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If World Refuses to Act on Carbon, Oceans Doomed to 'Irreversible' Damage


If World Refuses to Act on Carbon, Oceans Doomed to 'Irreversible' Damage

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Without "immediate and substantial" reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, the world's oceans and marine life face massive, irreversible damage with far-reaching consequences by 2100, a new study published Friday in the magazine Science warns.


Go neutrally buoyant and dive at night with a ray. Tickle its chin. Now, try and say it doesn’t matter. It does…


Every week that goes by, it seems that wherever you look that the bountiful Earth that has existed for countless generations before us loses something new or is under assault or threatened with extinction. Whether it is acidification in the oceans, vast dead zones that have become permanent and ever expanding or it is drought desiccating farmland and tinder dry forests going up in smoke. Americas fire season is upon us and in some areas the fire season has become permanent and exists throughout the year. The sixth great extinction just may end up referring to many of us if we stay selfishly stupid. Homo sapiens is a sap!

All around us it seems like the world is dying. Not just that there will be changes due to climate but that the world’s ecosystem is dying. It just takes time but not as long as you would imagine.

Look back 15 or 20 years? Did the damage occurring seem to be so vast, so rapid, so inexorable? Back then seems like almost another planet and while there were warnings about what would happen by the end of the century, there was no sense of worry about the near future. Somehow the things we feared would start happening in the latter half of this century have happened or will soon do so in the first half. No longer is there debate as to whether Greenland’s ice cap is melting… yeah even 20 years ago it was still being debated as to whether that would happen. Antarctica was supposed to be immune from the effects of global warming for a thousand years was still being said ten years ago. Since then we have seen ice shelfs collapse and satellites record surface melting even in the deep interior. Penguins colonies starving.

Massive fish die offs elsewhere. New hydroelectric dams that will drown huge areas of the Amazon, melting permafrost (that is perm no longer), dust bowl drought conditions and draining underground aquifers! Bees and butterflies… may take us with them when they go. Hear many songbirds anymore like when you were a kid?

We are fast approaching the point where one day we will wake up and say - Where did it all go?

Our world is actually dying all around us and we aren’t all that scared but we should be. We shoot ourselves in the foot when we allow politicians and lawmakers to play that ‘there is no proof that any of this is related to global warming’ game. They would see smoke billowing from the basement and delay calling the fire department because there is no proof that it is a fire that will end up burning down the house.

Look around you week by week and see if you don’t feel like our world is dying. The statement that “If the World Refuses to Act on Carbon, Oceans Doomed to ‘Irreversible’ Damage” is scientific and accurate but that isn’t quite enough to my way of thinking. No sense of desperate urgency I guess? We need urgency considering we aren’t moving much at all as yet. By the time we do get going… how late do you think that will be?

Our world is dying all around us. It is a truth that is more than inconvenient. It actually is a desperate truth though you’d hardly know it to judge from people’s behavior and the media.

Our world is dying? Could it really be that bad? Yes it really is that bad but it is just in the beginning stages as yet. Wait another 20 years and what do you expect to see happening then?

Some will scoff and say that I am being so dramatic and that the world isn’t dying but it really is dying just the same. It won’t be the end of the world though but it will be the end of the world as we knew it. What do you think things will be like in twenty years? That’s pretty damn scary considering what we all seen happen in the last twenty years and things are happening more rapidly now.

Acidification of the oceans? Do you think that we will take that in stride? Was a melting Ice Cap not a big enough sign? We took that in stride didn’t we.

Homo sapiens sapiens - that’s us (except maybe for my ex brother in law).

Well Homo Sapiens Sapiens is a sap (and yes he is too)… and if we blow it on our own planet and destroy our ability to sustain our huge population… They might as well call us Homo Sappy Sapiens because we will certainly deserve the description.

Our world really does look like it is truly dying. Pity the children…your children because what we do know… is what will be done to them later and there will be no turning back the clock because the clock got broken.

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Love the octopus story. Awesome. We need to educate the next generation that ALL FRESHWATER COMES FROM SOLAR POWER!


Common Nightmare: Dies irae/
Day of wrath and doom impending.
David’s word with Sibyl’s blending,
Heaven and earth in ashes ending.


City people might not notice the earth is dying except from what they learn from the media. Having spent lots of time hunting, fishing, diving in my younger years, I witnessed it. The wildlife is disappearing, the coral reefs are dead and dying, and there are few or no wild places left. It is rightly blamed on pollutants like carbon. But like everything else, poison is dose dependent. The more people, the more poison the earth has to absorb.


