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If Trump’s Not a White Supremacist, He Does a Good Impression


If Trump’s Not a White Supremacist, He Does a Good Impression

Eugene Robinson

President Trump’s race-baiting attack on African American athletes is nothing new. During the civil rights movement, blacks in the South who dared to stand up for justice were often punished by being fired from their jobs. Trump is demanding that National Football League team owners act like the white segregationists of old.


By now I would assume that all of Eugene Robinosn’s readers are thoroughly convinced that Trump is a white supremacist. And also a what a white nationalist. The problem is what to do about it. The majority of the country does not support Trump but but because of the electoral college he was able to flip three states with rust belt areas from blue to red. Since it unlikely that US will move to deciding presidential elections by majority vote, the country could be run by white supremacists who do not represent the majority for a long time. Trump was greatly aided by lies about crime statistics with regard to minorities and fake news on social media about crimes committed by Hillary Clinton. Clearly a large portion of the white population is extremely gullible to these type of lies. Finding a way to combat lies in presidential elections now may represent the Democrat’s greatest challenge in future elections. If a large number of whites are unable to distinguish truth from from what seem to be obvious lies how can the Democrats get these people’s votes?


Trump lies, cheats, and steals. Now, he he basically attempting to start a race war with our brothers and sisters right here at home.

Not to talk about the war he’s pushing in North Korea which draw China into the fray.

I say, “You’re Fired!”


Saying Trump miscalculated is like saying projectile vomiting can be selective as to what comes up. What spews from Trump’s mouth is as foul as what comes up when you are sick to your stomach and about as selective.


I agree. Trump gets a little fleeting thought in his pin head and instantaneously vomits it all over the planet. Then tries to defend it by attacking those who disagree or call him on it. it must be exhausting–considering he’s a fat old man with some terrible health habits, to boot. No wonder he doesn’t have the time or energy to actually do his job.


Trump is a con artist. His act is based on the persona he developed for TV. His pro wrestling character is now running the country. Everything is part of the con. His real feelings are not known, but wearing the flag and pitting poor whites against the others is a pretty old strategy. “Only a Pawn in Their Game” as Bobby said. Trump does it as crudely as George Wallace with more media attention. Looking back Reagan and Clinton allowing monopolies to run the TV and radio air ways with no social obligation, no real news, nothing has allowed synthetic news in a quest for ratings. Trump plays to this. Now you notice there is no coverage to speak of of the damage in Puerto Rico, not to mention the smaller islands, no reporters on the scene-nothing. What about you Eugene? Go to the Islands and start reporting. The Democrats were complicit in allowing the destruction of the fourth estate. Billionaires set policy and propagandize their way to getting what they want. Fox, right wing radio and the lack of real news make objective truth impossible for the uniformed. Clinton and Obama deserve as much of the blame for this as Reagan and Bush. Eugene what about the 8 wars that are unconstitutional and ongoing?


At least E. Robinson acknowledges what Kapernick was originally protesting about. Police violence and legal execution of people of color, and the utter disgrace our justice system is, in the 21st Century. This is being lost somewhat as Trump uses this to instead, question " some people’s " :wink: patriotism. The rest of your remarks are spot on, too.




No four star hotels for the “reporters” to stay at in Puerto Rico?


Please stop associating the color red to the right wing. It really makes USAns look even more ignorant about world affairs than they already are. Everywhere in the world from the vaguely left Canadian Liberal Party to the British Labour Party to the more definitely Die Linke to the Definitely Left PSUV (Venezuela) or MAS (Bolivia) the color of the left is red - and for good reasons.


Trump doesn’t have to be a good mime. He is exactly what he appears to be - a horse’s ass. Hillary on the other hand deserves accolades for all the imaginative horseshit she shovels toward her adoring constituency and the clueless, credulous, run of the mill voter who ate it. Stick to it Jill with her miserly 1%. Jill who? God save us and the Lorax.

And why red Yunzer, why not Green?


@ eugene robinson

coo coo ca choo, mr. roninson. in an eric ortiz article i read yesterday, eric expressed the hope that the protests might inspire an all out anti-war movement.

