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'If the Water Is Rising, Then So Must We': Indigenous Peoples March in Washington Against Global Injustice


'If the Water Is Rising, Then So Must We': Indigenous Peoples March in Washington Against Global Injustice

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In an event described as "breathtaking, heartbreaking, strong, and beautiful," representatives from native communities around the world came together in Washington, D.C. on Friday for the first-ever Indigenous Peoples March.



Video coverage at 3pm PowWow has some other more recent videos:


The Doctrine of Discovery is mentioned. The precedent in US IS STILL ACTIVE!
Steve Newcomb [author of “Pagans in the Promised Land”] speaks as founder of the global movement to raise awareness about this critical silent history.


Just imagine that the Native Americans claimed their aboriginal rights as the rightful owners of America and decided to repossess the U.S. because it was stolen from them and was renamed THE UNITED NATIVE STATES OF AMERICA. And only the descendants of African American slaves who were brought here against their will, were made Native American citizens. And all the children of immigrants, like Trump were made non-citizens. Of course a pipe dream, but it does give one a different perspective.



I’m a Big Fan of Mr. Newcomb…thanks for posting this.



As stated on my Native Americans page I do consider myself a guest even though my family has been here since 1657.



Thank you for your excellent reply! And my spouse, who is Native American, also thanks you. I can trace my family tree back to the Mayflower, but I still realize that my distant relatives stole this land from the Native Americans.



For western civilization to have a chance of survival we must listen to the wisdom from our Indigenous brothers and sisters.
We ignore them at our peril ,only a deep spiritual understanding of reality can curtail our march to oblivion through our obsessivness with progress.
Advanced technology without advanced thinking creates demise not advancement.

Humans must end their understanding that land,people ,stuff can be possessed .The concept of ownership must be replaced with stewardship or articles in your care .
Our idea of family must include all peoples of the Earth ,the resources of the world rightly belong to everyone to be shared amongst us all.
Live simply so others may simply live .

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From the Washington Post a very disgraceful display of white teens with MAGA hats mocking the indigenous:

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You are most welcome. I’ll bet a dollar if you read my Family Tree page we have a relative in common somewhere :grinning:

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This was on Sat NBC evening news-----just a small clip. I hope this doesn’t get buried----there is a powerful message here-----but sadly the message may be that hate has won and will be our destruction.



The smirking look of the on that vile fascist kids face is chilling. Supposedly his mother is defending him saying it is all due to “black Muslims” (and no doubt, George Soros and the Jews too).



The photo and article had such impact on me they went right to my front page and then I looked up Nathan and sent him an email. This isn’t simple hate, this is evil hate.