As someone who used to dive on the Caribbean and Bahamas reefs, I have heard - and seen via underwater pictures (takem by people who apparently have no idea what the reefs used to look like) that these reefs are all pretty much destroyed now. The once abundant staghorn and elkhorn corals are now critically endangered species. The once common Nassau Grouper - a wonderful fish to see (and a staple at suppertime) - is now on the endangered list as well. High water temperatures, coral bleaching, and diseases associated with the high water temperatures are the cause.


Hidden/unconscious personal agendas proffered by some people who’re willing to risk the fate of human civilization for mere sake of maintaining their personal material profit, or their false ego power that comes from adroitly articulating false religious/magical thinking absolutisms, these fellow humans must soon be more clearly identified and shamed-down as the species=threatening sociopaths that they are, by the remaining reasonable people who still have energy to tell some kind of useful/Veridical/Common Truth, out loud, to the many…

Witness: A proven preponderance of peer-reviewed scientists say that current-era global warming is not only very real, but also being driven by mostly human activities, via the hugely increasing combustion of carbon based fuels.
These same mass of scientists, BTW, obviously acknowledge that previous, pre-human, causes of global warming/freezing have certainly occurred in the past – but for obviously- other causal reasons.
Yet across the planet ann absurd, controlling minority of so-called Conservatives - political/ economic/religious who’re numerically centered in the USA, not only reject science’s high probability data for AGW — w/o any credible countervailing evidence whatsoever – but also powerfully fight against all rational human efforts, either private and,or governmental, to remedy the AGW problem, even in the name of Better Safe Than Sorry.
It would be one thing if we preponderantly-rational humans on Earth fell into planetary disaster or final oblivion through no avoidable fault of our own.
Quite another thing, though --,and almost unimaginable, really — that we seemingly still-saner humans would in preponderant numbers finally, somehow lazily allow a distinct minority of manifestly-crazy human fellows to bring about more or less the same annihilating outcome.


You hit the nail on the head… thank you.


Ya know, I do look at other articles on other issues, but, I’ll admit… I am mostly concerned( such a weak watered down word) maybe obsessed, with Climate Change. Right now, sitting on my couch, ( odd for this time of day in summer, when usually I’d be out in my garden or walking/running ) I am trying to get passed that sometimes feeling I get in regards to our non progress in doing anything about climate change… I say we have not been having any progress, because, it is not a new issue, because it has been know for decades and the seriousness of it has been around for what, 2 decades… or more… so, because I sit here with my garden too wet to really work in… and the weather so cloudy in June, more like a Sept day… i am in that limp, yes, limp, helpless, lost mode… I do not usually allow myself to succumb to those types of feelings… and yes, I will “make” it pass… but when I feel like that… I guess… I am trying, really, to grasp our situation on a very serious, realistic level…I let my mind go to the future and “see” … what will be happening…
Now, don’t get me wrong… I also have days or short periods of being more positive and seeing a “different” life… of sustainable living and yes, it is VERY DIFFERENT from what we do now… and I feel that that new sustainable life will work… for the planet and us… the specifics of how it works… … are well, too much to go into here… but… ultimately…WHAT WE HAVE TO REALIZE NOW… is that even IF we com up with a way to reign in our stupidity and make something that will truly transform our future for the better… we MUST ACKNOWLEDGE HOW LATE IN THE GAME IT IS… and that SOME REAL PAIN WILL STILL BE EXPERIENCED… WHO experiences it will be the 64,000 dollar question… I think that MANY of us will all over the world… one thing to keep in mind… that “future” that is the worst case scenario… will happen THROUGH A PROCESS… so when it is stated that the oceans will be such and such higher… that means that for EVERY YEAR … we will be experiences the consequences of that raise in the seas… through worse storm surge… and just higher tides …
For every year… the “weather” will get weirder and weirder… like hey, this year’s summer so far… with the constant rain in the mid west and the heat from hell in the north west… so that food crops, YEAR AFTER YEAR… will be AFFECTED MORE AND MORE… till you go to the grocery store and a box of cereal is $6.00, $7.00, $8.00… and your meat is so expensive that more people decide vegetarianism isn’t so bad ( hey a good thing)… and the storms we experience will get so strong that more and more people will die in them … and EVERY YEAR… there will be SOMETHING… WORSE THAT LAST YEAR… .OR WORSE THAN THE LAST ONE… WE HAVE TO MAKE THOSE WHO ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION… UNDERSTAND THIS…
I know most of you here, get this… but, helping those who hear that "by 2050 the seas will be so many meters higher… and they cannot fathom or grasp it because welll that seems so distant and “well, WE’LL FIGURE IT OUT BY THEN”…


…and what I described above… the few examples of pain… .are nothing compared to what we will really experience… sorry for going on like this… I do not get to discuss any of this with any one around me… so, you guys get the honor.


