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'If These Miners Were Bankers, Congress Would Have Bailed Them Out Already,' Says Sanders as Bankrupt Murray Coal Threatens Pensions

Thank you Caren. You see the truth and the why. Bernie is wise enough to know one does not build a coalition to change things by denigrating people or disparaging them for what has been largely forced on them by an insular society/culture or by one manipulative force or another. Peace.

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Keep voting for Trump, dummies!

Yore the dummie

If Hannibal Lecter ran for president, he could beat Trump, especially if Jodie was his VP!!!

This is the same owner who ignored all safety regulations for the mine. Which ended up killing miners. Now he wishes to walk away with the money and stiff the miners. Just like trump stiffed everyone.
And they voted for trump when he said he was bringing back coal, a total nonsense idea.
It’s difficult to empathize with gullible people who believe the lies.We tried to tell them, but the ridiculous was offered to them and they bought it.

What you say is true, but the republicans use that same old it’s the poor’s fault to go after and denigrate the minority poor. And the problem is that the republicans have been using dog whistles to get these people to vote against their economic interest in fear of the other.
And thus they suffer for their poor decisions. Democrats have tried to appeal to their economic interests, but that dog whistle is loud and clear. And yes you are right that what happened to their communities is not their fault. But they stay true to the people who devastated their community when that dog whistle beckons. It’s not rational.
And Nafta didn’t affect coal miners, automation and a switch to a cheaper form of energy killed the coal miners.
We could have overcome Nafta (By the way, automation took most of the jobs and will continue to do so.) by education. The US has always been about finding the cheapest product since the beginning of slavery, even without Nafta the jobs would have left, they were already going.
Once Japan, Taiwan, and other countries could make cheaper products and about just as good, those jobs were going to leave.
When I was young (in the 50s’) Japanese and Taiwanese were considered cheap inferior products. By the 70s’ they were just as good and cheaper. Once that happened, who was going to pay more for an american product that was not quite as good. Once China was opened, it was only a matter of time before their products could compete with American
As long as they cling to the identity issues, they will not allow themselves to be helped.
Bernie is an idealist, it’s what I like about him. But people like the ones we are talking about will never go along with him. They hear the word socialist, that they have been trained since birth to be scare of, and that is that. They won’t listen to anything else Bernie says.

I agree with you. But I think it best to have the miner’s back. We need to stick together now more than ever. People from every walk of life, if they really care about America, should watch to see if the Supreme Court sides with Murray Coal.


If I remember correctly during Bush’s presidency he required the Post Office to fund pension and health care 75 years into the future and it was for 10 years and don’t know if that law was retired or continued.

Then we need a law that pensions shall not fall under bankruptcy and we need a law that sets those funds unavailable for any shenanigans to be used by management.

The likelihood of the miners addressed by Bernie’s plan actually hearing or reading it without a distorting Conservative Infotainment Complex buffer is highly unlikely.