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'If This Guy Can Be Senator, You Can Do Anything': Progressives Mock Mike Lee's Climate Speech

'If This Guy Can Be Senator, You Can Do Anything': Progressives Mock Mike Lee's Climate Speech

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

A Republican Senator tried to make light of the Green New Deal in a rambling floor speech that involved Ronald Reagan riding a dinosaur, the Sharknado, and Tauntauns.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) told the Senate Tuesday that the proposed environmental legislation was not worth treating with respect.

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Avenatti accused in Nike Extortion… makes him a perfect Presidential Candidate for 2020.

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It’s people like Mike Lee that make me realize that you can’t actually have “conversations” with them. First off a conversation involves a basic acknowledgement of at least certain FACTS! The GOTP cannot entertain FACTS because they run counter their “wink, wink - faith”. And yet the problem with that is that these same in-breeds don’t actually LIVE their “faith”. Lying is a sin on so many levels - yet these false prophets lie with regularity!


You can never go wrong Under Estimating the Intelligence of a Republican Senator.

Way to go Mikey Baby. Sesame Street might be a little over your head, but Mr. Rogers might be able to teach you a thing or two? OK Mike lets sing along: Its a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood…

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Conservatives always confuse sarcasm with humor.

In sarcasm, ridicule or mockery is used harshly, often crudely and contemptuously, for destructive purposes. (Wikipedia)

This story is disappointing, but you reach the wrong conclusion. It is that much more amazing that complete whack jobs like this guy can be on the same team as Bernie in terms of stopping the Yemen war (or at least the US role in it). We need to talk to everybody.

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Last time I checked, the Repubs had moved the entire American political conversation to the right with the Dems along for the ride. So mock all you want progressives, but get to work on a new party.


Lee forgot to bring a snowball with him.

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Those kinds of self identified Christians are phony, bullshit artists that have no soul. It’s been sold.
Sometimes they are funny like Gohmert, and sometimes make you angry like Hatch.

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Maybe we got Mike all wrong. Maybe he didn’t mean this to be sarcastic. Maybe he meant it to be straight comedy. Of course that would require him have a level of intelligence and guile that he has never previously displayed.
Nope. Just an idiot (a godless Mormon I understand. Destined for Hell, right along with the Jews, us atheists, seventh day Adventist’s, and of course climate deniers)
Now that’s comedy!

I am amazed at how weird the GOP has gotten. When will these nut cases be raptured up.


Voters put him there. Voters put republicans in charge. Voters and the Supreme Court who is no longer a functioning non political court and hasn’t been for 20 years.

Our whole system has been taken over by billionaire sycophants whose greed cannot be satisfied.

Obama who everyone touts is a little fucker who conned us all for over four years. He’s still trying to con us. He has bow cue money now and is one of greedy sycophants who might want to throw us a few crumbs like Clintons/Bidens and some of the corporate democrats but not all.

I am disgusted and knowing there is nothing I can do, none of it has worked since 2000’s. Dems are weak kneed cowards at least the ones that do want to do more than throws us crumbs. I like the new breed coming up but the leadership wants to put them in their place. They don’t know the game, brinkmenship, et al. So fucking what, that game did not work for we the people.
Sorry I’ve had it.


It’s beaucoup. Great post. Hit all the important points.

Climate change or global warming is coming no matter what. It is not political. Nature does not vote.

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When we finally let them secede from the rest of the country.

BTW all of the people you said were great baby boomer leaders are not baby boomers at all- Jane Fonda for instance is over 80. So- see you could had to dig out older people because there are no really big leaders from our generation.

Hey Mike Lee-------I am amazed with your show and tell show : )So—let me tell you a real tale.
Once upon a time , England was starving the Irish to death. Logic didn’t seem to help in getting them to see this travesty—so the wonderful writer, Jonathan Swift came up with,“A Modest Proposal.”
And yes, the English would still have the Irish to kick around—but—that “Modest Proposal,” was a plan!
YOU see BABIES would save the Irish! Yep…weird that you too— see babies saving the Earth! Wow—oh wait—well with Swift’s plan-----the Irish mothers will be fine, as the babies will have mother’s milk to use to flourish and grow, into nice, plump ,healthy, fat babies!
Yep! And then, at the age of 2 or so, the family would dine on those sweet ,succulent
babies! Because you know, all the other kids have to eat, and the babies eat free pretty much for 2 years— so I can see where your babies plan is going too, Yep, you’ll have all those babies so when the Earth stumbles, you and your large family—oh wait, it won’t be large forever— will it? But like that Modest Proposal, you’ll be able to harvest your own.
Wow-----yep, having lots of babies might save your older kids—and you too. : )

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I like your comments but you may not want to misspell this word. No offense meant just trying to help. Meaning is much more important than correct spelling.I took French in high school. It’s not that I am smarter than anyone else. One I often see is Walla for Voila. (French meaning there it is)

French: beaucoup meaning many or much

There is no evidence that voters put any of them there because the voting process is utterly corrupt on every level.

So making more babies–pressumably White ones–is the answer to the world’s problems? What a clown a*swipe this Senator is…the people of Utah must be mighty proud to have him representing them.

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