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If Trump Wants to 'Talk About Our Missiles,' Says Iranian Foreign Minister, US Must Stop Pouring Theirs Into Middle East

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/16/if-trump-wants-talk-about-our-missiles-says-iranian-foreign-minister-us-must-stop

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You will get no where speaking logic with the conservative war profiteers that run America. The only way to deal with Trump is roll out the red carpet, write him a love letter, tell him he has a big dick and present him a gold toilette and a years supply of McDonalds hamburgers or free Adderall.


Zarif is onto something here.


If Trump Wants to ‘Talk About Our Missiles,’ Says Iranian Foreign Minister, US Must Stop Pouring Theirs Into Middle East

"If you want to discuss ballistic missiles, then we need to discuss the amount of weapons sold to our region."

THAT’S the way we need to hear other nations speak to Trump US/CIA -


I have known too many people from “other” places and grew to respect, admire, and love them. The fucktwats that want me to dehumanize anyone can ______ themselves. Content of character matters, as TRMLKJ was wont to say.


Second Amendment rights have been perverted by the Weapons Industry to include providing weaponry to terrorist countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia to foment war in the region and murder their enemies.

The United States of America has become the biggest bully in the schoolyard, with Brass Knuckles, Stiletto Knives, and Saturday Night 38 Specials, all for sale.

I don’t know about you all, but this is nothing to be proud of.


Yeah, but it is absolutely something to be ashamed of!


The Iranian Foreign Minister sounds like a rational human being, especially compared to our fine group of amateur statesmen. Our charade of a government must be slapped in the face with an onslaught of truth and reality. End all arms sales! Stop the insanity of more bombs and more bullets! Suppose they gave a war and nobody came? Suppose all the soldiers laid down their arms and walked off? They all lie, then goodbye to you all! Vote 'em out! Peace


I watched a short interview of the Foreign Minister. He has 100% more class than our lying, immoral prez. I had to agree with everything he had to say about us, and them.
You just have to once again get used to a diplomat or leader keeping some of the truth in their vest pocket.
Since G.W. Bush, the unvarnished ugliness of government policy has been dumped in our laps with no warning on how to handle the truth of our disgusting world view. Of course we don’t have to worry about the truth coming from trump, ever.
I would trade trump for this guy in flash.


Ops, Iran just out-flanked Trump and the MIC yet again.
Since war hasn’t yet broke out, this has become comical, watching Iran spank them diplomatically.


Israhell is the other bully in our festering kitty litter box neighborhood. They, along with a few amerikans are suing the EU to stop pushing for sanction relief. You can’t make this stuff up.



Finally someone standing up to the Empire. War and weapons is the staple of America since the coup d’etat in 1963

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The Israeli Zionists are making it extremely difficult for the common human, not to be anti-Semitic towards the entire nation.

Our nation lost a great deal on that one day.

Actually the war profiteers that run America are classic fascists.

Good point, and nobody even knew what Eisenhower was trying to warn us about.

Trump wants to upgrade the nuclear arsenal. How about all sane americans flooding the White House with mail saying …eff you Donald we , the people, want all nukes banned. Just as you are doing to Iran. I trust Iran more than the U.S. military when it comes to using nukes. There are no enemies of the U.S. only sovereign countries wanting to be left the eff alone. It’s their oil you greedy mfers.Get the eff out of their countries…