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If We Get Out There and Really Lead To Create Enthusiasm and Take Back the Land Also Special Ops: Ben Carson Is A Moron


If We Get Out There and Really Lead To Create Enthusiasm and Take Back the Land Also Special Ops: Ben Carson Is A Moron

Amidst all the laugh-or-cry news these days - see the cognitive dissonance of conservatives punishing refugees for the violence they're fleeing - we have a "presidential candidate" who, when asked what he "plans" to "do" about ISIS, stammers out lunatic word salad on a deranged par with grain-storing Pyramids and slavery-like health care. Now even his "advisers" are on record saying “nobody has been able (to) have him get one iota of intelligent information (so) we can make him smart.” Jesus on a dinosaur.


It doesn't actually matter. The Christian Conservatives are smitten with his smooth style low key never stumbling, never trying to re-spin what he said -- even Donald Trump does that; after calling Mexicans trying to come into the US murderous rapist drug smugglers, Trump adds "and some of them are very fine people," a "there, see" political comment that's on record, that can be referred to and edited into a sound byte to can prove that Herr Trump isn't really making a blanket sweeping generalization and anyone who says he is only reporting "part" of what he said.

Doctor Carson never does that. He seems so sure of the truth of what he's saying that the Christian Conservatives believe he's being "guided by God" and thus, in their view, he can be entrusted with heading the government and being Commander and Chief because seeing as how God is his guide, this will ensure that he does what's right and only what's right. He and they are faith based and as such their faith in him (and Him) remains unbroken and perhaps unbreakable.

If Doctor Carson doesn't stumble and can keep being unshakably what he seems to be, it will be difficult for any regular politician with a well honed, practiced rhetorical self presentational manner and to effectively run against him.

That kind of holy certitude is very dangerous if one has the "football" with the nuclear button on it always right there at his fingertips, 24/7.


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Quite the guy, doc Carson. He unflinchingly and confidently utters a stream of inane drivel, unaware of or perhaps indifferent toward the ignorance he displays. He comes off as a black Lindsey Graham. Would you want this guy (Carson, not Graham) drilling a hole in your head and rummaging about in your brain. You would probably be better advised to take a hefty dose of poison hemlock, and have done with it. The old doc has several pending malpractice lawsuits aimed at him.

As far as being in the position of launching a thousand nukes, beware the Queen of Darkness. She has what one might surmise to be a higher probability of hitting the button and launching WW III than Carson does.


If God is guiding him, I'd say God is off his meds.


Yes child, anyone can grow up and become the U.S. President, even if they're bat-shit crazy or have Alzheimer's.

It's the American way.

Ben Carson: The low-information bat-shit crazy candidate for low-information bat-shit crazy voters.


Letting a surgeon with no political experience run your country is like letting a politician (Jeb Bush, anyone?) do your brain surgery.


Abby at her best.


Amid Controversy, Ben Carson Named ALEC Event Speaker


Ha!!! Hahahaha!!!


"Ben Carson Is A Moron"

You mean Dr. Ben Carson the former director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins? A poor black kid who studied and worked his way up from nothing to top neurosurgeon in the world? who created a scholarship fund for academic achievement for young kids? This guy did probably more good and helped more people than the whole CD newsroom put together.

I never heard term moron being used for Micheal Brown, who robbed an old man's store then assaulted a police officer, or the kid that that kept pointing a fake gun at passersby in park. Well, not by people claiming to be "progressives" anyway.


I actually know someone who belonged to the church he infested, and no-he isn't a moron-but he is quite the arrogant, misogynist jerk. Not the sweet doofus you see lying smoothly all over the place.He may also be running a kind of political Ponzi scheme-but that's matter for you to look up.Whether he's the "best brain surgeon in the world", or just a very good brain surgeon is irrelevant.It certainly doesn't qualify him to be president. I know a cracker-jack machinist who might qualify, though.


I agree, i don't think he'll be a good prez either.

I was just pointing out the double standard here. calling a man who pulled himself up by the bootstraps a moron while giving pass to others who actually deserve that honor. Can you imagine the outrage on this board had someone called any of the other two individuals i mentioned a moron?

Yet here we go in this case: