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If Trump Can Track Muslims, Close Mosques, What Can He Do To You?


If Trump Can Track Muslims, Close Mosques, What Can He Do To You?

GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump, having said earlier that he might seek to close down mosques if he were president, on Thursday went further and said he would implement a registration and tracking database for Muslim-Americans.


The Trump equals Fascism Bait. Will the people bite?


I believe Trump has reached his max as far as potential voters go and his stagnant poll numbers tend to show. Every time he opens his mouth he proves he is an expensive suit filled with arrogance, ignorance, hatred, racism and more economic slavery for the 99%.
The other Rep "front-runner", the "brain-surgeon" has similar problems and limited support near where he is now, IMO. The Docs appeal is to the "religious" fringe and his pronouncments on pyramids and other issues also show Carson to be as unqualified to be Prez as Trump, to say nothing of the ostensible "separation between church and state". Jeeze-Louise, are the current RepubliCon candidates the best they can do as a party; fools, Idiots, racists, religious nutters, environmental morons, war-mongers and bigots? I guess that's what they bring to the table. The Dems (DLC wing) also have their own baggage, less nutter and more evil/manipulative corporate/banker/MICC whores.


If it came down to that choice, I'd hang myself.


Instead of demonizing American Muslims, maybe it is way past time that we started demonizing Christians like Trump, Huck, HRC and too many more to name here, and closing all Christian churches that condone the aggressive and fascist wars of the Amerikan Empire.


Nothing like acting in the same repugnant way of Trump et al. Accomplishes nothing though I suspect the comment was made tongue in cheek.

Maybe just as one of my favorite authors over at The Smirking Chimp notes in a long column yesterday. Call the hypocrisy for what it is. Only
for those who bother to read, but well worth the time to do so.



Thanks for the link. It was indeed a good read, funny, but for the inherent truths embedded in all that irony.


The minions of either might beat you to the rope.


You're very welcome. Jaime is one of my very favorites.


Quite possible, but I'm not in a country that the USA invades too often. :smile:


"Will the people bite" means what? Trump is appealing to angry white males. He might win THEIR favorable appraisal. And if he won this would not be the matter of "The People," but rather the flaws in the voting system, the way candidates with good intentions are locked out, the power of Money over election outcomes, the gerrymandering, the Electoral College, the disproportionate representation allotted to Liberal and minority groups, etc.

But by all means, pave the way for a "blame the people" narrative when the problem is creeping fascism which has been deliberately facilitated by the 911 false flag (now echoed in France, whether a false flag or legit.), and by the reduction in wages and benefits that has so many feeling insecure and in too many instances, in search of a target to blame. The same modus operandi worked in Nazi Germany, too.


I think that would backfire. But what needs to be done is restore the WALL between church and state. No more political figures strutting their religious bona fides like peacocks. No more huge sums diverted out of public schools and into Christian private charters. No more Christian Chaplains imported into the military to argue to kids with still functioning consciences that Jesus (rather than Mars) smiles on all their expert drone killing operations.

It's that the muscular form of Christianity used to sell (holy) war is a HUGE problem to morality, democracy, decency... and all that history's witness can reveal as written in blood and destruction.

Interesting isn't it, that this wall between church and state came down pretty much when Clinton (in cahoots with Repug Phil Graham) took down the wall that separated investment banking from Wall St. speculation (known as the Glass Steagall Act).

Under the guise of so much deregulation, laws that PROTECT civil liberties and precious resources and public works have been squashed.


My post was meant as satire, but I enjoyed Jaime's article. Thanks for the link.


My post was written as satire. Nice reply. Thanks.


I read the link and wanted to thank you for it and to make this observation about this in the article:
"CINOs prefer crazy bitches like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Joni
Ernst, Ann Coulter, and Michelle Malkin as the sweet faces of female
followers of Christ."

Not saying that this isn't true, although I don't think I like the term 'bitches' as it focuses attention on the gender rather than the deeds and beliefs, but I was surprised when I looked at the vote on the anti-Syrian refugees bill in the House, to not find Bachmann's name on it. What's up with that?
Perhaps I overlooked it or could it be related to the National Association of Evangelicals call for continued settlement of Syrian refugees? http://nae.net/nae-calls-for-continued-resettlement-of-refugees/
I don't generally find much to laud from these folks but I am willing to give faint praise when faint praise is due.


