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If You Can’t Stop People From Voting, Just Help Them Die?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/16/if-you-cant-stop-people-voting-just-help-them-die

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Trump’s understatement of the century, “I could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue in broad daylight and not lose one vote” actually applies more broadly to the GOP as exemplified by faux noise’s continued hostility toward managing the pandemic, taken to new extreme in Rush Limpbaugh’s Donner Party cannibalism analogy this week.

Faux and Limpbaugh continue to tell a fraction of the story. The US Government’s response to the 1847 Donner Party disaster was to post US Army personnel along the trails to improve travelers’ safety. Fortunately the GOP did not exist until a decade after that action, or the death rate for travelers would have been much higher.

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I think people are starting to catch up to this. After several articles even more comprehensive, I believe this one is easiest to digest. Pointing out the reality of what is happening, Contrasting it with what should be happening, and getting that into the narrative is a Herculean task. No one else can do it. Thanks Thom.
Apparently the Republican party liked the Malcolm X slogan; “By Any Means Necessary”.

The GOTP views the disproportionate death rate among POC as a “silver lining”.

Voting in the South has been so corrupt for so long you may as well just forget it.
We are a Balkenised nation. We need to split up. Bue state are tired of paying for these cretins

A Reoublican I know used that term to describe the high healthcare costs and drug prices the one bright light in a “dismal economy”…

Republicans are, for the most part, mentally ill.

Actually the deals that created the current mess with (drug prices out of control) and (traps us in a bad healthcare system) was signed by a Democrat, Bill Clinton. The people who say that we are still in control of this are wrong, unless we get out of this treaty first. We’re in grave danger because we are failing to grasp whats really going on. Which is fundamentally an international problem at this point because that same President promised to trade away millions of good jobs becase the people who currently do that are alleged to be making too much money. What would you rather do, have warm fuzzies about people who are lying to you about what they are doing (both parties are in cahoots on this outsourcing scheme, that mush is clear) while huge numbers of poor Americans and people from other countries die, or fix the problem? Fixing the problem requires honesty.