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If US Victims of Terror Can Sue Saudi Arabia, Can Victims of American Terrorism Sue the US?


If US Victims of Terror Can Sue Saudi Arabia, Can Victims of American Terrorism Sue the US?

Mobashra Tazamal

Congress voted overwhelmingly last week to override the first presidential veto since President Obama took office. The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) permits families of those killed in the 11 September attacks to sue Saudi Arabia.

"Does Congress really care about the families of the 9/11 victims or is it simply engaging in its usual heartless antics and politicising the deaths of thousands of Americans?"


Correct me if I am wrong.

The US has killed 20 million people since 1945.


Whatever that figure is, a large portion of their families should be able to sue the US for unprovoked aggression against anybody considered weak, poor and beautifully colored instead of vanilla white.


Spot on.


Hi Garrett,

I've been trying to get precise sourced information on the numbers of people the US military, US espionage agencies, and US contractors have killed since WWII. William Blum's works ( https://williamblum.org/ ) provide good resources. Can you provide me with other links?



Until the time at which US government impunity ends, why not an international forum (even in digital format) to document US crimes against humanity around the world?


Hello Steve,

It is hard to know what is true. The only way I can see to stop the US holocaust is to require a balanced budget —as per design of the US government. Note that US reps have the shortest office because they are in charge of the budget and they can be voted out if spending causes taxes to increase. Perpetual budget deficits destroy democracy and are contrary to the very design of US government. Perpetual budget deficits lead directly to perpetual war.





I had not seen that source before. Thanks Garrett


The number of lives that have been lost in the wake of US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan has reached hundreds of thousands and still increasing! The US justified that by saying they want to eradicate terrorism, instead it only created more brutal terrorists. None of the victims' families had been given the right to sue the US for that. On the other hand, Americans got the full right to sue whatever they want because they see their lives are more valued than anyone else's.