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If Trump Fills RBG’s Seat, the Court’s Legitimacy Will Be in Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/24/if-trump-fills-rbgs-seat-courts-legitimacy-will-be-crisis

There have been problems with the SCOTUS for a long time, but they were blown into the open in recent times with the Supreme Court stealing the election for W. Bush in 2000. Since then the erosion of the courts has continued one decision to the next - and the lack of action to address this on the part of the establishment Congress has abetted the crisis.


Legitimacy? Wtf is that?


So much talk about Republicans grip on power despite not actually winning majorities of voters.

So where is the proposal to eliminate the electoral college? And the Senate?
For that matter, where is the call to rewrite the Constitution?


The final arbiter of what the law is should not be the majority of 9 political appointees in black robes. That’s tyranny. Thomas Jefferson was right!

SCOTUS has long been captured by the corporate power that is destroying our country, our democracy, and the world in pursuit of profit–they have shown themselves to be a major part of the problem(see trashing of the VRA-Citizens United-the illegal stopping of the counting votes that was simply a COUP by the right wing SCOTUS-the support of corporations that adversely affect the working classes etc) the Court lost legitimacy decades ago–time to wake up and smell the garbage

it occurred to me that we have been smelling the garbage for so long our noses have gotten used to the smell of corruption which has left our country in the hands of corporate toadies(politicians -both parties) from top to bottom, a dying planet, and war-more war -and still more war–all for the worst of reasons —corporate profits

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