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'If Truth Doesn't Matter, We're Lost': Watch Rep. Adam Schiff's 9-Minute Closing Argument on Why Senate Must Remove Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/24/if-truth-doesnt-matter-were-lost-watch-rep-adam-schiffs-9-minute-closing-argument

“If the truth doesn’t matter, we’re lost.”

Well, I guess that means that we are lost.
Because all that matters is Party.
And kickbacks from the rich.
These people have NO principles or integrity -only wallets.


And the truth doesn’t much matter to anyone in Washington DC. The lying liars screeching about truth is really hilarious!

Bernie 2020


Proud of Schiff, Nadler and the other House impeachment managers. They nailed Trump and the GOP senators to the wall.
I love how they used the past words of Barr, little Lindsay, and other GOP against them.
GOP/Trump = The New Confederacy


There may be no possible way to shame this republican shameless party of hypocrites.
How spooky it must be for them to have decided to shit on their country because they are afraid of either DJT or the democratic party (Bernie).

Their support of the greedy has become a mental illness. These are the people that during the depression jumped out of windows.

More for me, less for you, works just fine for them. The rest can just suffer.


If the truth doesn’t matter, we’re lost."

Rep. Adam Schiff I agree 100% with that statement but unfortunately, truth has never mattered to the U.S. Government, Amerika was lost a long time ago!


People on the left understand truth as a virtue and those on the right treat is as a tool.
If we believe in truth we are looked upon as tree huggers, pacifists, and fools.
People on the right don’t have the same respect for truth. Two good examples are the Christians who only appreciate truth as it applies to them, not the overall public. Second, the present republican party and their coverup of DJT.
Frankly, these repugs “can’t handle the truth.”


Boy! Is that ever the truth.


Lock him up!
Lock the whole bunch of lying hypocrites up!


We were never found.

Good idea, although, String him Up sounds pretty good as well, Old West Style!

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’If Truth Doesn’t Matter, We’re Lost’ ??

Chris Hedges: Democrats Have No Moral Authority on Impeachment


We’ve been a post truth society for quite some time now.

Russia…Russia…Russia…eto Pravda.

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Minority report


Mr. Shiff is quite correct. The experiment that is American Democracy, although it will always face assault on truth, must relentlessly pursue truth and ultimately always triumph through truth. Lest it indeed, be lost and this in unimaginable social chaos. For those who consider themselves adherents to Christianity. it is written, Jesus: “Those who worship the Father (God) shall worship Him in Spirit and in truth”. (John 4:24)

For years now Schiff has been telling us he had evidence that would come out in the Mueller Report that would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump colluded with Russia.

The Mueller Report came out and had no such evidence.

The man who just said we must let truth matter is a LIAR.

He also is a tool of Raytheon and a war monger.


“Adam Schiff, the liberal hero of impeachment, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the military-industrial complex and a fervent exponent of permanent war.”



If I was making a impeachment decision just on Shiff’s pile of Russiagate horseshit; I would say no. That was a pathetic pile of non issues. All the stuff Trump has done and he comes up with a big nothing burger.
Yemen- war crimes; drone assassinations - murder; castrating the regulatory agencies-violations of congressional mandates; directing defiance of subpoenas-contempt of congress, violations of separation of branches. Then there are the emoluments issues which he violates spectacularly. Nader has an even bigger list which was entered into the Congressional Record.
Shiff is phoney and is sabotaging the whole effort.


Thank you! Great post from the great Phred.

Bernie 2020

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Train shadow thanks for your truth bomb.

Bernie 2020

Thank you great article on Schiff and the MIC

Bernie 2020

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