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If Trump Wants to Blow Up the World Order, Who Will Stop Him?


If Trump Wants to Blow Up the World Order, Who Will Stop Him?

Yanis Varoufakis

Donald Trump’s early departure, and his subsequent refusal to endorse the G7 communique, has thrown the mainstream press into an apoplexy reflecting a deeper incomprehension of our unfolding global reality.

In a bid to mix toughness with humour, Emmanuel Macron had quipped that the G7 might become the … G6. That’s absurd, not least because without the United States, capitalism as we know it (let alone the pitiful G7 gatherings) would disappear from the planet’s face.


The economist Varoufakis misses one major factor. The privately-controlled Federal Reserve (not a national bank) can create “money/wealth/credit” at will, even as it sells off some of its assets.

While Varoufakis may be adept at understanding real capitalist economies, he doesn’t seem to get the U.S.-based Casino Capitalist economy which is different than anything the world as ever seen. It uses technology and fiat to create “money” even as it renders money (as we normally understand it) irrelevant.


I’m confused at Varoufakis’ statement that Trump is generous with social programs and worker protections. WTF? He gave stated permission to dismantle Medicaid and key provision of the already badly inadequate ACA. Union hostility is at all time highs and section 8 housing is more difficult than ever to obtain. How much time has he spent in the US?


Yunz, we are busy fighting the real enemy here, Democrats. Once they are defeated, the progressive revolution will occur. I mean, we helped defeat HRC and just look how much progress we’ve made!

By the way, Pittsburgh is a great city. First time there while on vacation visiting family in NY, and can’t wait to return for the last few days of my trip.


Anyone thinking the trump monkey has any comprehension of anything past his tiny hands and even tinier dick they are delusional.


“In conclusion, we have good reason to be appalled by Trump: he is winning against a European establishment that wallows in perfect ignorance of the forces undermining it and paving the ground for appalling developments.”

Prof. Varoufakis, as you taught me through your books, without a political union, the EU shall be hard pressed to take true advantage of the euro economy. Merkel and Macron, batting one and two for Europe, are still not really on the same page, as you well know. How can they continue to extract their euro of flesh from the PIIGS and find leverage against Trump? The America Firsters are really trying to pull off the Orange(tang) revolution in Europe. Keeping the petrodollar safe via tax breaks to German companies to thwart “irritations” of the Iran deal is just one volley in the fusillade against the rest of the world. I don’t see this ending well for anyone with less than a billion dollars to their name.


So all this economics mumbo jumbo means its good right?


Trump aligning with countries the US has historically not been aligned with like Russia, China and now North Korea, while distancing himself from historic allies is 100% driven by enhancing Trump family fortunes and 0% driven by any local, regional or global economic manipulation.

A recent example is Trump putting US taxpayers on the hook to bailout a Chinese telecom in exchange for sweetheart financing of upcoming Trump projects in Indonesia and the Chinese granting patents to Ivanka.

Not sure if US media carried it, but today Canadian media broadcasted Trump’s Singapore summary including comments about “North Korea’s nice beaches”, implying that Trump is ready to trade the finances and security of the US and other nations for deals with North Korea that further enhance Trump family fortunes.


Deranged fascist, non elected dictator rump wins at NOTHING! He is the most dangerous person on the Planet; and MUST be removed from his nuke button. Immediately!


It’s gonna take a lot more than a neo New Deal to pull our fat from the fire

And if that’s “farfetched”, the world will end, not with a bang

But with a sizzle.


I would rather see a World dedicated to trade and economic strategies which do not include the US and its blood sucking economic and financial attacks on everyone else. With China in the lead and the US dollar being ignored for oil trading by many nations, perhaps such a future is not only possible but likely. An empire built on the destruction of any nation not part of it or which is part of it but not valued by it, cannot be suffered to continue!


First I only understand about 20% of the vocabulry and assertions made by most so-called economists. When I do understand is you give Trump credit for thinking that far exceeds his very low IQ and those around him


Hey Tom

I am not sure Varoufakis is unaware of that construct.
He speaks to it in quite a few of his talks.

But he also takes it in the context of its efficacy and the fact that European banks are part of the game.

Quite often I feel that despite a sensibility rooted deep inside the power of the people, Varoufakis defers to the Goldman Sachs empire. I can’t really put my finger on it, but Yanis breaks down every issue to the everyday man, and then steps back just shy of providing a solution based on that breakdown. He steps back into the existing system of extortion being run by the banking empire.

and that is what we are seeing here again.


I wsa also surprised by the final conclusion of this article. Given that the U.S. economy is being steering by the financial “casino” sector, and maintaining firm control means keeping the people subjugated through global markets that give corporations the ability to move the better paying jobs elsewhere, how is the disruption of these global markets a threat to our societies? Or at least any more of a threat than maintaining the status quo?


I keep having the experience of people I think will make sense not making it. Varoufakis’ estimate of T’s “working” strategy (US #1 via misery for most humans) is something I think it’s probably important to understand. How can I counter it if I don’t understand it? And if I don’t make a little protest somewhere aimed at progressive comment makers, aimed at all the facebookers, aimed at yon mighty intelligentsia…aimed even at my own ignorance…who will ever know that little ole beantime did say the right positions on the right issues were getting obfuscated? Who will ever know?

“In my rare optimistic moments, I imagine an alliance of Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn and our Democracy in Europe Movement, DiEM25, giving the Nationalist International led by Trump a run for its money.”

Nope they’re not making sense. Warner confirming Haspel. Bern implying things about the summit. Other Dems [minus 15] outright condemning it. Russiagate. Very depressing. Hey, in my rare optimistic moments I imagine there’ll be time to find someone who can break down what Varoufakis is saying. Yes, and in such moments l anticipate a day when Democrats maybe can get a handle on Russia, Ukraine, Kagan, and Nuland. When they realize that to beef about something worth beefing over might mean taking a look at emoluments by way of Saudi Arabia…and the war on Yemen in that context. When they get a handle on–> a whole new way of life is needed, and when they get a handle on the fact that jobs will not simply pop up out of nowhere when you hold that Fed interest rate down (and these are the ultra-progressives who think so). Jacking it up won’t enable the new way of life either. Things should be vastly different. Practically speaking, we can’t even put shampoo in a plastic bottle any more. This has contributed to a situation requiring what has sometimes been referred to in the past as…re-tooling. Re-toolling for starters. Richard Barnet wrote a book entitled “The Lean Years,” but whatever progress we make these days…it’ll for sure be made in the context of LEAN. Few get it.


He stood against Grexit to the end and his break from yuppie-sellout Syriza came very late in the game, basically because his ego clashed with Syriza leader Alexis Tsipiris - a true opportunist pig in every meaning of that phrase.


I almost totally agree, but Corbyn is pushed by a movement that may not let him fold. And he has more character than all the rest of these shits combined.