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If You Believe in Human Rights, You Believe in Renewable Energy for All

If You Believe in Human Rights, You Believe in Renewable Energy for All

Arin de Hoog

Climate change and human rights. We care about them both, but we often think of them separately. Violations of human rights we usually associate with brutal regimes, unjustified imprisonment and violence carried out between people.

The single most important thing an individual can do is to pressure their governments to impose regulations forcing the economy off fossil fuels and on to solar. That includes passing legislation requiring all new construction of office buildings and homes to install solar and wind where applicable. It includes getting their legislators to encourage conversion to electric cars through gasoline (carbon taxes) taxes and include home generated excess electricity being fed back into the grid.

Our governments are us …not the oligarchs. People should remember that fact. Our governments belong to us and should do as we wish not as the corporations wish.

Growing the economy at the expense of the environment is consuming the capital instead of the interest.

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When Greenpeace refers to the problems in the Philippines, it should also note that these islands now host around 100 million people, so any major weather event is going to be disastrous; the Catholic Church’s ban on contraception has had something to do with that. And there is also going to be a shortage of clean water because of the overpopulation of these islands and the corruption of the Philippines’ government, which has been a problem since… when…1898?