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If You Hate Campaign Season, Blame Money in Politics


If You Hate Campaign Season, Blame Money in Politics

Sarah Anderson

Amy Klobuchar could’ve waited for the temperature to rise above 15 degrees before launching her 2020 presidential bid. Instead, she chose to risk frostbite and make her pitch in the middle of a snowstorm—all for an election more than 600 days away.

The Minnesota senator is just one of around a dozen Democrats who’ve already thrown their hats into the presidential ring or hinted they intend to soon.

What’s the big rush?


They system is completely broken and benefits only the 1%


We might also consider making it mandatory, as a condition of keeping their licenses, for broadcast media corporations to give equal time to ALL qualified candidates. This, more than any of the sensible proposals mentioned here, would greatly reduce the costs of campaigning.


And to reduce the money game even more, require equal free airtime to all candidates.


I blame money for lots of things.

In the case of politicians, the more corporate dollars they take, the less likely I am to vote for them.


Another “hidden” provision of H.R.1 that the Democrats do not want to make public is the one that raises the requirements for any Third Parties entering the political race.

The Democrats, just like the Republicans want to control the horizontal, the vertical, and the total narrative spoken in the debates and during the campaigns.

Bernie really shook things up last time and they insured that he was fucked good for it.

Trusting the Duopoly with your future and future of your children is perilous at best.

Twilight Zone shit at the worst.


You now have control of your television , and it shows us some bad weather. Absolutely need better regulations for party’s to sign up for campaigns, not hinder them. This too is outrageous.




Until we change the cultural story of humanity that will always be the case .

Our cultural myths inform our ethics,and our ethics create our behaviours.

The first Cultural Myth that must change before we can change all life on tbis planet is that humans beings are inherently evil,we were born that way.
The Second Cultural Myth arising necessarily out of the first ,is that it is the “fittest” who survive.

Look at our world this must be the case as 400 of our children are allowed to die every hour with 25 people holding more wealth than 3.5 billion and seeking even more .
Trillions are spent on weapons of offence and defence while trillions more are hidden in offshore bank accounts.

Our Cultural stories are fallacies ,this is what must change until we change these nothing will change .


Rhetorical question (that should have occured to me as soon as I read the headline):

When is it NOT campaign season??