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If the Trump Revolution Is Possible, So Is a Progressive One


If the Trump Revolution Is Possible, So Is a Progressive One

John Feffer

The increased tempo of the GOP's snatch and grab in recent days suggests that they're feeling a certain desperation


No revolution will succeed grounded even in part in McCarthyite Russia-gate drivel.


Russia-gate, which so far barely exists, is what the author sees as Trump’s downfall.

And BLM and women are going to seize power how?

By becoming Democrats?

Did he notice how many people have been leaving that party?


Apparently the author has already begun to have fun — or is his use of the word “malefactors” to describe abusive privileged and powerful men purely coincidental?

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Why all the skepticism regarding Russia’s exploitation of Tweetle-Dumb?  If I were an agent of Putin’s Pluto­cracy, and as amoral, inept, self-centered and easily duped a stooge as Donald Trump came into my sights,
I’d jump for joy at having such an easy target.  I can hear Putin now: “He’s desperate for money? Lend him a bank’s worth of money!”  “He’s desperate for bimbos? Give him a beauty-pageant’s worth of bimbos!!”  “He’s desperate for attention? Shower him with the attention and flattery of one-third of an entire (stupid) nation!!!”


I’m not skeptical about Russia wanting to exploit Trump’s vanity or stupidity. He’s an exploitable idiot, if ever there was one.

I’m skeptical about how much it matters, and why it’s used as an excuse by Democrats to explain away their larger problems. Case in point, the Dems didn’t lose over 900 seats in state legislatures in less than decade because of Putin.

I’m also skeptical because Hillary relied on Russian operatives (to the tune of $9M) to provide dirt on Trump. Her campaign paid internet trolls to carpet bomb social media and websites like this one with horse puckey. You know, just like Russia. I suspect the DNC pays a Hillary troll here even now.

I’m also skeptical because one of the things Flynn colluded in violation of the law with Russia on, was a move in support of Israel that ran counter to Obama Admin policy…and that was supported overwhelmingly by Democrats in defiance of the leader of their own party. Where’s the poutrage over that?

Finally, Mueller’s had six months. He’s served up pretty weak tea featuring people we knew were guilty from day one. Where’s the Beef Trumpington, Man?


Not to get too deeply into the weeds, in the 2016 election ‘we the people’ simply wanted an insurgency - somebody else beside the status quo. The R.s served one up, and the D.s didn’t.
Sanders was an insurgent who could well have won if given the chance. The disgrace of the Democratic Party is they cared more for candidate control than the country.
We’re living with the result.


But it was HER turn.


Okay, lets have some fun…we are living among thieves who are stealing us blind…but…they have activated the nation in ways one person could never have done, not one candidate…there are groups of all makes and models biting at the bit to correct the mistake…it will take time to separate the wheat from the chaff but…the potential out-come, women in office, all races and creeds represented and a more equal economic structure based on need not want…is this fun? Yes…get your hands dirty, join a group, any group from the many because a grander vision is possible…and…smile while your at it, it confuses them and scares them too. :slight_smile:


Revolution in the air? What revolution?

Resistance, alarm, frustration, anger? Absolutely. Talk of reform? Some, but at this point it’s mostly talk. Revolution, though? Only a few brave souls are talking genuine revolution, as in a revolution that brings down our rotten political system and breaks the stranglehold of the two corrupt parties. Only a few brave souls are challenging the dominance of our military/surveillance state.

Feffer can cry “revolution” all he wants, but tweaking the status quo by replacing Rs with Ds is anything but a revolution. To label it as such is a farce. It’s that same old, same old “work within the system” thinking that got us in this mess. Trump is the symptom and anything but a revolution. The disease is the system that let him in the door.


Actually, there’s nothing to really notice on that since party identification and party registration has been steady for the last 25 years.
see for example for the data from the Pew Research Center:

or see for example the data from the Gallup Poll:

Although, it has been less than a year, so it’s hard to know what trends will continue… Since Trump became President the percentage of new voter registrations that registered as Democrats has gone up substantially.


Just to add, it’s long-established that independent doesn’t mean neutral or preferring third parties either.


Feffer’s assertion that Occupy Wall Street (OWS) was " toothless" because it lacked identifiable leaders and was amorphous is an example of the kind of fake news that keeps voters from voting for many Democrats and drives voters into the welcoming corrals set up by Trump and his ilk.

