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"If This Isn't an 'Armed Coup,' Then What the Hell Is?" US Denounced for Backing Attempted Overthrow in Venezuela

"If This Isn't an 'Armed Coup,' Then What the Hell Is?" US Denounced for Backing Attempted Overthrow in Venezuela

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the Trump administration enthusiastically endorsed the so-called "military uprising" led by Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido but refused to call it a coup attempt, progressive critics and anti-war voices made clear that is precisely what took place Tuesday as violent clashes erupted throughout the Latin American nation.


Saw a clip of Bolton citing ‘The Monroe Doctrine’. Time for progressives in Congress to push to trash that piece of imperialistic garbage once and for all.


" democratically-elected president"…key words here.

And Pelosi is useless.


We the People will now be forced to pay for another Regime Change because 95 to 97% of voters in this country give the green light to "our current Regime of Republicansome and Democrats."

Useless as teats on a Bull.

The statements coming from the likes of Bolton and Abrams are boilerplate imperialist formulae, and are otherwise unworthy of comment. But I’m disappointed, to say the least, at the mealy-mouthed, hedging-our-bets “criticism” coming from presumed “progressives.”

Can’t we just say it? This latest coup attempt, the most recent in a series dating back to the first term of Bush the Lesser, is simply Grand Theft Petro. It has nothing to do—zero—with human rights or democracy. It has nothing to do—zero—with rescuing people from a brutal dictatorship. If that were really the US’s policy, aid to regimes such as Saudi Arabia, Colombia and Turkey, to name just a few, would have ended years ago.

And to hear Ro Khanna parrot the Twump crowd’s line about Maduro’s “failed regime” is disgusting and disheartening. Can’t anybody in D.C. call a lie by its proper name??


America is in its late stage of empire and has developed that smell of corruption where the odor is like an open cesspool… especially around Washington, DC. The profits of war and exploitation must be protected.


Remembering a comment I posted on the NYT comment thread on 1/31, the day it published Guaido’s fake call for support from “democratic” peoples - except he only sent it to the US’s NYT, following meetings with the Trump administration - in advance and in anticipation of instigating the violent uprising he looks to US government support for:

NYCJan. 31

“[Guaido subtitle]: To end the Maduro regime with the minimum of bloodshed, we need the support of pro-democratic governments, institutions and individuals the world over.”

"Hey, Mr. Guaido,

You say you need the support of ‘pro-democratic governments’ etc. the ‘world over.’

So why did you only send your letter to one prestigious US newspaper, not governments and newspapers ‘the world over’?

Why leave out the many ‘governments, institutions and individuals’ ready to support some kind of negotiated settlement?

Why, instead, do you target the press and citizens of one right wing-run country with a destructive and international-law-breaking history of interventionism in Latin America and the world, currently run by individuals who are obviously not ‘pro-democratic’?

Can you explain that to me and the American people you want to ‘support’ you, Mr. Guaido?"


Jsut remember that the US Governmnet lied for 40+ years as to what occurred in Iran and 30+ years on Chile when the US backed coups in those Countries.

Everything they are saying is a LIE.


The US is doing what it is doing best: Trying to install ‘military-imposed democracy’ to other resource-rich countries. No matter the cost of human life…


Even with the FEW — all too few — expressions of U.S. opposition to our nation’s interference in Venezuela we see here in this article, not once did I see or hear mentioned the long-term economic sanctions the United States has imposed upon that nation.

We never seem to make a media connection between Venezuela’s economic problems and the financial problems we make worse there every day. Independent of whatever governmental problems they may or may not have, those sanctions only add to the problems created by the drop in oil prices, affecting their top product.

The U.S. knows very well the internal chaos created by the sanctions, adding to the woes of an already stressed population. The U.S. knows that this makes governing the nation all the more difficult.
Our country KNOWS that— and that is exactly why Washington DOES it: to sow chaos in another land whose basic resources we WANT for ourselves, or want in the hands of friends — no matter how much the people might suffer.

We KNOW that, because, it is a pattern, a tool we have used time and time again, to weaken a regime “we” do not like, to add to chaos with the goal of leading to regime change through coup or collapse.
Ironically or disgustingly, we claim to do so to “build democracy” just like in the 50’s when we and Britain overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran to install the Shah and gain access to THEIR oil supplies. And how we funded the truck-owners’ strike in Chile in the '70s, again to create hunger and chaos.

How DARE we speak of democracy or even decency. It is our Hypocrisy that deserves to be sanctioned! The current Democratic primary election regulations here shows just how little respect for democratic process that WE possess!

Where was Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s voice in this, one wonders. She is a presidential candidate and has been shown to have one of the few constant voices of opposition to regime-change wars. Why was the DSA quoted and she was not asked or quoted, one wonders?

This article sadly shows how FEW voices are raised about our constant interference in other nations’ affairs, when OUR OWN affairs are in such a state of chaos and anti-democractic decision-making involving our laws and rules.


The Monroe Doctrine signed into law around 1820. This shows the USA has been an imperilaist power bent on expansion and the Control of other nation states since it founded as a nation. This desire to power and the land of resources of others is something only the one percent really interested in.

The Government of the United States of America has been a Democracy crushing , land and resource stealing murderous regime sinc the day it founded in spite of all of those bookshelves groaning with the weight of so called “History books” written that sanctified the “Founding Fathers” as the deliverers of “freedom and liberty”.

They were a bunch of racist genocidal crooks, nothing more and the “Monroe Doctrine” still being cited after 200 years shows they are the same racist crooks and thieves to this day.


WORSE than useless — dangerous, harmful.

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Tulsi Gabbard has been saying since January that the US needs to stop meddling in Venezuelan affairs. She has said so as recently as April.

“The United States needs to stay out of Venezuela. Let the Venezuelan people determine their future.” - Tulsi Gabbard


Thank you for reminiding people of the ECONOMIC SANCTIONS that are the PRECURSOR to COUPS or MILITARY INVATIONS by the U.S. If only far more of our fellow Americans gave a damn. But, they DON’T. Since we are constantly told that “Americans VOTE with their WALLETS” (emphasis ADDED), then, as peace activists we must EDUCATE the public just how much of their TAXES are SPENT on WEAPONS & WAR (NOT on “foreign aide” or “welfare for the poor”). Maybe then, a lot more people will OPPOSE these overthrows.


• • •
— read Jeffrey Sachs article on sanctions killing thousands: https://www.democracynow.org/2019/5/1/economist_jeffrey_sachs_us_sanctions_have


All may not be lost:

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This may be the latest, says just one hour ago, more detail than other articles.

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Maduro is an enemy of the fascists, because he knows they are deranged and want to steal Venezurla’s resources.


I sort of get the feeling that Trump’s is of doing this Vene thing to try to shake the Russia collusion shtick that his opponents have been throwing at him. Points for exercising military with PTB + points for opposing Russia = smoother campaign next year.

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