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If Wall Street Reform Becomes 2016 'Litmus Test,' Clinton Will Have Lots of Explaining To Do

If Wall Street Reform Becomes 2016 'Litmus Test,' Clinton Will Have Lots of Explaining To Do

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

As Thursday marked the 16th anniversary of the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, which erected a firewall between investment and commercial banking, some are assessing if new measures to break up large banks will become a litmus test in the 2016 presidential race.

Because Glass-Steagall is seen as a challenge to Wall Street, many experts say Hillary Clinton's opposition to reinstating that provision makes it clear where she stands in the fight against the industry's powerful influence.

Clinton(s) have been and give no indication of ever being anything other than the Clinton/Haiti version of reform being brought mainland.The breadth of the bandwagon is being constantly tailored and the cushions sized just big enough to serve as flotation collars - once the leash is snapped on that is. The stunning trick is that the my-country-tis-of-thee pavlovian alacrity has so normalized the abuses as performance art.


Killing Glass Steagall and other gifts to Wall Street are a big part of Bill Clinton’s 8 year presidential legacy and continue to pay him fat dividends in the form of corporate speaking fees ($17 million in 2013 alone) and generous contributions to the Clinton Family Foundation.

Not to mention Chelsea’s $200,000 per year Wall Street job straight out of college more than a decade ago when $200k was real money.

Whatever “explaining” she may end up doing, Hillary is not going to say or do anything that even threatens the goose that lays the golden eggs.


Hillary Clinton has proved, over and over again, that the only thing she is firmly committed to is her own ambition.

Why doesn’t she just give up the ruse and declare herself a Republican? (Yes, I know she started out her political life in the GOP.) She would fit right in with the clown revue going on there and she would be a shoo-in for the nomination. Then we could have a real choice in 2016.

If some of the polling is to be believed, then a large percentage of Democrats actually support this absolute fraud. Or is it that USA’ns are so jaded and “savvy” that they know to support the most accomplished liar?


Restoring Glass Steagall is absolutely the issue for Bernie to emphasize in the next debate with Clinton. She is not only wrong on this important issue, but took money to be wrong, to the tune of a $600,000 speaking fee from Goldman Sachs, plus millions more from Wall Street via a so-called trust. This issue should be easy to grasp for anyone who suffered the consequences of the last financial meltdown and recession, and still do. Go Bernie!


Between the GOP clown bus parade and Hillary …well…The only obvious answer is this VOTE BERNIE or suffer the madness for another 4yrs…He will have trouble implementing some of his ideas but I know he will try the rest will knuckle under to corporate they wont even give it lip service and we all know Hillary will thumb her nose at us if she is elected just like Obama has done his second term…He sold us out big time…How can Obama look us in eye after this TPP deal…


Baloney. You must be either delusional or living in cloud cuckoo land.

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Yeah lets elect the next president based on gender instead of qualifications. With that level of thinking you missed a great opportunity with Sarah Palin.


Everyone needs to know there are only two types of politicians - not Democratic vs Republican, not Black vs white, not male vs female, not old vs young, not christian vs khrystun (those purporting to be christian but hate everyone who is not a white protestant pig) , not gay vs non-gay, not “inside the gateway” vs “new”…none of these matter. They are all merely means to divide and rule the people. Here is the only issue which counts…is the candidate a corporatist or for the 99%. Nothing else matters. Clinton is a Corporatist through and through. Voting for her is like voting for the blue puppet on the left hand of the corporate master. Voting for any Republican is like voting for the red puppet on the corporate masters right hand. You can fool yourself on some social issue divide but there is no difference with corporatist political puppets…the end game is to steal from everyone and everything and full the overflowing coffers of the supreme evil rich.