OWS is the most meaningful progressive revolutionary activity the US had seen since the 1999 Battle of Seattle.
Had OWS been as “toothless” as Feffer alleges, the Obama justice department would not have expedited the criminalization of everything OWS did in order to assure that it would not re-emerge in spring 2012.
OWS made progressive language (% vs. 99%, for example) mainstream, thereby enhancing the ability of progressive candidates to connect with voters.

Ever since SCOTUS Justice Powell launched the US fascist revolution more than four decades ago, creating and mainstreaming tactical language that cements the fascist agenda has enabled the success of the GOP achieving widespread control. Progressives don’t have the bottomless money pits that fascists do to spread their language and message. Affordable strategies that often include “amorphous, leaderless” tactics are therefore the most viable strategy for success, perhaps the ONLY viable strategy ?


True - that most people who register without specifying a party lean toward one of the major parties. However, the big majority (about 75% of those so-called independents) also say they would like there to be a viable third party. In fact a majority of all Americans would like to see a viable third party.

I suspect that most of that majority envisions a structure with a left, a right, and a center party (rather than a libertarian party or a socialist party taking “door number 3”)


Reform Party candidate Ross Perot getting 1 in 5 votes in 1992 is proof that the right third party candidate can be competitive. Perot’s inclusion in TV debates helped him (who could forget his charts ?) win votes. That is why the corporate media subsequently demonized third party candidates and criminalizing their appearance at debate venues.


Unlike the Bolsheviks, the current Amerikkkan oligarchs have nothing to fear. Without fear of the masses, the ruling kleptocrats are free to do as they please when they please. Clinton rewrote the economic and telecommunication rules to allow corporate Amerikkka to take over the government and limit peoples access to communications. From the masses came crickets. Bush stole the election, allowed Wall St to ravage the economy, cut taxes to the rich, used the military as a bloody hammer to enforce foreign policy and stripped Amerikkkans of civil rights. From the masses came crickets. Obama, with a Democratic majority and the opening to reverse the damage, failed to punish anyone for the economic meltdown, made the tax cuts permanent, continued to rain down bombs and drone strikes on civilian targets in even more countries, and increased the jailing of whistleblowers. From the masses came more crickets. The Tangerine Troglodyte is just the latest iteration of a decades long decent into kleptocracy different only in his rhetoric. The masses are now shouting and wringing their hands but exhibit more nihilism than anger. Where is our Magnificent Montague shouting, “Burn, baby! Burn.”? Our Howard Beale screaming, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more.”? Our SDS issuing a renewed Port Huron statement (though the original remains largely unfulfilled)? Where is the anger striking fear into every politician, corporate executive and complicit corporate newscaster?


Yep. And when independents are interviewed, they look a lot like lots of Americans, wanting things “fixed” with low taxes, small government, great healthcare, decent environmental protections, strong military, low regulations with zero corruption, strong regulations with free-market freedom , and a perfect foreign non-interventionist policy that includes appropriate intervention. Both parties fail on these counts, but the platonic ideal of a third party is just around the corner to square-peg the round hole.


It appears that the Trump revolution was going on among the people long before a candidate like Trump came along who could finance his own primary campaign (although much of the money he spent went to his own businesses). It is gun show culture, NASCAR culture, southern culture, shock jock radio culture, etc. It just didn’t have the good housekeeping seal of approval from the eastern liberal establishment. Somehow, Trump grew up in Queens, across the East River from Manhattan, and became the hero of the anti-eastern liberal subculture. He is very unpopular in his own home city but wildly popular in Alabama. He is doing well with the likes of the KKK and neo-Nazis. He has not thought out policies but has a gift for knowing how to divide people. He is a conflict generator. He seems to get his thrills from creating conflicts. To Trump, peacefulness is abhorrent and must be avoided.


Trump views maximizing conflict as the perfect recipe for successful reality TV, and successful gubmit…or not.


Hmmm. Looks like Independent is going up…


Agreed. The Democrats have held steady for the last thirty years or so and the last fifteen years has seen a decrease in those identifying as Republicans and a subsequent increase in non-affiliated adults.

The big loss of people identifying as Democrats came in the 80’s with the big switch of southern whites from Democrat to Republican registration.