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'If You Haven't Called Your Senators Yet... Do It Now!' McConnell Nears Nuclear Option to Pack Courts With Extremists

'If You Haven't Called Your Senators Yet... Do It Now!' McConnell Nears Nuclear Option to Pack Courts With Extremists

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell expected as early as Wednesday to use the so-called "nuclear option" to speed up the confirmation process for President Donald Trump's right wing judicial nominees, progressives raised alarm and urged Americans to pressure their senators to stop the "reckless court packing" by the Republican Party.

I see Roy Blunt in the photo for this piece, “our” senator here in Missouri otherwise known as Misery to those of us who care about anything but the religious right and their narrow views. Calling him is like pissing in the wind if there ever was. The guy is the epitome of bought and paid for.

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For all of the media and the public’s daily attention focused upon the “tweets” of our huckster President, the Republicans are easily able to avoid scrutiny because people like McConnell and Blunt, the various Department Secretaries et al, are allowed to do their destructive and essentially illegal work behind closed Doors. Yet, the media does not care because as long as they make their money on TV “Nightly News” (which lasts about 20 minutes) then all is well. But all id NOT well with our Nation and it continues to sink into the mud of the Neo liberal capitalistic model.

The irony, is that no one of import cares. We don’t seem to care about Health Care (Medicare For All is opposed by Pelosi and Obama) or climate change or corporations stealing and cheating, or plane manufacturers who short change air safety today to make an extra buck! Then they just say they will fix the issue, even though almost 300 innocent people have died thus far, and still no one is considered liable within the corporation. No one is ever considered liable today, regardless of what they do or not do, as long as they are a corporation or a politician. We are doomed to keep this cycle of death and destruction going until we eliminate the model and its narrative and to do that, America needs a complete overhaul of its system. it has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats, it has to do with a corrupted and broken system!


McConnell and Paul are my state’s bloviators----I mean senators. So who am I and my fellow Kentuckians gonna call?


I’m in the same boat here in Arizona. My two senators (Sinema, a “republican democrat” and McSally who votes with trump every time) could care less about my views. No response at all from either one every time I call. I suppose the reason is because I’m not a lobbyist.


Yes Barton, in Murka the golden rule is: How much democracy can you afford ?, and how much justice can you afford ?

Recall the Raygun era mantra: “Get rich or get off”?

Wait until all Republican Senators are assembled, then, exercise the "Nuclear Option."

In the same room as their meeting.


How quaint to suggest we call our senators. Mine oppose the “reckless court packing”, but since they’re in the minority, to no avail.

In matters on which we disagree I’ve not known contact from me to make a difference, although I persist.


Petition the lord with prayer. (Just kidding.)

Actually, I call their sweet sounding aides fairly regularly. I suspect that I have more affect on the cosmic currents than I do on their convoluted ideas about reality.

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I think that’s right to an extent. The party politic is so entrenched that there are few moveable pieces to this. I can call all day long and get the same message. Bullshit as to why they do what they do.


I continue to call anyway. I just wish everyone would do their civic duty and flood their phone lines. Maybe then we’d at least get a response as to why they don’t listen to their constituents.

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Great answer to my shallow response. That seems to be it in a nut shell. They don’t listen to individuals, but must react if the response is overwhelming.

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Sad picture of Mitch as he watches his funeral raft burn and then sink into the lake of hypocrisy and greed.

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Until money for influence in politics is made a felony, our calls to Duopoly politicians will be nothing more than a distraction they must deal with by disregarding them more than not.

Yesterday, I had the rudest interaction with a Repug senator’s (not “mine”) staff person ever. He finally calmed down and said the best advice he could give me was to call my [reprobate] senators several times, everyday.


Please see my reply to lindaann.

Yep. Do it. See my reply to lindaann. The creeps do keep tally marks.

Sorry that you had to endure that. I’ve yet to be blasted by any of them, not to say that that won’t happen the next time I call.

Democracy in action.

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Thanks, Lindaann. He’s merely a drop in the bucket of fractured America-Amerika. Partisan divisions, polarized by rich v. everyone else, distorted gun rights issues (thank you, Scalia, who I hope is burning in Hell), and xenophobes & homophobes v. wethepeople, and the shredding of decency… After the Vietnam Era, did we ever gain any sincere unity back? Forget solidarity…

So here’s my deal. Hopefully, I’m remembering correctly. It used to be that on any issue affecting the country, we could email or call and register opinions with any Congress person, even if that person weren’t our “own” representative. Now, however, on almost all the House Representatives’ websites’ contact forms, writers are vetted and must get through a zip code wall before we can write our letter. I’ve not found that screening with Senators. In calling either House, staff often ask for your zip code but will take your message anyway. The Repug staffer I wound up with did not want to take my message because I’m not in that senator’s state.

My reasoning is that ALL of Congress sit in NATIONAL government seats. So they have one foot in “local” areas & are accountable to the people of their districts or states, but they also have one foot in a national realm and are responsible for the welfare of the entire country. So we all have a right to be heard and counted. I’ve called and written twice to the House Clerk who basically blew me off and sent me to a House committee which deals with governance of the House. (I’ve not done that yet because Dump is the gift that keeps on giving—critical sh*t each day that’s more important to spend my time on.)

Maybe my reasoning is wrong. That rude staffer sure thought so, but I didn’t submit to his bullying.
There’ve always been rude people running around loose, but Dump has made such behaviors a badge of honor.

I totally agree with you but I’ll take it one step farther and say we are all participants and thus responsible on whatever level we can mange to make sure this all turns our right. And yes, I’m a dreamer and a mature one at that. But as the world gets smaller, even that visionary approach to reality is now being acknowledged as what is. Think a biological system that is crashing.

And I know that I’m preaching to the choir as is typical on CD, and I too have met the gate keeper with the zip codes but it 's a fight worth fighting if for nothing else, one’s integrity alone. And I can tell that you already know that.