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If You Take a Charitable Tax Deduction, You Should Actually Give to Charity


If You Take a Charitable Tax Deduction, You Should Actually Give to Charity

Chuck Collins, Helen Flannery

In every community, there are nonprofit charities that serve real needs: local food pantries, programs addressing the opioid crisis, the Red Cross chapters that come to our aid after a storm. Charities provide vital services to the people and places they serve.

These organizations lean heavily on volunteers, fundraisers, and donors. And most ordinary donors give without consideration of a tax break — people give their time, treasure, and talent without keeping score.


If you want to give to charity, why not give it out of your own funds, and not short the contribution you’re obligated to make to the country in taxes, and pretend to be giving what you’re not.

The charitable deduction should be a charitable giving, not a tax saving.

The charitable deduction should be phased out, and we, the people, could decide what charities are worth funding, and sham giving could be better eliminated.


I would actually take it a step further. Eliminate all deductions and exemptions. Take the government out of the process of promoting winners and losers by artificially structuring the tax system. Make it a true income tax - tax all income, regardless of source at a common rate.


Seeing how deductions and exemptions are determined by those having the most lobbying money (euphemism for legal bribery) I agree that getting rid of them should be a high priority.

Ever since what Democrats continue to call “bipartisan 1986 tax reform” the only filers who can deduct charitable contributions are businesses and individuals who itemize deductions.


Income from labor should be taxed at a common rate, but investment income should be taxed at a much higher rate, conversely to what it is today. Labor involves the actual work done, while investments are made from extra income. This only seems fair.


Philanthropy undercuts democracy by diverting funds available for tax revenues, funds that would be distributed based on democratic deliberations. So instead of priorities being set in the political arena, where the public gets to weigh in on the importance of various programs, the priorities are set by philanthropists who can underwrite pet projects— some of which undercut the common good. Bill Gates’ charitable gifts to public schools are a case in point.


Thank you for this enlightening article. I had never heard of this corrupt scam that could as you state be easily corrected. The greed of many wealthy people is adding to the destruction of this country. It is looking and feeling more like Russia. Those using this diversion are akin to the oligarchs. Only a handful of people in Washington truly care about this country and its people.


The charitable tax deduction - which I have taken as most people who are paying on a house or have large out-of-pocket deductible medical or job-related expenses and therefore itemize, represents one of the few legal ways that someone can divert some of their taxes from war to peaceful purposes.

The charitable deduction needs to be expanded by pitting it right on the front of the 1040 so that everyone regardless of income can have their charity donations subsidized - on top of the std. deduction.


Not only give it out of your own funds, but how many of these rich greedsters do you think would take the time to lift a hammer or a shovel for Habitat for Humanity? How many of them would rub elbows with someone who hasn’t been able to bathe for week because he is homeless, and stand in a serving line to give that homeless one food?

I know that most folks here are not faith-based, but I believe in divine justice. It may not come in this lifetime, but the plundering rich, according to Jesus the Christ, are going to get theirs in the next life…and they ain’t gonna like it one little bit. The thought of cosmic justice down the road helps keep me sane.


The second of the above suggestions is a no-brainer!


Worse than Russia. Our home-grown swindlers and parasites are the best in the world,