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If We Want to Support Refugees, We Need To End the Wars That Create Them


If We Want to Support Refugees, We Need To End the Wars That Create Them

Azadeh Shahshahani, Maha Hilal

The concept of sanctuary, providing refuge and protection to people who are marginalized and oppressed, has a long history in the United States—even when the United States itself is responsible for that repression.


About time someone is bringing up this issue. Free trade agreements and stealing resources should be added to the list. I did not read the article in whole.


There is nothing wrong with free trade agreements that abolish tariffs by themselves - such agreements can even stop the stealing of resources - which is usually a result of unfree trade.


But then if we stayed at home we might have to actually earn our standard of living instead of stealing it.


“History is important. If you don’t know history it is as if you were born yesterday. And if you were born yesterday, anybody up there in a position of power can tell you anything, and you have no way of checking up on it.” ― Howard Zinn

Case in point, how many Syrians were forced to flee their homeland? And, just how did EU absorb the influx from that country, along with other mostly Mid-East refugees? How did it impact the EU population, economically, socially, culturally and politically? Unfortunately, diasporas under such conditions are extremely commonplace, e.g., originating from sub-Saharan, the Baltics, South America, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, just to name a few.

In this hemisphere, it is largely about economic control and stifling anti-capitalism movements. Whereas in certain other regions, its about religious fundamentalism; and, there are other major causation factors.

However, at the end of the day, when all the smoke has cleared, in the long-run, I tend to believe in forensics of following the money trail. Almost invariably, when I ask myself, “Cui bono?” I see the usual global suspects lurking ominously in the background, be it Soro-esque NGOs, Rothschild cabal, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, World Bank, IMF, etc. And, those deep-state operatives.

( Pssst, shhh….) Okay, one can arguably state that such a position is specious; but, I just don’t believe in these innumerable, incredible and curious coincidences, especially considering the interlocking nature of the relationships amongst these sorts of entities. Also, it is quite instructive that sooner or later, the overwhelming majority of their mission statements become implemented, in one form or another. It just so happens that they craftily leverage the resources of one another as favors and also to achieve mutual goals. It takes a true sense of history, perspective, as well as extensive research and analysis; and, this necessarily involves considerable critical and analytical thinking capabilities.


Mrs. minitrue and I have been saying this for many years, but I fear it tends to fall on deaf ears.
“The best way to deal with the world’s refugee problems is to stop creating refugees!”
*Anybody who protests this nation raping their resources or killing their people is automatically a “terrorist” and is to be destroyed. When the dust clears, thousands of people are looking at the wreckage where their homes, their jobs, once stood. Then with whatever they can carry on their backs, they tread away, looking for safety. They are called “refugees.” Wherever they go, they are unwanted by officialdom. The citizens, churches, groups, who feel for them and try to assist them are demonized, as are the refugees.
*Much of this greed is turning many of We the People” into refugees as well. People, jobs outsourced, homes repossessed, are finding themselves tarred with the same brush, homeless, hungry, sick and outcasts.
*The Greedopoly cares for nothing but what they get for the businesses, the homes of the dispossessed. Like refugees of other nations, they have little or nothing to fall back on as everything that was put together to make this a kinder, decent, nation has been turned over the greedy who profited from the ruin. We have the largest Wehrmacht the world has ever seen and that Wehrmacht gets billion$ and trillion$ to continue their depredations wherever resources may be found and raided.
*Something that could end this madness would be to reduce the Wehrmacht to something resembling a “Defense Department,” and put the trillions saved into repairing our infrastructure and caring for our people, and helping other nations we have ravaged to recover. When these countries have been helped to rebuild the cities, the jobs, the homes and villages destroyed by our greed, the refugee problem would be solved. They could come home and go back to work, raise their families in peace, look at the sky without fearing a bomb, missile or drone striking them or their family or village.
*Just think about it for a bit, and try to end this Fourth Reich before it destroys the world in a fit of pique.


Here is the story on some of the countries we invaded


I am speaking of the ISDS part of the free trade agreements where corporations take the resources for next to nothing and obey no labor, environmental, or safety laws.


Why would we want to do that when the history of the US is to steal from others to maintain or increase our standard of living? It’s unamerican to say we should stop stealing from others. That’s like saying slavery was bad and that the africans didn’t come here willingly to seek jobs in the cotton fields. They only came in chains so they wouldn’t get lost.


Are you saying the rich make sure that policies are made to help them? That is like saying tax cuts favor the rich. That the US has pursue policies to steal resources from other countries and other people.
Don’t you know we are the good guys in white hats? And we are exceptional? And that we deserve everything we steal, I mean take, I mean given to us willingly by people grateful for freeing them when we put dictators in place over them?
Certain people would say you hate god, country, and trump.


It is difficult to change a way of life. And the US has lived this way for it’s entire time. From slavery here to slavery elsewhere, the US has always lived off the resources of someone else.
Quite frankly the majority of americans remain ignorant of reality, many by choice and many by lack of education since that is controlled by the state.
When history is whitewashed that the africans came here for jobs and they were better off for it, then you will have a country that does not see reality of how they came as slaves. Nor how we enslaved others in their home countries.
This is over two hundred years of making slaves out of others.


I lose count at over 33 countries that we have taken over and installed dictators across the world. but when I tell people, they insist that I am lying. It’s a losing battle to educate people to what really happens.


This article needs to clarify that while the US has responsibility for a hell of a lot of horrible violence in the world, it isn’t responsible for all of it.

The Syrian Civil War, which has its origins in the once-hopeful Arab Spring uprising there and Assad’s brutal crushing of it - would have likely happened even if the US had not even invaded Iraq. The only difference would have been that there would not have been the opportunistic Muslim extremist involvement. But Assad and his friend Putin would have been as brutal in their scorched earth warfare against Syrian cities, and the rebel forces, who with broader support from the west (and why not against a thug like Assad?) would have continued to fight.

And going back further, the Baathist dictators of the Middle East - Syria, Egypt, and Iraq - are simply the historical Soviet (now Russian) equivalent of the US’s propping up of Latin American oligharchs - nowadays in their putative democratically-elected and/or parliamentary forms.

The US also had nothing to do with the Rohingya genocide - and the massive amounts of refugees that has produced.


And to end wars you must end the economic social system that creates them.


Banning religious war refugees to prevent terrorism may not be a bad thing if we include Christians and Jews, but banning superstition is unconstitutional. :thinking:


You might suggest that they read “Confessions of an economic Hit Man” by John Perkins


That is one book I haven’t heard of. But then again what I have read, they would not even consider to read, such as actual history of the US. From what I read of the blurb, I already knew what he was saying. Nowadays it is Haliburton etc, but decades ago it was Dole, rubber, and sugar cane companies to name a few where we installed dictators so those companies could use the labor at an extremely cheap rate (below poverty rate) and with no ability by the workers to walk away. The country was make into a one commodity country dependent upon the US company staying in power.
It was as bad as the cotton plantations in the south.
Haliburton is just an outgrowth of what we have done for so long. The more modern way to steal.


I never read it but I listened to the author speak. I thought he just gave more insight into how this country operates when it wants to be in power in another country.