. Ford is dragged through the mud with a bunch of other K victims; women and girls in general are humiliated in a public hate fest never seen before in this the most hateful of nations; and K goes off to the Bay of Pigs bar to celebrate with all the other scum.

It could have been different if the Dims brought up the Idiot of Orange on impeachment charges when he came in the door. The evidence on that is overwhelming. It could have been different if they had brought impeachemnt charges against K coming in the door. The evidence is overwhelming.


See the article below that describes the possibilities when you really want to do something. Then see the next article describing how “leftists” in the U.S. support fascist military candidates. All good.



You should read my comment again…I made no such pronouncement about “the law” being always just or not primarily about the rich and powerful. “Smokescreen” much now has become but the power of the people can and has triumphed at times - claiming there is not hope and never has been I find destructive.

Clearly the law has been tilted to wealth and power, but there have been some/many justices of moral conscience and dedication to the principle of the law being “blind” and with" justice for all" - some, not the totality sure. The citizens of moral compass that believe in the words if not the actuality of truth, now made trite and quaint, of morality, honor, freedom from dictatorship, government OF, BY, and FOR the people - the 99%, and we must redouble our fight, not fold the fuckin tent in lackey silence!

For you to reject even the possibility of meaningful change and peaceful revolution, I find somewhat as hopeless and destructive as the perfidy, lack of integrity, and corruption of the corrupt politicians D&R & many citizens bamboozled by their lie’s and sellout bullshit - lying down in the face of injustice or abuse of office has not been my MO. The Constitution may have been written by rich white guys, some of which were slave owners, but that document and the others throughout history proclaimed the truth of equality under the law, no king (or corporate dictatorship) and the rule of a just law - regardless what some have twisted those words and human rights to be, they still proclaim loudly what millions fight for…

Faint heart ne’er won fair lady, or sparked a revolution, or destroyed the scum American corporate right-wing pigs!


Gave up already Dan? More talk of “why bother, they already won” - even if true for the moment and near future or not, it is defeatist BS and just what the right-wing trump scum and DP establishment want! WTF? So what are “your views”? lay down and/or bend over and take it? Fuck that rot! Are you part of the problem or part of a potential solution?
History is replete with dictatorships and corrupt regimes that came and went - were forced out or executed.


You and Mr. Harris need to get a check up from the neck up. All Democrats are Mr. Ojeda now? And, the minority impeaching the majority’s POTUS right after his Inauguration? Good luck!
The New Deal & The Great Society Programs were really MIC plots, then? Rich white guys, etc. couldn’t think of anything else to do that year?
Now, when you talk about American Exceptionalism, Manifest Destiny and The Monroe Doctrine, Etc: U.S. Foreign Policy is a legitimate and cringe worthy component of the worst of our collective thinking, no doubt about it.
However, to say Ron Dellums or Barbara Lee is the same as Mr. Ojeda, is quite a big stretch.


Like I said before, your opinions really aren’t worth a pinch of shit. Truth hurts, doesn’t it?


If you actually took the time/effort to read the article, you can see that it states that the war criminal Ojeda is not being presented as a mainline Dim, but as a leftist/progressive Dem by leftists and progressives - including an article in Jacobin Magazine. You are once again mixing rotten apples and oranges and coming up with a putrid and foul drink. Whatever…


While I certainly agree that impeachment of both Tweetle-Dumb and (Spoiled-)Brat Kavanaugh is highly war­ranted, it’s just a tiny bit difficult for the DamnocRats to bring charges while the 'PoopLickens control the House of Representatives.   MAYBE – depending on which party controls the House beginning next year – impeach­ment charges will be brought, but I’m not going to hold my breath.  And anyway, even if the House does bring charges, the actual trial would be held in the Senate . . .


Collins will vote “yes” to confirm. Amazing that the fate of humankind could rest on her frail little shoulders.


Ah, why do you think I mentioned Dellums and Lee?


He probably ought to be impeached anyway.


"Impeach, Indict, Incarcerate."


Laws are for the little people and the little countries


Is honoring the constitution as written right leaning? I think in today’s society it likely is considered to be so. I also think that all judges should be right leaning under that standard.