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If There Really Is a Final TPP Deal: Can It Pass Congress?


If There Really Is a Final TPP Deal: Can It Pass Congress?

Lori Wallach

If there really is a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal, its fate in Congress is highly uncertain given the narrow margin by which trade authority passed this summer, the concessions made to get a deal, and growing congressional and public concerns about the TPP’s threats to jobs, wages, safe food and affordable medicines and more. The intense national battle over trade authority was just a preview of the massive opposition the TPP will face given that Democratic and GOP members of Congress and the public soon will be able to see the specific TPP terms that threaten their interests.


Can't wait to hear Obama wax maleloquent over his triumphant trade deal. Like diplomacy, sovereignty is an anachronism.


love it!

and yes, sovereignty and democracy seem to be MIA. Still, I'm letting my congress critters know how i feel, for the hundredth time.


It depends on how much corporate support the deal has. If the USA is indeed a plutocracy, expect the deal to sail through the government without any real opposition. There might be some ranting and raving, but no one's going to upset the billionaires these days.


Sovereignty continues to be sucked up by the transnational corporations. The global 0.01% hopes no one is paying attention. I think I'll dress up as Mussolini for Halloween...


Let's see, what is some of the bunk they've been using to get this piece of tripe passed. We need this agreement so that the US military can be made strong again, this will create good paying amerikan jobs (read, Mexican, Chinese, Indian jobs), They even have said that passing this agreement will lead to us fixing our totally outdated and dilapidated infrastructure! Sure, just the same shit the other Slick one said about NAFTA! Remember, fool us once shame on you, fool us twice, shame on . . . . . . .!


This morning NPR is repeating the Obama Administration's lies about the TPP being a trade agreement, making no mention that less than 20% of the TPP deals with trade while 80% is corporate power grab.


Of course it will pass the Corporate controlled Congress. No question about it. Fast track fast track fast track fast track.


As with NAFTA, CAFTA and all other trade agreements, the only "winners" are the 1% ... the owners and controllers of capital. The workers and consumers in all of the signatory countries are the losers ...always!

These trade agreements are about eliminating hurdles that stand in the way of earning ever-increasing profits by exploiting the planet and workers all over the globe by the huge corporate conglomerates for the 1%.

Based on the outrage of the populace against the TPP agreement in the countries involved, how the negotiations were held in secret, and having no access to the actual agreement; we can readily see how our elected leaders view democracy. They mock us.

It comes down to profits over people ... every time. That is the inherent nature of capitalism.

-- Capitalism and democracy are not compatible.


Correct. Evidence of that fact was NPR's coverage of this crime insinuating the the Doctors Without Borders account wasn't credible, but the Pentagon's was.


Ironically it appears that Trump's zealous and vocal opposition to TPP this week may be the first effective pressure on just enough Congressional Republicans to vote no on TPP when it comes up fort the up or down vote.

Obama and the Democratic Party bosses have proven adept at withholding Party funds from junior Congressional Democrats' campaigns if they don't rubber stamp Obama's agenda. Add in the senior Congressional Democrats who have rubber stamped Obama's agenda for nearly seven years and the TPP vote won't be much different than the Democrats' fast track vote was.