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If We Were ‘Staggered’ by Police Brutality, Wouldn’t Walter Scott Mistrial Have Knocked Us Over?


If We Were ‘Staggered’ by Police Brutality, Wouldn’t Walter Scott Mistrial Have Knocked Us Over?

Janine Jackson

Corporate media reported the mistrial in the case of South Carolina police officer Michael Slager, whom video showed shooting unarmed African-American Walter Scott eight times in the back in April 2015, handcuffing him on the ground, and then dropping a taser alongside his body—this after Slager stopped Scott for a broken tail light.


Ms. Jackson, you are absolutely correct. If they were so staggered by these horrors they would stop. But we know there is a culture of white supremacy in this country, that are in the minority. Yet they permeate police forces and many, many, other organizations. Racism is America's original sin and until it is addressed as such those with the idea that the south will rise again will keep gaining strength. Trump no doubt will help that along.
I have a bi-racial family and it is frightening to know that though we have a black president, he has done very little to stop the rise of racism, again. Will we have to have another civil war to prove we do not want this going on in our country?


I am pissed at the direction the so called peace officers in this country are going. I think that speaking for myself and many of my peers that it is the police becoming more interested in being looked at as a military force over the citizens in this country. It looks like some surrealistic "judge dread" world evolving out there.
I think they are trying to make it a black white issue in corporate media to sidline the real issue of cops being judge jury and executioner.
To my black friends i back you 100% as you are always the harshest treated i agree.
I am trying to say that we need to stand together and attack the snake that hires these people and puts them on the street. They know if a person is likely to take advantage of the weapon they use in the occupation. It is up to us to make them accountable for not weeding out these unacceptable candidates.
It is also up to us to change the procedures, policy or whatever the hell it is that does not hold these officers accountable. They need to understand that if they dont use diffusing negociations or gee if a guy is affraid of being shot being stopped for a traffic offense he can. You have his car you know where he lives. Send someone or two with cool heads to rectify this without killing him.
Let us start please by working together to get this right and not accept corporate media trying to make it black and white. Although it may be republicans and us.


I am surprised that anyone thought that there would be a different outcome. This country is full of racism.


Let's not forget that retired Marine Corps General John F. Kelly has been tapped by Trump to lead Homeland Security. The mass militarization of local police agencies will only increase and become even more brutal.

The murder of unarmed black males by police and the recent events of police brutality at Standing Rock in the U.S. clearly illustrates the reality.

Why are Americans not willing to admit that the U.S. is a police state? To believe otherwise is willful ignorance.


We must remember that 11 of the 12 jurors found Slager to be guilty. One holdout was not going to find a white police officer guilty of anything, no matter what. Although a retrial may result in a guilty verdict, we can expect; 1- a sentence far less than a black man would receive for shooting a white man (much less a police officer) and 2- everybody patting themselves on the back and proclaiming that this is proof that the problem of police immunity from prosecution has been put to rest. The law lays out what constitutes a legal use of force. The law does NOT differentiate between what constitutes legal force by a police officer against a black man or by a black man against a police officer. Also, police department “policy” has NO effect of law. The long, continued and accelerating violence by the police against citizens is nothing short of state sponsored terrorism. As with any other form of terrorism, it is our duty to stand up to it, confront it and force it to back down. If it refuses to back down, it must be put down, by whatever means necessary.


It's incredible the depth of racism in American society. It's a perpetuation of slavery!


The South will rise again. Kind of like nazi's call for a fourth Reich in the US.