I am like you and want to say these things to people who also want to say them. But maybe that is the key right there. People talk about stuff that other people already know about all the time. We refer to it as conversation.

We hear how someone else phrases something and we think that maybe that’s a better way of saying some subject that we often talk about or maybe describes some situation better etc. Maybe we learn from how someone else frames their thoughts and how they made the connections by the way they placed one fact after the other and we think that way is perhaps a better way of making the argument or that “I need to mention that fact the next time I talk about this thing. I didn’t know that fact until just now”.

The reality is that these things need to be discussed far more than they usually are generally. A lot of people do not feel the sense of urgency that many of us who are better informed do. So theinitiate speak your mind, we support each other and learn from each other and our world desperately needs to have more and more people like us talking about these things far more often.

The sad thing is that in a decade to two that everybody will be talking about them a lot - maybe constantly- and we all know why they will be. They are suffering and when people are suffering or starving or thirsty … they have no choice but to talk about it.

But just maybe …if people like us talk together and then take what we learn from each other and speak to friends and acquaintences then maybe… just maybe… that those people decades from now (our children and grandchildren) will not have no choice but to speak about them. The more that these things are discussed now the better chance there will be to avoid the suffering and misery that will result if people do not talk about these things now.

At the moment people like us talk about these things …

… somebody better don’t you think?


You bring up great points, especially about communication in reference to how different people frame a thought or how they express it… this type of issue in communication, is something that I have been thinking about for about maybe a year or more now… and many times, one may note that after a conversation, it becomes obvious to one, that the person they were talking to… took what they said, completely differently than what was intended… that the phrase/s could be taken different ways… I have been experiencing this lately …and amazed at the … fogginess/two sidedness of words…
But you did get my meaning… although, it’s my immediate family I cannot really talk with about this… and it is STRANGERS or those I am just acquainted with that I can talk with and they listen… the people closest to us are sometimes the most difficult in seeing one for who they really are…
Hey thanks for the great reply


K… and listen to this… so, after I wrote that above, I went to another site that I view
and found this…

H ttp :confused: /w ww. Resil ience. org/stories/20 15-07-03/ will-climate-chaos-reign-in-the-anthro pocene
I broke it up so there was no problems… The article was really about just what my first post said… ha… I’m serious… I wrote that first then found the article… then, I got my but up and went for a long walk…


This comment is a sound view of how society is lacking in understanding of what is happening to the terrestrial and marine ecosystems due to the deleterious impact of the technological systems of industrial economies. However, there is a commitment to continue that damaging process to operate and maintain the vast infrastructure during its limited lifetime. The best society can do is embrace remedial measures that will slow down the rate of usage of natural resources and the rate of damaging of eco systems.


I did not say anything about rebalancing the atmosphere as I know technological civilization cannot do that. The remedial measures I mentioned will those that smart people adopt to ease the inevitable powering down.


Cartoon guy wearing a sign that says - The End Is Near on the front side and Oops You Missed It on the back. The end of the wondrously abundant and immensely bountiful nature has already happened but it will take a very long time (if ever) for it all to be over. There may be scrub brush where once was a forest and fetid stretches of algae blooms where once swam millions of fish but we will still be here until maybe if humanity is lucky - we figure out a way to travel to distant planets. The species will survive itself then. But even if we are stuck here to wallow in our own mess, we are scrappy and amazingly resilient, so don’t count us out just yet. After all humans have lived in the Arctic and built homes out of snow and crossed vast oceans on outrigger canoes and traversed waterless deserts with aplomb.

We may not like living in the mess that we are creating but barring nuclear catastrophe, we should still be here complaining for a very long time to come.

We will have indeed torn down paradise and built a parking lot but we will live in that parking lot. Stark and without natural beauty or bountiful abundance it may be and bleak without hope or opportunity for most of the many billions of the future but we will survive. Human beings can survive their greatest threat >>> themselves!

Heat baby heat!!! Drought, scarcity if not famine, overcrowding and misery but… We will survive!

We just won’t like it.


By remedial, I meant adopting measures that will ease what happens in the future. For example, the Netherlands have a program to raise the dykes to protect their low lying land from the expected sea level rise. The barriers on the Thames are to be upgraded to protect London from this same problem. A similar remedial process is being considered for New York.Several countries are proposing to build dams to ease the water supply problem when droughts occur. Many cities are embracing measures to encourage bike riding to reduce the dependence on using fuel for cars in anticipation of the inevitably declining availability of the fuel. Ironically, there is nothing that can be done about how hard the declining availability of jet fuel will hit the airline business other than people stop wishing to fly for business or tourist purposes.