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Bernie presciently stated that climate change underlies these conflicts. What he could not say is that this ecological disaster is driven by overpopulation and extreme wealth and power concentration personified by Trump and the rise of conservatism (fascism).


Seems unlikely to have been designed to make us safer (though that was how it was sold). More likely, it's benefiting corporations and politicians, e.g., tapping Merkel's phone.
Good point about Dem's needing GOP as favorable contrast.
My sense is that politicians of both parties (especially the GOP) are increasingly stateless; they're sure not to leave home without a flag pin affixed, but their votes betray a clear allegiance to the corporate (un-American) agenda.


The only place where I differ with Juan Cole is when he refers to Trump's "increasingly erratic comments." There is nothing erratic about the way he operates. Everything he says is premised on the idea that he should be given absolute power. It's obvious that he doesn't believe in any of the usual rightwing nonsense on religion or the economy. What he says is what any would-be dictator offers: Trust me and I will solve all problems.

And our mainstream figures like Obama and his predecessors have created a state apparatus ideally suited to one man rule, while the media has prepared the public for a Mr. Fix-it by endlessly braying that "Washington is broken."

Even if Trump is eventually defeated, he is setting an example of how easily a demagogue can attract a mass following in American society at this point in history.


I have absolutely no sympathy for the right. We need to put down the rabid dog of Fanaticism that is now the republican party. I don't know how it can be done but, I'm advocating the abolishment of the Republican Party.
They have become a fuck nut crazy, fairy tale land, sick story. They are a danger both domestically, especially for women. Matt Schaefer (R-Tyler TX) wants a woman to carry an unviable, that’s right, a dead fetus until due date because, god. Herb Titus doesn’t want anyone who isn’t from a christian nation to immigrate to the US because god and it’s polluting real American’s culture.
And then there’s this: Mat Staver and the Liberty Counsel has rewritten the U.S. Constitution, transforming it into an anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-judicial, anti-pornography, anti-tax, pro-gun, pro-”traditional” family values, Christianist-only religion mandated, marriage of church and state. Titled, “Declaration Of American Values” it is a frightening, un-American, Christian extremist declaration of war on American values and anyone who is not a Christian-extremist, heterosexual, and Conservative. The Liberty Council is the hate-child of Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, and very closely related.)
They are a danger to our foreign policy as with everything the President wants to accomplish they obstruct. The latest is the Iran Nuclear Deal, the letter from Tom Cotton that Netanyahu gave money to Cotton to interfere with the Presidents Nuclear Talks with Iran. W/ 40+ supportive republicans that signed.
As citizens we need to begin this conversation with our progressive democrat representatives. The grid locked 2 party system is what keeps the republican party relevant.
Ya, we can laugh and make fun of them over the debates. But, this is not a laughing matter. This casual idea "Let it be, it'll blow over on it's own" is how fascists are able to gain power. They already have Fox News Propaganda mouth piece for the right. We can't afford to sit back and let this one blow over. We need to be pro active and diligent with a proud progressive message. And we need to seriously deal with the unraveling of the conservative mind.
There ARE RIGHTS, I believe that. But, what do you do with a psychopathic political party inciting violence? What about the rights of the rest of us to live in peace and without their violent Ideology and consequential behavior? There is a limit to rights in every society. We do not have the right to drive drunk because, it takes away the rights of others to have safe driving conditions.
We have rights to a certain acceptable degree. The Republican Party has overwhelmingly exceeded their rights.
The Progressive Left needs to stop being polite about our politics. We need to campaign for the dismantling of the GOP. The time for cooperation on the liberal side is over. The republicans have proven dangerous for the country. There has to come a time when a party is soo far gone that we must take control of it and dismantle it.
There is absolutely no reason to show the Republicans or their Party the slightest modicum of respect any longer. I’m done with your Fascist, Savage Ignorance. REPUBLICANS ARE TRAITORS!!! Their constituency included for aiding and abetting. 1- Irony: The right is wrong about everything!!!! And we are living that irony. 2- STOP VOTING FOR THE GOP!!!!! We need to Ridicule Republicans out of office. Break out the pitchforks Progressives!! It’s time. FFS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bNEqAU7S2w
Chris Hedges on: What Does the Christian Right Want?