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If Top General Gets His Way, America's "Longest War" Will Become Even Longer


If Top General Gets His Way, America's "Longest War" Will Become Even Longer

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

If the highest ranking U.S. and NATO military commander in Afghanistan gets his way, America's longest official war could become even more protracted.


Every time I’ve gone to the president and said, " I need X, I’ve been very, very fortunate that he’s provided that."

Army General John Campbell.

How unfortunate! General, that is because Obama is just another stooge for the MIC! Obama knows better than to say: " no General, we have been in Afghanistan for far too many years and the Taliban are still in control of vast areas in Afghanistan and I do not want any more American military personnel to die there".

Amerika lost the last true president and what democracy it had left on 11/22/1963. Ever since, US presidents have been nothing but selected stooges beholden to a military dictatorship and they have gotten the JFK message loud and clear!


Great Idea General! Lets put all the military in Afghanistan! This will help get rid of the ‘empire of chaos’ once and for all!


Abby Martin interviews retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former national security advisor to the Reagan administration, who spent years as an assistant to Secretary of State Colin Powell during both Bush administrations. The entire interview is well worth watching. Martin asks the right questions and Wilkerson is brutally candid. They discuss Afghanistan at 20:07. Expect the US military to remain there another 50 years …
The Empire Files: ‘This Ship is Sinking’ Says Former Bush Official


They fight us because we are there - duh! Doesn’t this general understand that if foreign troops were in the United States we would be fighting them? And we would not stop until all of them had left? Does he really believe that Afghans are any different from us?


Remember, the Oilagarchy, the 0.001% have told their employees (US Fourth Reich and the heads of its Wehrmacht) that continued and growing profits are dependent upon the ever expanding wars. They are to be increased and more high-tech and expensive hardware is to be ordered and used.

  • The Reich and the Pentagon are used to following orders. They’ve done it well since the run-up to November 22, 1963.


General Campbell is just another psychopathic, war criminal who has no feelings for the Afghan people’s perspective; otherwise, the nihilistic General would not be where he is!


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Cheap smack forever! Sure, that was General Smuck Campbell’s call.


Isn’t this the schlong in charge when the US destroyed that Doctors Without Borders hospital and murdered more than 30 people? Why is he still in command, Mr. President? Why?
And I’m supposed to vote for Hillary? Screw that!


No no no you have it all wrong. You see, and I’m sure you know, our nation is the exception to the rule. Ours is an indispensible nation that simply must lead the world, whether it wants to be led by the US or not, must tell all other nations how to conduct themselves, and if they disagree the US foments a coup to eliminate their current governments.


It is inappropriate for the General to be airing recommendations in public. This pressures the president to agree, and it sets the President up as being at odds with the Commander in the field, if he disagrees with the General’s recommendation.


Well, the afghan army throws down their weapons and runs when ever they have to go at it alone against the Taliban. If they are not willing to fight for their country, why should we do it for them? I say pull out of that country and let the Taliban take them back over…it’s going to happen anyway.


I take that as a vote for Bernie, then?


I’m leaning that way. We’ll see.


Well said. The generals always see a light at the end of their pensions. And stars, too.


If your thinking about Afghanistan and Syria are in alignment, like a well-designed railroad track, America could pull out of both these quagmires on time; Choo, Choo Cha Boogie. Bernie is suggesting something similar to your remarks in regards to Afghanistan. But, he includes these other MENA countries as well: Iraq, Libya and Yemen are just a few in the MENA. And, hey, we might even have enough pocket change left over to give all Americans decent healthcare, etc.


Yes, no doubt about it! When JFK was assassinated by the CIA, after he threatened to " smash it into a thousand pieces" and by the man whom he had just fired, Allen Dulles, Jackie’s first words were purported to be: “they have shot Jack”! I have always wondered who she meant by…they?

One other thing that has gone largely unreported, is immediately after the assassination of JFK, the Federal Reserve currency was changed back to Federal Reserve Notes, from silver certificates.


" Why should we do it for them?"

Please, the Amerikan Empire could care less about the Afghans. We are not doing anything for them! That is the same old trite propaganda fed to the US sheeple for the last 100 years.


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