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If You’re Not Appalled by Comey’s Firing, You’re Not Paying Attention


If You’re Not Appalled by Comey’s Firing, You’re Not Paying Attention

Leonard Pitts Jr.

Republican Sen. James Lankford called for “clarity.”

Republican Sen. John McCain pronounced himself “disappointed.”

And Republican Sen. Marco Rubio essentially shrugged. He said he was “surprised” by the sacking of FBI Director James Comey, but added that, “It’s a decision the president’s made, and we’ll go from here.”

It is not exactly a portrait of righteous indignation.


That is why they call it a coup!


"Republicans...repeatedly choosing their Wealthy Patrons over the greater American Good."

Dems, at his point, take the Same Money and have the Same Priorities (representing their Money Sources, not their Constituents)

Wonder what the Stealth Entities that OK'd Trump for the Presidency have in mind for him if this whole thing, in Their Judgement, blows the wrong way.


The parallels to the Nixon era when Nixon was being investigated for what happened at the Watergate and the cover up are striking. Once again we have a criminal Republican president flaying his arms about in a desperate attempt to save himself from the inevitability of the truth coming out.

Right after Nixon fired special prosecutor Archibald Cox an interesting bumper sticker almost immediately appeared that summed up the whole thing: FIRE THE COX SACKER. And this is exactly what we need to do to our present day "Cox Sacker".


"But the GOP MUST stand up for the country THIS TIME or risk losing it" ?

If "country" means democracy in this context, the GOP (and Democrats to a lesser extent) has been actively pursuing less democracy and more fascism for at least four decades. With their current grip on power at local, state and federal levels, nothing stands in the way of serial unpunished crime in the executive, legislative and judicial branches, destroying the last vestiges of US democracy and turning the nation 100% fascist.


Wall St: Bailed out with D-Party votes.

Big Pharma: Given carte blanche to steal in a back room deal with Obama.

Big Insurance: Wrote the Obamacare legislation in Max Baucus's office.

Silicon Valley: Spying, profiling, and enjoying gushes of love from Hillary.

Hurry! This offer won't (will?) last forever: Political Party for sale! Now 2-for-1!


I find it kind of ironic that the Democrats have been raising hell about James Comey for months, with many calling for his head....or his job more specifically. Now , according to democrats,he stands for truth, justice and the American...well, you know. Now his firing is a travesty of justice. If Hillary had been elected Comey would have probably been fired from the limosine carrying her away from the swearing in ceremony. Go figure.


Lots of sound and fury signifying nothing...
What exactly do all the idiots sounding off on this, think Russia did .... no they haven't thought through it that far.
PS the fishing attack on Podesta's computer was so sophisticated, it would have taken at least a junior high school student to pull it off.


Here we go again.... from the article: "Trump fired the man who has been investigating his campaign’s ties to Russia, which meddled in last year’s election with the goal of helping elect Trump president."
There has never been any real proof presented to show Russia's "meddling". It has always been hearsay at best, but is constantly presented as fact by the media.
This demonization, especially without presented evidence, is possibly very dangerous in the long run.
Not to mention the hypocrisy of the US government to complain about someone's meddling in elections! But then, hypocrisy is the first characteristic I think of when I think of politicians.


You simply can not see the forest for the trees, can you?


You complain about no evidence, but then seem to link it to politicians. The evidence comes from career workers in government, not politicians.


I thought that "... Comey mishandled the investigation of the nothing burger that was Hillary Clinton’s emails." was interesting. While Hillary did go against government policy by having the private server, it didn't truly amount to anything much worse than a "nothing burger." The whole Benghazi thing was a total sham and should have been portrayed by the media as a total NOTHING story, but instead the media was happy to play along with the absurdities. We could have easily had a fine smart woman for President, but our nation's media truly sucks...even MSNBC's most liberal hosts.


Have you been talking to my ex wife? Ha!


Please show us

So far, "the evidence" is classified by the CIA, FBI and NSA.

The only proof of any "meddling" in our elections was done by the DNC with the proof being the Podesta E-mails from Wikileaks.


I agree very much. The Democrats are making fools of themselves on this Russian Thing. Leonard Pitts is too.


The irony of this whole thing is I think the Russian investigation will not show collusion, but it will bring up hundreds of millions of dollars the Trumps have received over the years from Russian oligarchs. Did Trump claim these earnings? I doubt it. He is afraid of what they find out regarding the shady deals he has been doing for many years. His son told a Golf reporter they had 100 million from Russia for their NC Golf course. This whole thing might come down to tax and financial crimes and not collusion to get elected. No wonder his tax statements are such a touchy subject.


More likely both! The very fact that so many Trump administration officials (including Sessions) are tainted by some personal but behind closed doors connections with Russia counts for a lot.

Some will try to call those fairly numerous contacts as coincidence but really, since when has any White House before this ever had so many shady connections and $deals with the Russians? Too many people making far too many hidden connections don't you think?


As the story of the firing broke all the tv" reporters" were reporting the white house talking points----thank God for the print media otherwise we would no nothing.

Susan Collins who just spoke repeated the BS Trump line that what Comey did in July was reason to fire him-----WHEN WILL MAINE GET RID OF THIS STOOGE!

And I guess most people here aren't paying attention---Trump wanted Comey fired once he realized he was under investigation------Mon Comey asked for more resources for the investigation----he was fired on Tues------and the white house spun a lie that this was prompted by the second in charge at Justice.

Trump invited Comey for dinner after taking office to decide if Comey should be kept on----at this dinner Trump asked Comey if he was under investigation?-----these are the words of Trump TODAY!DO YOU SEE A PROBLEM HERE!


And don't buy all this media crap that this won't have an impact on the investigation----it will have a chilling effect on anyone who wants to stand up to Trump. These same reporters are trying to pedal this crap that the guy who became acting FBI director is honorable----this is very much in question.

I do agree with Igillooly that this could have more to do with Trump being financed by the Russians than anything else------Trump made a 60m profit on a house in Florida that he never lived in---this house was bought by a Russian close to Putin.


A political party participates in an election. That's not meddling. Unless you think Democrats had no right to participate in their own.


You're right, kajsa52, ignore the DNC Damage Control.