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If We Want US Democracy Back, We Must Undo Attack on Middle Classs Launched by Reagan

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/02/if-we-want-us-democracy-back-we-must-undo-attack-middle-classs-launched-reagn


This kind of article makes me nuts.

Thom, OPERATIONALIZE your advice. List the steps everyday Joe Blows must take…not in facile generalities…


Donate to and vote for progressives. Support progressive media.


Good beginning. Thanks. However, some of us can’t donate very much anywhere. So that Step 1 might be kind of limited for some. Step 2–support progressive media—what does that mean besides reading it and forwarding some links to some people? If that means donating money, my reply above still pertains.

Craig, I appreciate your input and some people need that, probably. But my gripe is with these authors like Thom, whom I do respect, and Reich and a few others who exhort us readers to action but don’t operationalize their exhortations. Newbies need more hand-holding than mere “Democracies will only begin to revive when we reverse the Reagan Revolution and return to the classical economic and political systems that existed in the Western world before the neoliberal 1980s.”

Reagan colluded with Iran & Wall St.
Liz voted for Reagan.
Biden took Reagan at his word.


You might find this more helpful:

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Thom Hartmann: always always everything is the Republicans fault. Dems were helping all the way. However, in his estimation they are just cowards. He always has excuses for the democrats. Chastises anyone who votes third party and had Bernie on his Friday shows and then supported Clinton.


Ronald Reagan was a terrible actor, and then he became President of the Screen Actors Guild( a UNION.) First when he couldn’t get acting work he had an awful song and dance act in Las Vegas. Then he was hired by the John Birch Society, Then he was hired by the GOPers, and when he was President, this really awful actor busted the Air Traffic Controllers UNION. Wow, what a disgusting person. Then a man with the vanishing brain became President of the USA, and campaigned for his Star Wars plan—except that plan was really to shoot down We the People. Imagine that------- a really mediocre man brought down the unions and the middle class, and the idea of THOUGHTFULNESS. or sanity, because really, he had to have his war like Thatcher did , so the star of ,"Bedtime for Bonzo, "or was it BOZO? : ) He had to have his war with Grenada, that not even the people of Grenada knew was happening---------he was an awful actor, and a senseless president----and a really bad actor------------and America has been going down hill ever since. Yeah, I think America peaked in the 1980s, at the same time that Reagan’s brain did---------------- Hell hath no fury like an inept president and from Clinton on we’ve had a string of them! : (


Democrats love Reagan, Mc Cain. HW Bush and sonny boy George W. This is why they run not on policy but identity politics.

these authors mostly seem like controlled opposition

Least we forget Reagan passed his trickle down economic policy with a Democratic House led by Tip O’Neil.
Let’s not pile all on top of the Repubs for this.


This an article on Economists and how they have all but taken over policy making decisions in the USA (And of course other Countries in the west). Note how the article points out that on issues dealing with the economy as advocated by neeoliberals , 90 percent of these guys are in agreement with one another claiming that the policies of a Ronald Reagan would be good for the economy.

They are always 100 percent wrong.

If we want to get back to good governance , one of the first steps is recognizing we would be better off basing our political decision making processes on what Astrologers suggest over what the economists claim should happen.


Wow! That’s a great site! Thanks. For right at this moment, literally, is there a particular article you were suggesting I read, Mr. T? I’m knee deep in some other stuff right now and don’t have time to browse. Actually, it’s not I that I was chiding Thom for. I’ve been in the trenches and know some of the stuff to do. But not everyone does know. And the general rhetoric makes me crazy, like I said.

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i don’t understand your point.

ohhhh, how i needed that laugh!

Funny; I just received a 900+ book on 'The Authoritarian Personality", by Theodor Adorno, et al. A lengthy read to say the least. Where have all the Real liberals gone? They have been devoured by neo-liberalism. Peace

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kinda brings the past home to the present, huh?

Toni, money is one thing that helps for those who can. For others, supporting media can simply be trying to have affordable subscriptions, or even ‘liking’ youtube videos and just consuming good media.

Marches when they have them, volunteering for good campaigns.

Posting to public places online, like Amazon reviews (good or bad).

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We really need to discard this “save the middle class” narrative. It seemed to have been invented back in the 1990s by the Clinton Democrats, becasue, saving the (largely black) poor was really unpopular amongst the (largely white) comfortable, middle class and led to lost elections.

I also simply does not make any semantic sense. By definition, the “middle class” is in the middle quintile or better and is not in financial distress.


I was going to say the same thing. I keep hearing how we have to help the middle class, but it is the bottom % that need help. It is another reason why we have such a poor turnout among the poor, they don’t get anything out of the system. They know their vote doesn’t count with all the gerrymandering, the money that flows into the coffers of the rich.
Our educational system is a laugh, unless you are well off. Our healthcare system is great when you have money, not so good when you don’t. Our infrastructure is falling apart, except in well to do neighborhoods.
It’s the poor who need the help. And hardly anyone talks about helping them.