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'If Wall Street Really Believed in Defending Our Democracy,' Says Sanders, It Would End Political Donations... Forever

Capitalism is fascism … in service to Elites

Intended to move the wealth of other nations from the many to the few –
an it’s done that successfully over the few hundred years of its existence here.

It exploits both Nature and Humanity –

And is suicidal –

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Crab –

ACTUALLY, corporations and their lobbyists and reps actually do write our laws –
That’s how far we’ve been taken down the road of “Third world nation” by corporations/
Elite owners and the GOP they own.

Under the New Deal corporations/Elites were not protected – they were humanized by
New Deal laws which protected citizens. The management of corporations were also
more humane – all of that was changed as New Deal laws were destroyed by GOP.

Everyone should read something about the New Deal and the regulations which stood
for more than 75 years – and still even some programs, still today.


Bernie had this to say this on Twitter the day of the attack and the thoughts were included in subsequent articles.

@BernieSanders [Jan 6]

“The man directly responsible for the chaos of today is Donald Trump, who has made it clear that he will do anything to remain in power – including insurrection and inciting violence. Trump will go down in history as the worst and most dangerous president in history.”


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One-World –

THANK YOU for taking the time to post those links – appreciate it.

Saved the links to look at later –

I heard today that pro-Trump forces were planning to be in DC by morning
with intention of preventing Democrats from entering Congress –

And, I’ve heard I think one of the members of Congress say that he was aware
of police or NATIONAL GUARD circulating in DC – so trust that this time they
will be there and very well prepared. They should do a story on them some time
as obviously, they must be a totally independent Guard – for everything that they
may need for a period of days. But very glad to hear this.

If you hear anything to confirm the NATIONAL GUARD is there, will you let us know?

I’m currently having to catch up with some important things and have to be away from
the computer probably til late tonight.


PR redolent of PU

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Is that not what he implies?

Well, son of a gun, a totally appropriate comment in all this mess–it sort of helps you remember why you liked the guy.

As is virtually always the case, Bernie Sanders penetrates to the core of the problem and is no wall flower when publically telling the truth. Often, imo, Sanders is too polite.

The bitter truth is that some CEO’s and BOD’s want a corporatocracy and are sociopathic to the extent they regard predatory profits at ANY cost to be good business. This includes the high cost of environmental destruction, of disregarding climate change. of wars for oil and profit, of social injustices, and much more.

And, of course, undermining our social democratic republic and disregarding the needs of Americans and all planetary citizens at ANY cost is myopic and not sustainable. They don’t see that. All they see is greed and ever-increasing profitability!

Fortunately, only a relatively few, albeit multibillion dollar multinational corporations, are guilty. The majority of corporations are reasonably good corporate citizens, lest we forget that and construe all corporations and Capitalism as bad and destructive.

We need to end Citizens United and get Big Money out of politics and end corporate welfare, especially for Big Oil. Re-establish Glass-Steagall and improve on its regulations, including ending predatory practices, and then Go Green. Green corporations are owned by people who have a regard for both the health of the planet and for profit. Doing these five things will go a long way towards establishing heathy and sustainable business practices.

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You’re welcome. I found a little information…

The first article I found says there are currently 6,200 NG troops in DC, and more from other states will be called to be there for inauguration day.

You and others may already know some of this but I was not aware of the procedures. I’ve included other links to articles and the DC NG website that discuss the DC guard and who has the authority to deploy them locally and from elsewhere.





It’s good to get away from the computer! I hope you have a productive night catching up on things.

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I have probably seen references to “democracy” over 1000 times this past week, almost all of it coming from the neoliberal left in Congress and media. Get a friggin’ clue, dimwits, this nation is not a democracy. Corporations, government corporate proxies (executive agencies), politicians, media – none are interested in providing any semblance of democracy. I cannot believe more people have not read the history of this nation, the U. S. Constitution, numerous authors, and the recent academic study by Gilens and Page, Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens (2014). The nation was founded as a constitutional federal republic, but is better described as an oligarchic authoritarian republic. Relying on government to represent the vast majority of people on, at least, some issues, is a lost cause. All branches of federal and state government are firmly in control of corporations, banking institutions, and the U. S. military. Nothing else matters to those in positions of power and privilege, and they sure aren’t going to do anything to defend democracy, other than delivering the fallacious platitudes and deliberate lies and fabrications about “democracy.” It’s all part of the grand façade that virtually all U. S. citizens have bought into. The pandemic of delusion afflicting U. S. citizens and voters (voting being yet another plank in the false floor of “democracy”) is a significant component the ongoing plagues of racism, militarism, imperialism, and corporate rule, in addition to a dying planet. Shame on all for investing in denial, delusion, and willful ignorance!



Reporting today that the coup Republicans will be cut off from Corporate Overlords money-----This is what made McCarthy angry at Trump. Not five dead in the Capitol----getting cut off from his owners.

One_World –

Thanks again – I’ve saved the links for later –

Certainly more secure at the Capitol today and overnight –

Good job by Dems today –

Besides what Mikie Sherrill is telling us about noticing what may have been
an advance party of the attackers being given a tour of the Capitol on Tuesday …

There was a report on CNN earlier this afternoon – maybe 3’ish – think it was
Jake Trapper speaking … and he was relating that they seem to have gained
some awareness – and don’t know how – that the “threats” that GOP members
in the Senate have been feeling from Trump may not have just be political threats –

We always had the reaction – “Why are they such cowards about betraying Trump?”

Now – I’m thinking we need to understand this a little differently.

Hope we’ll get more info on this soon.

And too many Congress members do not bother to read them.

Funded by Ginni Thomas?

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