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'If You Don't Want Negative Search Results, Don't Do Negative Things,' Ted Lieu Tells GOP During Google Hearing

'If You Don't Want Negative Search Results, Don't Do Negative Things,' Ted Lieu Tells GOP During Google Hearing

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"If you want positive search results, do positive things. If you don't want negative search results, don't do negative things."


The creators of the search engine cannot hope that search results will be value-neutral, or “objective”. Google is an expression of the liberal values Google represents. Certain human rodents in politics are distressed to see their execrable behavior displayed for the anti-liberal excrement it truly is. Tough luck, fascist scum!

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Anyone beside me boycotting Google by using DuckDuckGo as their search engine?


Started using them last year.

Besides, it’s hard to find a good guy in today’s debate. On one side are the lying scumbag idealouges, and the other side are politicians.
Would you trust either one?


amid ongoing, yet [unfounded], complaints by right-wing lawmakers and commentators that [Google] is biased against them.

No thinking person needs to be biased against Conservatives in this country. You merely have to have a conscience, a modicum of morality and ethics, and some compassion for the less fortunate. Anyone with those virtues can’t help but see the wanton cruelty and destructiveness of the political right.


Or, you can simply have your eyes open and your ears uncovered, not sure it needs the patina of conscience, morality, ethics or compassion. Some things are just simply obvious on their face – or to borrow from the law, res ipsa loquitur.

“Only a modicum” Love it

Too True.

Even my staunchest Republican Oil Engineer, 20 yrs in the industry told me he was registering as an Independent this year

He’s done

Even a MAGA cap can understand that description.

Why would we know if Google would put in place a search engine that Republicans wanted? If they made a program called ‘Dragonfly’, then it has been made. And that means it can and could be made already to suite the Republicans or even our government. Saying one thing and doing another is a tendency of American corporations and politicians. Someone made the ‘stingray’ and now police use it to listen in, easily, to cell phone conversations and texts. Why the hell would anyone be stupid enough to believe this won’t happen, especially since the engine is already created?

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Studying history we can discover that “Conservatives” fall into two categories which are at odds with one another: On one hand we have the “virtuous moralists” or “Christian” authoritarians and on the other are the “Libetarians” who are actually libertines. They unite with hatred for socialists (recall that the USSR was THE enemy and now they still attack Russia), don’t like liberals and “progressives” very much either, and express it adventurously abroad to undermine any nation that threatens US dominance–so, in this case they love “big government”–while, simultaneously, they oppose “big government” at home as they do not want people to get any benefit form the government. Hence, they are after all of our social safety net. Oh, and when it comes to “free speech” it does not apply to communists or anyone outside their ideology. When FDR added Freedom from Want they were not at all pleased and started their attacks on the New Deal in earnest. We are still being treated to all this.

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Only the current gaggle of incompetent boobs could pull the crap they do and expect good press. Apparently they have totally ignored the basic fact that the only outlets that support their acts are lying about them to get people to approve of something that will eventually kill many of them should the right get its way.

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Yes, I started using https://duckduckgo.com/ several years ago. It works great. I just haven’t figured out a catchy way of replacing the phrase “I googled it”. I duck-go’d it?

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They can’t help it; it’s who they are.

“the wanton cruelty and destructiveness of the political right”

I suppose Trump would be considered part of the political right. Yet when he suggested troop withdrawal from South Korea it was the Democrats (the left?) who passed a law forbidding it. So, is there really a right and left, or as Vidal put it, really only the Property Party with two right wings?


I think maybe he meant “neoliberal”

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if you’re getting bad press articles and bad search results," Lieu said, “don’t blame Google or Facebook or Twitter, consider blaming yourself.”

And all this time they were trying to blame the media as liberally biased. No, the media was just calling shit “shit”. Don’t shit, dumb ass conservatives. Shit by any other name is still shit. There’s no bias about it. And trying to cover up your shit is called “lying about the truth” and that would be conservative biased which we could argue that corporate media is; although, conservatives wouldn’t admit to that.

I wouldn’t be too sure about the MAGA caps understanding what Ted said.

After all, they’re wearing MAGA caps.

Trump hates google because it shows what a total asshole he is…He complains about negative searches on him and the reason they are negative is because he is such a terrible asshole…The GOP would censure google because it gives ya the truth and everyone knows the GOP hates truth because the truth looks bad on the GOP…Anything that looks bad on the GOP they want to censure and lock up the reporters…This is the new republican era of tyranny. Thank god the democrats have the house otherwise our democracy would be gone in the next two years.