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If Trump’s Speech Sounded Familiar, That’s Because Nixon Gave It First


If Trump’s Speech Sounded Familiar, That’s Because Nixon Gave It First

John Nichols

ClevelandDonald Trump accepted the Republican nomination for president on a Thursday night in the long hot summer of 2016 with a speech that signaled his determination to exploit fears of violence as part of crusade to seize the White House from the Democrats.


I didn't even have to wait for it this time. Every time CD posts a piece by John Nichols, someone has to point this out. Can we just get beyond the ad hominem already?


"Will history repeat itself?" I think it's been repeating itself, why stop now? For most people, lessons of Vietnam not learned, so we get Iraq, Afghanistan, those lessons not learned, so we get Libya, Syria, those lessons not learned and we will get ?


Well, it's certainly less alarming than Eskow basically playing the "Trump is HItler!" card. Funny all these essays concern trolling over Trump's fear appeals by, well, using fear appeals of their own.

So we have HItler and Nixon already this morning. I'm sure some creative Democratic partisan can come up with a Pol Pot comparison, right?

It's the height of hypocrisy to wail and moan about the application of fear politics by using fear politics, and few politicians in my lifetime have been transformed into the "New Hitler" more relentlessly than that bozo Trump.


Oh gee just as I was ready to call the Trump kids the spawn of Hitler.
Now I have to play nice.

Seriously, I fell asleep just as Ivanka was going on about the legos.
Was Daddy better?


The usual LIE!

Most people have ZERO say or influence over State affairs.

READ the results of the Page & Gilens Study!

Learn what it means that 1% define this nation's agenda and WAR = BUSINESS profits to this callous sect.

Is police violence the fruit of "people not learning" or Power acting without any apology as unchecked power will do?

The Deep State requires war the way a vampire does blood. THAT is what drives the agenda.

The frame that suggests that everyday people have learned nothing is as accurate as blaming women for sexism, Blacks for racism, and the poor for being poor.


Amazing how the "new posters" take over where the previous established names left off.

The above was often repeated by Tom Carberry, the lawyer from Colorado... or so he said.

In any case, what it leaves out is the CLIMATE of those times.

Washington, D.C. had not yet become the haven of lobbyists.

There were honest journalists ON air and IN print since Clinton had not yet signed the so-called Fairness Doctrine into law or made for the deregulation that enabled a handful of broadcast companies to own it all. And thereby, control all the News THEY deemed fit to speak, print, or air.

Academia had LOTS of professors speaking up against the Vietnam War.

Nixon was HATED among the young, and the young were very restless indeed. I know because I was among them and showed up at protests in Washington, D.C. to burn the hated man's effigy while showing contempt for the War-State.

The point is, time doesn't stand still.

Nixon was vastly constrained by the times... because there still were opposition forces in academe, media, government, and all through the culture.

Today, it's ALL controlled with just the illusion of choice broadcast.

That makes a very big difference in what can and cannot be said and done.

But of course, as an outed Trump supporter, you WOULD leave out the key background information.


The only speech I remember of Nixon's is the Checker one and "I am not a crook" turned out to be a lie.


Agree, I stand corrected, thanks. But just a wild guess, I would think most republicans have not learned this lesson, that's maybe 25% of the populace, + dems (another 5% + or so) and independents (5% +) or more, so maybe 35-40% or more? of the public has not learned the lessons weather or not they have any say. 'learned the lesson' is poor choice of words, I mean ignorant either voluntarily or involuntarily, such as victims of propaganda and/or poor education.


Roger Ailes, Roger Ailes, Roger Ailes.
He is now out of his job with FOX and he "advises all Republican Candidates". He was Richard Nixons' lackey . So it is not surprising that Trump's speech is echoing Nixon's.