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If Trump Leaks Are OK and Clinton Leaks Aren't, There's a Problem


If Trump Leaks Are OK and Clinton Leaks Aren't, There's a Problem

Trevor Timm

The 2016 presidential campaign isn’t turning out to be the Facebook election, as some people have dubbed it. More than anything else, it’s now the Election Dominated By Leaks.


The media have shown their true partisan colors this election - pro-Establishment Neo-Liberalism. So many are pro-Hillary it's almost laughable. Of course "the Russians are coming!" BS over the WikiLeaks dumps gets a lot of airplay in attempts to delegitimize them while at the same time they're endlessly playing Trump's disgusting videos. The media built up Trump because that's who the DNC wanted to run against (see Rachel Maddow gushing over Claire McCaskill, another corporatist Democrat, duping Republicans in Missouri in 2012 into nominating Todd Akin, of 'legitimate rape' fame - she thought that was just genius). Trump got billions of dollars of free media, so now it's time to lazily pull out all the crap on him (which is about the easiest thing in the world to do) and tear him down to ensure Hillary's "mandate" election. Just like the scene from "All the President's Men":

Deep Throat - "The people behind all of this were frightened of Muskie and that's what got him destroyed. They wanted to run against McGovern. Look who they're running against."


I mainly care if the information being leaked is true. The other thing I care about is that the supposedly progressive and liberal media has pretty much blacked out the Clinton email leaks, or bought into the "The Ruskies did it" meme to make it seem like they don't matter. What matters is that every bad thing we thought about the Clinton campaign and the way they thought about and acted towards the Sanders' campaign, AND THEIR BASE is true. They hate and disrespect us in every way imaginable. And in a fair media situation the conversation would be about how PO'd the left is at Clinton and how so many of us are walking away from the party because we are sick and tired of being treated that way. It's time for those who care more about being progressive than a party label to do just that - walk away from the establishment Democratic Party and work to build the Green Party into a viable alternative this election by getting them to 5% of the national vote. Let your inner angry activist loose with a big middle finger for Hillary and her gang. Stein/Baraka 2016!


The corporations that own the media want Clinton in the White House so they have instructed their media to suppress anything that reflects negatively on Clinton the same way they suppressed Sanders' campaign and continue to suppress Stein's campaign.


How can some e-mails revealing the usual sleaze and dirty tricks (repugnant but lawful - no offices were burglarized, for example) that many politicians engage in, be compared with assaults and possible rapes of women?


Hillary was in position of top of a heirarchy. In the military, the bottom of that heirarchy are held to the absolute highest standards and expectations regarding classifed materials. How many tragic stories are there of low-ranking privates, etc, who were absolutely crucified for mere misplacement within the office of classified materials? While in the USMC, my husband once reported that a piece of classified materials was missing from their Intelligence office vault. All hell broke loose. They sent him up for office hours and he was facing huge punishment; however, turned out, it was found, and that what happened was his higher ranking Staff Sgt just gave the paper to an officer requesting it- because officers demand stuff NOW and loathe signing out for it- so, can you guess the rest? Husband still got into some trouble that did screw with his (our) world, though not for the missing paper, but for mouthing off to his accusing officer (who had started a physical fight with him in in the locked, soundproof vault- a tie). No office hours for the SSGT; nada for either officer.
The rat you smell here is that of a shared culture of corruption, where the lowest ranking pay highest price for any mistakes, when the people they are supposed to emulate get away with just everything. Wonder how many people have served time in brig for mishandling classifed info, and how many were low or high ranking.
This is the sort of disparity that will not change with either Clinton or Trump in office, and that is a crying, screaming, shouting, freaking out shame!


but trump is worse!


Clinton & Trump should be exposed to the world. The Republican & Democratic Parties should go the way of the Whig Party.:smile_cat:


The military is a communist organization structurally.
It works very well 99% of the time.
So why are we still living under a Capitalist economic system that appears to be in free fall?


You don't feel like you're being raped by the politicians?


What Trevor Timm seems to miss here is that Trump is a classic threat to democracy of the strong man/messiah type seen many times before: Mussolini, Peron, Chavez, Duterte etc. Hillary is only another standard politician similar to Merkel, May, Hollander etc. Trump must be stopped by any means available, even (God forbid!) slanting some of the media coverage over the next three weeks.


I have read the Clinton leaks. You can too. Anyone can do so. There's no black out. They are just not very interesting.


Talk to a woman. If one will talk to you.


If you think the military works well 99% of the time you were never in uniform.


Or the Green Party?


I've read the Clinton leaks. They are available to anyone. What exactly did you find so damning?


Listen, the world is unfair. Specially in the military. I had occasion to handle TS info involving nuclear weapons poised minutes from the "iron curtain". I also had occasion with a buddy to stamp a bunch of scrap paper with the Top Secret stamp and laugh while someone else had to run around finding every scrap. We were G.I.s. From top to bottom we didn't take the military itself very seriously. Yet, nuclear weapons.


You've got a history of some pretty idiotic posts but this one takes the cake. Seriously tone deaf.


Judge it as wrong all you like. Unless this is the first time you've ever paid any attention to politics, nothing about DNC corruption or Clinton's palm greasing could possibly come as a surprise.

Who cares if Trump is a serial abuser and probable rapist who wants to expand the torture program and denies the existence of climate change! Killery Klinton is friendly with rich people and was Secretary of State once!


Another question is how can anyone who considers themselves to be engaged in leftist politics even claim to be surprised by any of the "revelations" that have come out over the Clinton leaks?

They are proof of what everyone with a clue already knows and has known for ever.

But Clinton is Hitler of course so whatever.