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'If Wall Street Really Believed in Defending Our Democracy,' Says Sanders, It Would End Political Donations... Forever

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/12/if-wall-street-really-believed-defending-our-democracy-says-sanders-it-would-end


‘If Wall Street Really Believed in Defending Our Democracy,’ Says Sanders,

What an asinine question! Like asking the Mafia to quit being criminals.


This is nuts. Corporations do NOT make the law. It is insane to pass laws that REQUIRE corporations to act SOLEY for the benefit of their investors, and then COMPLAIN when they do just that. It is NOT the responsibility of corporations to act in the best interest of the country. It IS the responsibility of the government to pass legislation to control the actions of corporations. Failure to do so only confirms the failure of government, and failure of our system of government.


Capitalism is not, cannot, be compatible with democracy because, by definition, it creates inequality.. Period.

And we are seeing the barbarism and chilling ignorance it fosters…



There’s a lot of crap out there about how the capitalist class didn’t support Trump so therefore it’s not fascism. Jacobin did that a few days ago. But forget about just the corporate PAC campaign donations, which are chump change. Apart from the Sheldon Adelsons and legions of billionaires that supported Trump, this was a class project: trillion dollar tax cuts and and “deconstruction of the administrative state.” Don’t think for a second that this will go away. Many corporate titans opposed Hitler. Many supported him. The class was divided, but once his Nazi movement gained momentum the business support became a flood. I’m not just talking about Wall Street. For more read Mike Davis’ piece in NLR about support from the capitalist class in small and medium cities. So don’t waste your time on Jacobin. Read some Shirer and Grunberger.




Just saw on twitter he passed, like in RIP.


Yes. Mao once said death could be as light as a feather or as heavy as a mountain.


It is also important to understand what the function of democracy is.

Democracy has a purpose beyond occasionally voting on a list of political campaigns.

The first purpose is focus of distributed intelligence on topics of general interest.

Secondarily; selecting individuals for particular defined government jobs may use democracy in the selection process in a manner designed to avoid societal management by wealth ranking or hereditary royalty.


Someone should complain about it. In practical terms, it’s difficult in many ways to separate the two, i.e., government and corporations are (effectively) operating in unison? Of course, the laws should be changed, but the system is corrupt and far from democratic. We know that: PAC money and dark money have undue influence and are increasing inequality and decreasing the standard of living for millions of people; and, citizens of the country, which includes corporations, should/are supposed to act for the common good. I think it’s good that Bernie and others are discussing these things and they’re pointing out the hypocrisy and corruption of concerned corporate “citizens” and the politicians that make laws for them.

Hmmm. Interesting comment. And do you also doubt that corporations have a responsibility to refrain from bribing government officials?


Yet you supported their corruption by surrendering all leverage to your good friend Joe. Funny how that works.


You know; I suspect that it was the same right wing dark money that may have paid for that so-called coup that went down last week.


In fact corporations in the US can and do make law and have done for years. Are you not familiar with ALEC? Corporations literally write US laws.


Not all of it has come out yet, but I’m sure you’re right. See this.


The Kremers are originally Tea Party people, which was of course funded by Koch.

The Mercers too are probably in there somewhere.


And the far right legal money. Listen to this.


Not to beat a dead horse, but there is a ton of evidence on how some in the top ranks of the capitalist class are supporting fascism–and will continue to do so, giving it legs. That’s why Bhaskar Sankara’s minimizing the fascist threat is so stupid and sloppy. Lots of top Dems are doing this too.


Sen Sanders YOU need to call this money what it is----Bribes

How Orwellian----the corporate media tell us that these major corporations will stop giving money -----sounds like these politicians are on these corporations payroll??? This is the central issue why people in this country are angry. And in this crisis the Corporate Overlords move to take more control.

And this is why Kevin McCarthy is pissed at Trump----Kevin not getting his money fix.

If McCarthy had been Speaker they could have gotten away with overthrowing the election.

McCarthy is the real enabler of Trump with a majority of Republicans in the House . And McCarthy is the one who should be held responsible for what happened at the Capitol.

How do blame people who react when a majority of House Republicans led by Republican House leadership are voting and stating that the election was stolen.

Trump on the phone on the weekend demanding 11000 votes-----and who is trying to fix the election???

When does all this bullshit stop.


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So sad. Kevin McCarthy was a great actor. Friends with Montgomery Clift.


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And Mark Twain said “I’ve never wished a man dead but I’ve read many an obituary with pleasure”.


Most of us feel that way already Bernie. Strip financial support for politicians, period. Find a different mechanism for supporting candidacy’s.

Also, don’t forget about the Wilks family as well. They too have money to burn, also. I had also pointed out; that some of these folks were flown in on private jets. And, rode in on well kept buses also.

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Was wondering where Bernie Sanders was —

If Wall Street Really Believed in Defending Our Democracy,’ Says Sanders, It Would End Political Donations… Forever

"The banks and corporations that have annihilated our social fabric, toppled governments, polluted our environment, and exploited us are now trying to get some good PR by pausing their political donations… Don’t buy it."

I haven’t yet seen any comments by Bernie Sanders on the attack on the Capitol –