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'If This Bill Passes, People Will Die': Tax Scam Opponents Rally as GOP Aims for Final Vote Next Week


'If This Bill Passes, People Will Die': Tax Scam Opponents Rally as GOP Aims for Final Vote Next Week

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"This tax bill was written for Republicans' wealthy campaign contributors," concluded Sen. Bernie Sanders


“If this bill passes people will die.”

The response from most Republicans: WE COULD CARE LESS!


Well, that suits the GOP curmudgeons just fine…less lazy, worthless bums’ mouths to feed, which will lower the “cost” of “entitlements” thus freeing up more money to pass on the their billionaire and corporate campaign donors… a win-win situation.

How very medieval of them…fill the stockades and dig the pits.


That people will die is just fine to a republican. They are in thrall to a nazi-like ideology that categorizes the worth of human beings. To a republican, the only worthy human is a wealthy human. The rest of us can die by the millions because we deserve to die. The main difference between a republican and a nazi is honesty – the nazi not only believes we are worthy of death (life not worthy of life), but will say so to your face. The nazis were so convinced of this that they dared to voice it publicly and built concrete examples of their murderous hatred – the concentration and death camps. Republicans lie through their teeth to try to convince us that what they are about to achieve is really for our benefit. That it is designed to lead to the deaths of those they deem unworthy of life can NEVER be explicitly voiced. It is also a boon to them that they do not need concentration camps to achieve their ends. We can die by the millions in the privacy of our own homes, or in the streets – we will not enjoy the public death of the concentration camps. We will merely be statistics, killed off not by bullets or gas, but by disease or starvation. Nicely and conveniently in relative privacy. When the republicans come for my job, my home and my health care, I will NOT die privately, but very publicly and loudly, perhaps on Chuck Grassley’s front lawn with the full attention of the press.


To many Repubs, an additional 40K dead per year in USA, due to lack of healthcare or other social services, is not a regrettable side effect, it is a highly desirable feature. After all, this would remove large numbers of people permanently from the voting lists, people more likely to vote against the Repubs. Most Repubs want that figure to exceed 100K per year, I suspect.


This profligate Congress gave a lunatic $100 Billion more than he requested for DoD spending this coming fiscal year. I’m not sure if there’s 536 straight jackets in Washington, D.C., but a bake sale could be arranged for all these effin’ pikers, in pretty short order. Hell, we’ll even get 'em custom-fitted for them, too. Complete with clown shoes, as well. In yellow and/or orange stripes so you can tell the merely moronic ones from the truly insane ones.
What a bunch of worthless p.o.s.


inequality “is situated within capitalism.” Making capitalism as we know it in need of structural change.


The honesty part is a German national trait; the Nazis were honest because they were German.

USA has concentration camps. Small ones like Gitmo and others run by proxies elsewhere, and of course the prison/jail system, especially the ones fed by ICE.


Susan Collins? Come on now. You are better than this bill. Do the right thing.


We are reaching critical-mass here. At years end we will either explode or implode but it will most likely be total. The body politic is incoherent and the citizens are left out in the cold wondering where their government went. People will gather around their favorite personal government image whether it be Bernie or Donny it won’t matter because they cancel each other out. There is no one to fill the vacuum.
Good luck.


this is a complete repeal of obamacare


No, Bernie. This bill was written by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Stop letting these guys off the hook.


I find it difficult to believe that our honorable opposition would do such a crass act just to support an already installed denial of rights. Surely the reduction of people on the welfare and medicaid rolls would be a recognizable plus.


The know their nefarious bill will kill people. The problem is that their God is money, so they believe they are entirely within their rights to sacrifice human lives for dollars.


There were over 64,000 drug death/overdoses in 2016 alone- Must be some good news to republicans who are more concerned with ending the “Death Tax” than ending preventable death…
The newly Billionaire Sackler tribe who’s Purdue Pharma produces mega amounts of Oxycontin for the masses is all in…Grim Reapers, up to their elbows in innocent blood, one and all…


I’m putting together a recipe book so that when we eat the rich they won’t taste too bad. We are the zombies and they the vampires.


Well put !

I see the White House has completely contradicted Tillerson in state vis a vis North Korea - “incoherent” is a good way to put it.

So the State Department is still completely de-coupled from the White House - and from my point of view, that’s dangerous and foolhardy - it is possibly criminally negligent, given the stakes.

Mistakes can happen - and this is the way mistakes happen.

I am hoping, I think with cause, that Mueller is ready to act decisively.


In republican-world you have a better chance of surviving in prison than outside once they have stripped you of income, shelter and health care.


The flip side, the Republicans and the corporate Democrats will lose big time and then not only will the tax cuts get scrapped but they will also go for the Shrub ones as well. Two years of tax cuts to be paid for by decades or major tax rises, vote and perish, Republicans.


Heavy and long pickling for the Republican women. Hardy white vinegar reduction and a garlic powder based dry rub, for the Democratic women. Think slow smoke and old hickory chips. With beer for both ( to drink, of course- German style Pils? )
For Republican men, quick high heat and a smoky blackened tuna-type crusty finish. Keep it whitish-pink on the inside. The Democratic men should be cooked like you’d do your favorite turkey. That’s only fair, right?