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If They’re Wrong, the Planet Dies


If They’re Wrong, the Planet Dies

Edward Hunt

With each passing day, the long-term prospects for life on Earth grow increasingly dim. As human activity continues to warm the planet at an alarming rate, the leaders of the United States are failing to confront one of the greatest challenges the human species has ever faced: human-caused climate change.


Yes the race is on and we stand in shock to see how slowly we run in the race to save our Climate …and ourselves!

The grandkids are going to be fucked though no matter what! Trump doesn’t have to worry about that at his age. He won’t see the misery amid the heat that lies ahead.

Greed Trumps logic… pun intended.

Btw… what if? If? If? …hard to fake (or ignore) a melting ice cap! No ifs, ands or buts… they are wrong. The scary thing is that most of them know it too! They don’t care. If anything they just can’t believe that the changes will happen so fast. Ask them again in ten years?


I know I won’t be popular here, but I feel the need to inject a little science. Greenhouse gases are already absorbing almost all of the infrared radiation (app. 80% of all IR) of which they are capable. Adding more will not appreciably change anything.


The US is today home to thousands of history’s greatest enemies (fossil fuel reps and their financiers) while we are as passive and as helpless as Germans of the Third Reich. Like the “good Germans,” we only think through the lense of the past - a past we know very little about. And we are just as afraid to look around us. So we quietly eat our strudel and wait for the bombs to fall.


You don’t cite your source.

In any case, the temperatures and weather we are experiencing now are due to the CO2 put into the atmosphere back in the 70’s. There is about a forty year latency period due to factors collectively termed climate inertia. Last time we had 400ppm CO2 in the atmosphere it was about 2-3 degrees C warmer and sea levels were about 30 feet higher than they currently are. So even if we didn’t put anymore greenhouse gases we have a bit of warming and a bit of swimming to do.



The “catastrophe” began in earnest in 1945 after the nukes came on line. Then when the last great chance to save things came and went in 1973 with the oil crisis I believe the fate was sealed. Energy continued to be expanded and oil&coal burned in a mad dash to the end. These situations were known at the first Earth Day in 1970. Exxon knew for sure in the late 70’s and Tillerson’s, the former CEO of Exxon and current state dept head, denial is an outright lie. If things don’t change real fast, real soon it will most certainly be too late. Just think, that if all GHG’s stopped tomorrow the temps would continue to rise for at least a century or more. CO2 doesn’t go away for a long time, on the order of several thousand years. So it’s really now or never.