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If Trump Were Really President, He’d Forgive Puerto Rico’s Debts and Rescue It


If Trump Were Really President, He’d Forgive Puerto Rico’s Debts and Rescue It

Juan Cole

I’m not sure what Donald Trump thinks the job of president consists of. One task is to swing into action when 3.4 million Americans are living without electricity, 40% of them without potable water, and hundreds of thousands without shelter. When some 80% of its agricultural crops were wiped out. This is an apocalyptic scenario. We can’t even know what is going on very much because there is no wifi most places. Some entire towns haven’t been heard from! A dam may fail, endangering 70,000 people. It will take decades to rebuild.


3.4 million of our fellow citizens have no power and scarce to nothing in the way of drinking water.
It is absolutely staggering to read Twitler’s tweets about the situation in Puerto Rico.
Cole makes some excellent suggestions, however it looks like ‘disaster capitalism’ will be much more likely.


Why are airlifts not flying around the clock?
Perhaps the military could do some humanitarian work.


If it’s one thing that we have an abundance of, it’s Military.

If I’d been President, the Military would have pulled up to the shores of Puerto Rico the morning after the storm had passed with food, water, heavy equipment to clear debris and manpower to provide security, and know how to fix everything from electrical systems to running water.

Let’s face it, Trump has now taken the “Worst President” award from W.


The economy of Puerto Rico is managed by Federal administration, no wonder a sustainable approach isn’t a consideration. No longer a tax haven for large corporations:


Ethics in politics only happens with sufficient pay-offs to the political class.


Thank you Dr Cole. We need to be reminded of Puerto Rico’s history to fully understand how this island became the feeding ground for Wall Street hedge fund predators. Their criminality is in large part to blame for their current plight.


Puerto Rico nationalist tried to kill Harry Truman and the United States Congress in 1951. We should have cut them loose then.


The horror has only just begun. When I lived in PR, all the fresh water streams, ponds, lakes, rivers had warning signs about the presence of Schistosomiasis, a potentially lethal disease caused by parasitic worms that take up residence in small fresh water snails. Now, with all the flooding and standing water, this disease, the Zika virus and cholera are right around the corner if we do not act IMMEDIATELY to intervene and do all we can to provide food, clean water, shelter, personal hygiene products, baby diapers, and anything else to help our fellow Americans. We cannot wait for the diabolical despot to suddenly become “presidential” and take the lead…it simply is not in his character and NEVER will be. We must call on all members of Congress…House and Senate…to intervene.

What a crime.


If a critical mass of the U.S. voting population were really sentient beings, they would neither vote for a Trump (or any other Republican) or any DLC-Democrat.


Whether it’s W or Don, we know that too little will be done. They simply do not give a rat’s arse. Never did, never will.
Republican politicians showing their true colors (not that it ever diminishes their appeal).