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If You’re Against the Tax Plan, You’re a) in the Majority, and b) Not a Congressional Republican


If You’re Against the Tax Plan, You’re a) in the Majority, and b) Not a Congressional Republican

Jared Bernstein

"Simply put, imagine a president supported by a party that actually wanted to help the people who need help. Not pretending to help them, not lying about helping them, but actually helping them."


The majority are against both the House and the Senate versions of the tax “reform” plan. The majority are also against the FCC’s plan to kill net neutrality. The majority are also against the border wall, the Muslim ban, the killing off of DACA and PPACA, and against any number of pipeline projects.

The majority are going to be mighty damned disappointed, it seems to me, since we’ve been living for quite some time under a one dollar/one vote system that doesn’t care what the majority think.


If You’re Against the Tax Plan, You’re a) in the Majority, and b) Not a Congressional Republican…NOR A CORPORATE-OWNED DAMNOCRAT! There…fixed.


I posted a budget I call “A Radical Populist Budget”; I used Jared Bernstein’s suggestions from articles at the American Prospect and other places, along with Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s proposed budget of 2011, and other ideas from the Institution for Taxation and Economic Policy, PERI, CPEG and other left-wing sources. In all it raises taxes by 1.3 trillion all of which would be paid by the richest 5%, mostly the one percent. Economics Without Greed, http://benL8.blogspot.com – imagine, as Bernstein suggests. We are a very wealthy nation, with some $96.2 trillion in household net worth, says the Fed’s Flow of Fund report, page 2. The annual federal budget (excluding Social Security which is off-budget and about $900 billion) is about 3% of the amount of private savings or net worth, $3.3 trillion versus $96.2 trillion. Taxing financial assets at the rate we tax property in the form of real estate and housing would bring in $1.1 trillion a year. Property taxes are local and state taxes, they yielded $488 billion last year said the Tax Policy Center. In other words, we could and should raise taxes, and there is a practical way to do it, if we could only get some public discussion about it. Bernstein, write about it more.


Oh, God help me! Jared Bernstein is a faux “liberal” who wanted to trade cuts in Social Security benefits for higher taxes on the rich when he was VP Biden’s chief economic advisor in the Obama Administration. What’s more is that Jared’s logic was that the Social Security benefit cuts were coming anyway and the Obama administration “might as well get something in return.”

Dr. Bernstein (he’s a Ph.D. in Social Welfare, whatever the fuck that is!) is now posing as someone who cares about and is protecting the working class, poor and elderly from a disastrous tax plan? Give me a GD break!

I’ll always remember your betrayal, Dr. Bernstein and I’ll keep informing others of it.


Seems like they are all senior fellows at either a left or right wing policy institute or they do the revolving door on wall street. None of them seem to have the least bit of an idea what it is to work like the average American - that is - the average American who has a job. Washington is so out of touch.


It is a little more complex but the end result is a total fraud for citizens. This might help clarify this.


I will continue to also suggest that people study bitcoin/crypto currency principles and practices simply because of the accelerating breakdowns in the path of empire collapse.

We now have evidence of the extent to which the centuries of ‘sale’ (PR) of capitalism as home of fungibility is itself an essential element in drawing down on an abstract architecture in order to control how it is exercised (your and my daily life). How else can the distortions and usurpation of nations be done as wall street and derivatives have defrauded the vast majority of human beings

Economics is an idea - THINK.


Oh, for fuck’s sake. I know what a chained CPI is. Geez Louise and the Bees’ freakin’ knees! Did you think I didn’t know about this?

The chained CPI is a price index that yields lower inflation rates than the standard CPI because it assumes that people substitute less expensive goods for the ones in the standard CPI whose prices rise. This substitution is something that older people, i.e., the people receiving Social Security benefits aren’t likely to do. The proposal supported by Jared was to use the Chained CPI inflation rate measure to calculate cost of living increases for retirees for the Social Security benefits.

More complicated? Yes. A cut in benefits? Yes.

fern, Please don’t ever try to make excuses to me for what Dr. Bernstein did.


In the spirit of equal exposure for the bared-buttocks of the political ‘class’, a brief reprieve from Counterpunch on the publish or perish persnicketiness of delusional narratives that know no end…tadaa… Dasvidaniya Donna Brazile


Climate Crisis, ‘Smart’ Growth and the Logic of Calamity

by Rob Urie


Sure, no problem.


Thanks goat, I’m probably never going to get that but it is ok.

A little something:


The congress passed this unpopular bill all by themselves in the quiet of the night. They don’t realize how everyone already figured out that trickle down theory is a phony scam and have always been. Even the most uneducated person in America knows it doesn’t work.