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If Trump Fires Dr. Fauci and Installs a Barr-Like Toady, Whatever Will Become of Us?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/13/if-trump-fires-dr-fauci-and-installs-barr-toady-whatever-will-become-us

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From the Bay Area, I saw no initiative from Orangeman’s minions to fight the virus in the first place. It was the Health Officer of Santa Clara County who got through to all the other inner-county Health Officers, who got through to Mayor Liccardo of San Jose, and Mayor Breed of San Francisco, and so on, culminating in the first multi-county shelter-in-place order. That shortly became California’s state-wide order, which finally influenced New York and other states to move, albeit much too late.

Now Orangeman speaks of “the biggest decision” he now has: to loosen state restrictions he has nothing to do with. Governor Newsom decided early on to do everything we can in-state, to not go begging Orangeman for anything. (Hundreds of ventilators the feds sent California from the national stockpile had to be immediately repaired.) The feds have been AWOL all along. What will ensue from further absence of anything effective from the feds? Total reliance on state governments.

This means if you wound up in a state with oblivious government, you’re shit out of luck. The outbreak will be much worse for your community. No change from current conditions, with or without the good doctor.


Personally, I think Dr Fauci’s getting fired would free him to be more candid about Trump’s obvious emphasis on prioritizing the wellbeing of Wall St over Main St. It would also underscore that Trump’s bold outside-the-box thinking is actually nothing more than him following the dictates of Hannity and the right wing Tweetosphere. Sure, Trump fumes and throws his tantrums, but ultimately, he’s just a FoxNews weathervane pointing wherever the right wing echo chamber windbags blow him.

And Dr Fauci is not the head of Trump’s corona virus task force, the bootlicking Christian domionist, Mike Pence is.


Juan Cole writes (my bold):

I watched the interview unfold with a sense of dread. Fauci is too much of a straight shooter to dance around the facts. A politician would just have said, “what is past is past, Jake, we’re focused on now and on the future.” And I kind of wish Fauci had said that.

First of all, it seems to me, Fauci has been dancing around the facts for months.

Additionally, I’m very alarmed Cole is “kind of wishing” Fauci would deny, dismiss and not speak the full truth.

To intentionally not take into account patterns, history (by dismissing the past by saying “what is past is past”) and then examining the past to learn from failures is to guarantee disaster.

This is why we are in such trouble on all levels of life: politically, socially, environmentally . … because of what Juan Cole “kind of wishes Fauci had said”.

Cole was wishing for Fauci to ignore and deny the truth of why we are where we are with covid-19 in the u.s.-----Fauci’s denial would only serve to enable this egomaniacal, destructive president.

I’m surprised it has taken Fauci this long to imply (Fauci did not blatantly speak the truth, it was an implication) that trump’s handling of this has been wrong.

Nothing, no one will change trump or his base.

Trump’s base listens only to trump and those that toe the line with him with trump.

We are a country that does not fully examine who we are, what we have done and how our actions have ultimately contributed to the destruction of life on earth.

We should never “kind of hope” that the truth about the past is intentionally not spoken in order to placate destructive, personality disordered individuals who hold tremendous power.


Really great points brought up, mainly when you brought up Dr. Fauci being fired, and consequently being freed to NOT massage message to soothe trumps so very fragile ego and self worth. Personally looking forward to trump being totally Humiliated, publicly called out as the lying SOB that he is, and his corruption completely aired nationally. Along with his guilty accomplices outed, arrested, punished, stripped of ALL funds, stripped of CITIZENSHIP and exiled, permanently!!!


If ever a group of people needed a union, it is the people who head the various departments under the Trump administration that need a union.

Dr Fauci in 3 separate interviews with the last being March 6th repeatedly stated that we had “nothing to worry about”-google the interviews
This is this POS fault-period

Trump is the biggest pos and most incompetent and corrupt president in US history.

Trump is guilty of gross criminal negligence amd endangering the public health and welfare. Trump’s incompetence and corruption will be his only legacy. Coronavirus or no coronavirus, We the People will be FIRING Trump in November and sending his coward toadies and sycophants packing.


Where are those vaunted “Checks and Balances” that Americans grow up believing integral to the Constitution and there to protect from such abuses?

Maybe more will understand the Constitution is about protecting those in power and ensuring the majority remain powerless.


Yes, imagine another “check and balance” for example if when a President gets impeached that the Electoral College would automatically and quickly be reconvened to decide if the President is immediately removed. The Vice President would sit as President until the Electoral College decided on a President.

Our communication with Trump must be clear…

"We the People Want Dr. Fauci, or FUCK YOU!"

I’m not sure he’ll get the message but, WTF.


The public welfare has already been damaged by this lockdown. I believe the point is that there will be a public when it is over.

I googled as you suggested, and found you were full of shit, as expected. I tried including the link, but commonwetdreams is too cowardly to permit it.

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This pandemic is a ‘godsent’ for Trump, because manipulating voter turn-out is the one thing that can guarantee his re-election. Me, I expect a second term President Trump to finally wake up the voters - that corporate Democrats are the ones to beat first.

Fauci is a toady for Bill Gates. Watch David Icke!!! This is not what it seems. We are being played!! BEWARE!!!

Who, Mr. Genise, is “you?” And what are you talking about? If you thought it important that I read this, why didn’t you provide some context? Vague reference is a bad thing that posters habitually do at this website and others.

The “you” I spoke of was the clown I was responding to. Context matters. Since I was not speaking to you, I couldn’t care less if you read my post or not. You are not that important to me.

Dr. Fauci is fearless in his integrity regardless of whether he stays in his position. His honesty makes him one to be listened to and one way or another his message will be heard.

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O boo hoo.

Well, it seems to me that that would create more peaceful protests and then more police violence in what would be another nail in cheetoh’s coffin.