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If Trump’s Racism Shocks You, So Too Should AIPAC's


If Trump’s Racism Shocks You, So Too Should AIPAC's

Samantha Brotman

The 2016 American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Policy Conference is currently underway in Washington, DC. The conference is no small affair; as is the case every year, there is a star-studded speakers list. This year, nearly all of the American presidential candidates are scheduled to speak, each no doubt hoping to convince conference goers that they love Israel more than their competitors in the presidential race.


Hate to be impolite, but FUCK the ZIOPIGS!


Thank you Samantha. Too many people are beginning to equate being progressive with being biased in certain ways. The old sense that it is the other side that’s hates and seeks to label others and also divide us in various ways like by religion or race or whatever needs reminding.

Progressives have no race, no creed, no ethnicity, no bias nor hatred against any group. We are the good guys where a Jew and a Muslim can work together to make a better world possible.

The mainstream media often plays the race or the creed card, the ethnicity game and the rest but progressive media outlets don’t. So some who are biased or who hate and aren’t used to seeing criticism of Israel elsewhere think that because they see it on a progressive site that they can spew that hate here. Well they are wrong!


We still don’t know what Sanders said in his letter to AIPAC. Perhaps we should hold our enthusiasm in check for now.


“Trump’s flagrantly racist statements and violent and exclusionary rhetoric
are deeply troubling to many across the political spectrum.”

What is deeply troubling is the programmed response from the Left.
Tell me, please, SPECIFICALLY what Trump’s racist statements were?

Are you trying to say that there are NO Mexicans that have crossed the Border
that are/were Murderers, Rapists and Drug Runners? These are not ‘racist’ terms, these are Character Disorders.
NO racist statements were made about Muslims either.

RE: Trumps 'Women" comments: Are there NO women that are “Fat Pigs” or
any of the other terms used? This is NOT misogyny- this is observed Fact.


The annual AIPAC boot-licking by US politicians is underway and as usual a roll-call of the usual cowards in thrall to Zionist/Israeli subversion of our sovereignty and politics get on their knees to curry Israeli favor - as pathetic and craven a display as you will find anywhere, especially Hillary on her knees for Zionist racism spewing high praise and servitude to the terrorist Israeli state.

The BDS movement is gaining traction everywhere, fighting to end illegal Israeli colonization of the Occupied Territories and confiscations of territory like the “Apartheid wall”, ruled illegal by the ICJ! http://www.theguardian.com/world/2004/jul/10/israel3

The BDS movement has gained such support, Israel is fighting-back, pressuring governments and boot-licking politicians to outlaw BDS - the US, Canada and UK notably - universities are also feeling the Israeli pressure to their great shame…and Israeli academics in turn.


Israel is a perfect example of the inequality inherent in the mixture of church and state.


THREE LOUD RESOUNDING CHEERS FOR SAMANTHA! An outstanding piece on AIPAC and its accursed agenda!


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I noticed that there was considerable cheering by AIPAC attendees at Trump’s comment about what a bad friend Obama has been to Israel. This was no surprise, considering Netanyahu’s obvious dislike for Obama and the anti-Obama drumbeat in Israeli media, particularly that owned by Sheldon Adelson.

But hasn’t Obama backed up Israel, no matter how aggressively it acted toward Palestinians and hasn’t he zealously parroted all of Netanyahu’s blather about the threats to Israel? Why don’t they like him, you might wonder? The answer, I would suggest, is the kind of old racist bigotry against Black people which would once have been unthinkable for American Jews.

My guess is that the open contempt for Obama is the result of decades old anti-Black feelings among a significant number - but not a majority - of American Jews that originated in the NYC area nearly half a century ago. Back in the 40s, 50s, 60s there were no better friends of American Blacks than American Jews. The martyrs Goodman and Schwerner were prime examples of this alliance, and they were very much in the deeply humanitarian tradition exemplified today by Bernie Sanders. But in 1967 and 1968 a significant break occurred in the course of two strikes by the largely Jewish teachers union in NYC at a time when the public schools were becoming mostly black and Hispanic.

The anti-semitism stirred up by a few Black community organizers who opposed the strike was magnified by the UFT leader Al Shanker who was facing a splintering of the Union under a faction of more left wing Jewish unionists who followed the traditional Jewish-black alliance. Shanker won but only at the cost of alienating a large group of working class Jews from the Black community. NYC mayor Ed Koch found it useful to play this same card in the 70s, further dividing his fellow Jews from the Black community.

This rift was deepened by an increasingly overt anti-semitism among Black activists in the late 60s and 70s as they targeted Jewish landlords and shopkeepers in ghetto neighborhoods. And in return, Pro-Israeli Jewish groups used the natural fears of Jewish working and small business people in order to gain support for their organizations. Left wing Jewish activists were increasingly tarred with accusations of betrayal of their own people and by the end of the 80s there was little left of the old Jewish-Black alliance. Radicals of that generation, like Bernie, moved out of the City to more hospitable regions like Vermont where they preserved the old faith of interracial and international solidarity. No surprise, therefore, that Bernie skipped the AIPAC pander fest.


Excellent commentary Thornberry, thank you!

“Obama has backed up Israel, no matter how aggressively it acted toward Palestinians and how zealously he has parroted all of Netanyahu’s blather about the threats to Israel”

This quote sums-up my take on Obama’s tenure - Obama has dramatically increased military “aid” to Israel - it shows the depths of the subversion of our nation and politics by Israel and their agents, AIPAC - the open subversion of our nation and Congress by these forces is a clear and present danger that should not be tolerated!


The blatant hatred and oppression shown against Palestinian people is more exposed thanks to video clips. It’s hard to deny what you can see is happening.

Five Broken Cameras (2011) is a fine documentary showing the subjugation and oppression of the Palestinian people, and it’s a collaboration of a Palestinian filmer and a Jewish producer. Yes, people can work together for everyone’s benefit!


So many Republicans say minorities shouldn’t play the race card but don’t say Jews shouldn’t play the anti-Semitism card. I don’t exactly approve of illegal immigration but Israeli settlers in the West Bank, Gaza & E. Jerusalem are much worse. Israeli settlers force Arabs off their land & use water from their homes to irrigate their farms & destroy Arabs’ olive orchards. Israel refuses to give the Golan Heights back to Syria. Illegal immigrants in the USA are not displacing anyone. They are a burden on the taxpayers.


Your first CD comment might not have made it clear you’re apparently as tone-deaf as the blowhard idiot you’re defending. Abe Lincoln said: “it’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than speak and remove all doubt”…


Ah yes…the expected ad hominem attack - the refuge of the intellectually dishonest whom
have no specific Answers to my OP.