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If This 'Doesn't Give You Chills I Don't Know What Will': McConnell Patriot Act Expansion Would Hand AG Barr Unprecedented Spy Powers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/13/if-doesnt-give-you-chills-i-dont-know-what-will-mcconnell-patriot-act-expansion


That slippery slope started during the Bush administration (if not earlier) and both parties were participants. The Obama presidency did much the same thing as it expanded Presidential powers and added more “spy powers” to the administration.

Getting to this place was inevitable when the first Patriot act passed.

Joe Biden admitted he first wrote the Patriot act in 1995 after the Oklahoma bombing and it was called the Omnibus Counterterrorism bill much of what went into Bushes Patriot act.


Are we to understand this is not happening already? Mr. Snowden comes to mind.


What gives me chills is an electorate that keeps on voting for both arms of the oligarch duopoly party that will do anything to enrich their oligarch owners at the expense of the rest of us, especially spying on anyone they please.


Trump has already given Barr massive power like the ability to demand any document regardless of its secrecy and act on it. Barr, McConnell are as much President in terms of damage as Trump.


The Patriot Act = Politicians posturing like they really care about liberty and freedom when they’re in truth destroying both.

It’s an “act” alright.


Ed tried to tell us. But nobody gave a shit.
As the days pass we look more and more like 1930’s Weimar Germany. First, the nazis got themselves elected. Then they formed alliances with other radical groups. They normalized the outrageous. Terrorized the populace. And finally changed the laws in order to legalize what they had already done, and what they were planning to do.
In truth, we’ve been on a march towards fascism since the end of WWII. The nazis of that era tried to take over the world with guns. The modern nazis have learned from their mistakes. The leaders of India, China, Russia, Brazil, the UK and the United States are now taking over the world not with a gun, but with a pen. Freedom is being legislated away. And where it can’t be legislated, it’s being purchased.


The fascist night gradually overtakes the pre-fascist dusk. Re the Democrats, I know it’s impolite but this type of thing is why they used to call the SPD social fascists during Hitler’s rise.


The People’s Revolution should have started October 2001 when the US fascists implemented the (Un) Patriot Act followed by the NDAA which set the stage for unadulterated fascism in Amerika…


And let’s go further than the “privacy” issue. The objective of this is to use the info to repress political activity, which the ruling class fears is coming as a result of the health and economic collapse. This is about repression, not just snooping. They are getting ready.


One of the lessons here: If a government engages in practices like these for decades -and centuries beyond its own borders under the guise of “national interests”, it is delusional to think that the practices will not be applied domestically. That which we do others is internalized in the process and that poison intensifies.



Even before the end of WWII there was an active fascist movement in the US:



The unwritten rule is this, you vote for me or the other guy today, and we torture, enslave and destroy you tomorrow. There are now, and have always been tyrants, people just don’t usually prefer them to good representatives. I cannot say I didn’t see any of it coming.

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Well said my friend, but in my view, The people’s Revolution should have started on 11/22/63 before my time, but that the masses accepted the Fascist’s bogus, theory of a lone nut patsy when Oswald was murdered in cold blood to make sure to shut him up before he could give his side of the assassination of JFK should have made the masses revolt at that time.


I suppose the more we look, the more one can easily find historic points, and more recent points, at which ignorant Americans should have taken notice, followed by strong actions. No historic points, however, were more pressing than now. Still, even among my own friends, there are none who prefer to engage in political discussion, even persons particularly knowledgeable and informed. Without a few hundred million such discussions, even heated ones, and some broad based planning, there will be only one direction forward, and we haven’t even brushed the tip of that iceberg yet.


And in the UK:


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I am agreeable with your POV and we can go back in Amerikan history to the founding of this nation which happened by Colonialism. Colonialism is a brother to Fascism…


I am at the point where I just kind of shake my head and say AGAIN: how much will people take before pushing back? Are we to continue rolling over? And HOW should we PUSH back, anyway. This action seems a reasonable measure to take tot he streets but it seems like no one wants to fight anymore for anything. And yes I mean take up arms and FIGHT, dammit. Seems we just keep rolling over as this gets more and more tyrannical.


Ready for the pitchforks? “Les Miserables” tactics won’t work in this day and age.


Not only did nobody care about Snowden’s message, but they didn’t care about Snowden himself. That man, a true patriot, who sacrificed much to get Americans a crucial message about the institutionalized criminal actions of their derelict fascist regime; not only was not exonerated for any wrongdoing, offered a medal for his bravery and sacrifice, but the democrat controlled regime stepped up an anti- whistleblower campaign that made McCarthyism look like a human rights movement. If Snowden had known how little Americans would care about his sacrifice, he probably would not have done it.