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If 'Too-Big-to-Fail' Means 'Too-Big-To-Jail,' It Should Mean 'Too-Big-to-Be'


If 'Too-Big-to-Fail' Means 'Too-Big-To-Jail,' It Should Mean 'Too-Big-to-Be'

Dave Lindorff

In a couple of days, the so-called US Justice Department will be announcing an “agreement” reached with five large banks, including two of the largest in the US—JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup, the holding companies for Chase and Citibank—under which these banks or bank holding companies will plead guilty to felonies involving the manipulation of international currency markets.


As the Times wrote by way of explanation for this refusal to prosecute the criminal banker class: “…as much as prosecutors want to punish banks for misdeeds, they are also mindful that too harsh a penalty could imperil banks that are at the heart of the global economy.”

This statement, made by the paper’s two reporters, Ben Protess and Michael Corkery, as if it were a fact, is clearly nonsense.

The big banks, far from being “at the heart of the global economy,” actually function more like tapeworms feeding on that economy.

Tapeworms feeding on the economy! Great analogy!


The “FED”, the “CFR” and of course their Golden Goose, the “UBS” are the driving force behind all of this “too big to fail” corruption- And the 8 or 10 Family Dynasties that fund them/own them have been doing all of the dirty work around the World since time memorial…
We may well have won the Revolutionary War with the British Empire, but when Woodrow Wilson signed on for the FED, the International Banksters regained control of this Nation with their smoke and mirrors financial fiat currency/debt slight of hand trickery…
Andrew Gavin Marshall does A fairly good job of explaining this “rich” history, often referencing Carrol Quigley’s investigative work “Tragedy and Hope”-


what a f_ckin disgrace!! basically the “American Experiment” never took off because ever since the USA came to be, people with money ie with political power, have always lived by different rules than the “common folk” i can see why old people have been depicted as “grumpy” in movies, books, tv, etc. they have had a chance to live a see what the country really is: a joke. all i know the best way to survive is to hide your money like the wealthy do. just make sure u are extra careful cause if u get caught you mqy end up in Guantanamo