They can create an anti-war movement. Professional athletes have the platform, money and power to take a stand against war and lead a true global peace movement for humanity.
wouldn’t that be grand? racism, mistrust and fear of the other fuels war. smedly butler finally realized he’d been used as a tool for corporate greed. lately, we’ve been revisiting the viet nam and i remember reading that young black men received those “greetings” from uncle sam in disproportionate numbers. perhaps someone–say like yourself–a recognized journalist might interview some of these athletes and by asking the right questions introduce the correlation between war and racism? well, eugene, what do you think?


thank you, ‘duckpins’ for mentioning puerto rico et al! night before last i did catch an nbc report praising military and national guard efforts to bring needed supplies to these islanders who have lost everything. this came five days after marie hit puerto rico. gee, i remember in the aftermath of katrina watching news reports, night after night for five days from helicopters as people pleaded for help from their rooftops before any help arrived. i’ll never forget the image of george w bush gazing out the window of marine one and declaring, “we’re going to restore law and order to new orleans!” the nbc report was full of military pride and patriotism–“here come the marines to save the day!”

five days! this is the response time to an emergency from the self-proclaimed “richest and most powerful nation on earth”. why not send ships and planes to help evacuate these folks? well, guess that’s a silly question. the government is corrupt to the corpse!

p.s. what would we do with our huge military if we quit the war games? well, train them as first responders!


a bit from today’s democracy now! headlines.

On Puerto Rico, almost all of the island remains without access to power, clean water, food and fuel, a week after Hurricane Maria devastated the U.S. territory. Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens.

Many residents are criticizing the federal government and say aid has not been arriving fast enough. This is San Juan resident Joselyn Velazquez.

Joselyn Velazquez: "The aid is too slow. They say it is coming from the United States, but who are they giving it to? Because I haven’t received any at my house. No one has knocked on my door and said, ’Here’s some rice.’"
Under withering criticism, President Trump held a press conference Tuesday in which he congratulated himself on his response to Puerto Rico’s disaster, repeating nearly a dozen times that he was doing a “great,” “amazing,” “tremendous” and “incredible” job. Trump also says he will visit Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands next Tuesday.


PonyBoy, yes, Trump’s a racist and race-baiter, and war monger, and many other awful things — but he’s just a very insignificant bit-player, even as the faux-EMPEROR/president installed by the EMPIRE (which is the metastasized cancer, that our fast coming Revolution Against Empire is really about).

Jeremy Corbyn’s very recent ‘Revolutionary’ speech comports exactly with Bernie’s very recent Revolutionary speech on the ‘foreign-policy’ of Empire — and I should add what Jeremy said to Bernie’s firing a; loud, public, sustained, but peaceful “Shout heard round the world” — which both he and Jeremy seem to be starting on a global level.

This is my comment to the NYT on Ross Douthat’s column today (9/27) “Trump’s Empty Culture Wars”:

I can only hope the the NYT (and maybe Eugene’s WaPO) takes this warning seriously:

"With Bernie Sanders now essentially firing a “Shout heard round the
world” against; hegemony, imperialism, and EMPIRE — the MSM that hides
behind a distractive focus on only the lesser ‘Issues’ and “Culture
Wars” is going to find itself on the wrong side of history in the fast
coming Second American “Revolution Against Empire” [Justin duRivage].

The NYT ‘personification’ of the underlying cause of all these
‘Issues’, “Culture Wars”, and ‘symptom problems’ as being only connected
to Trump himself is an extreme disservice and really a distraction, to
‘we the American people’.

While faux-Emperor Trump is an easy target for lesser media it is
disappointing to see the “Times” personifying this pompous, arrogant,
megalomaniac sociopath Vichy Emperor as the causal cancer of our
national ‘disease’ — just as it would have been for the French to put
all the blame on Marshall Petain, when the Nazi Empire was the
underlying cause of all the war-crimes inflicted on French citizens.

It is far past time for the “Times” to avoid addressing the fact that
our country has clearly, like France c. 1940, been ‘captured’,
controlled, and “Occupied” by a far more; ‘effectively-Disguised’,
‘truly-Global’, and crony ‘Capitalist-fueled’ Empire than was France
during the Second World War of Empires.

The longer the “Times” acts like a Royalist paper against the coming
Revolution the more it is digging its own grave."


I have no doubt that if Hillary Clinton had won the Electoral College vote but lost the popular vote that Lrx and other Democrats would be currently explaining to us how the electoral college system provides some needed balance and representation to the voters in small rural states whose interests would would not get heard and considered if we are to change to a system of electing a President based on winning the popular vote. This electoral college issue serves as a distraction from the issue that the Democratic Party lost because they were not willing to seriously and competently represent us. Did the DNC expect us to once again first unconditionally support their candidates and then come to them afterwards to beg them to please represent us and our interests? Most of us know how that will turn out.

I would be impressed if the Democratic Party’s commitment to improving democracy included measures to remove the restrictions and barriers to third party candidates who attempt to participate in our elections, if it included measures to seriously reduce the influence of money in our elections, if it included measures for automatic voter registration for everyone, if it included measures to end gerrymandering. All these measures are far more needed than the proposed changes in the electoral college system that will give less voice in the system to rural voters.