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If You Think Bernie Shouldn't Have Gone on Joe Rogan, or Fox News, You're Leaving Fellow Americans for Dead

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/09/if-you-think-bernie-shouldnt-have-gone-joe-rogan-or-fox-news-youre-leaving-fellow


The reason Joe Byedone doesn’t sit for interviews is obvious as hell.

Every time he opens his mouth he makes an ass outta himself.

Now then, I invite anyone to tell me which d-party nominee outside of Sanders is capable of peeling off a few Trump voters. Harris? Warren? Buttigieg? I won’t even mention ByeDone – he’ll implode soon enough.


From the article:
“…many pundits and voters called (Sanders) out for ‘normalizing’ the conservative news network, rather than recognizing the opportunity the appearance presented.”

I wonder how much of that criticism is simple concern-trolling, and how much is Brand D’s “anybody but Bernie” wing?

The author’s main point is unassailable: successful candidates are the ones who have gone after the votes wherever they are.


Joe Rogan did the best political interview I’ve ever seen. Bernie hit home run after home run and came across as even more impressive than usual.
You look at the comments section on the video and you see right-wingers, Trumpers, libertarians and others who used to think Bernie was a socialist lunatic saying that they now support him.
The author of this article is absolutely correct that it’s great for Bernie to be on the Joe Rogan show. Here’s the link to this fantastic interview:


Great interview from Bernie posted by David Carson!

Bernie’s wisdom and vision - his dedication - to appear and talk about issues on Rogan’s show is that of a true leader. Contrast his integrity and wit with the 2016 anointed DNC fraud and failure who didn’t have the wit or heart, the “strategists” or the vision and dedication to even bother to engage with Michigan , Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania! That is the difference in integrity and leadership Bernie Sanders brings to the table.

Will the DINO DNC corporate/banker/Wall St wing have any wit this time around or exhibit true leadership?!


When you have a Strong, Powerful Message that represents the Humanitarian Wing of the Democratic Party you should have no problem defending your Ideals and your Policies.

BERNIE - 2020


Poll after poll confirms that 40% plus of fellow Americans ARE dead, or at least brain dead!


To me the fact that Bernie went to a town hall meeting on a Fox station no less, and by the time it was over had convinced a majority of republicans in the audience to vote for EIM4A, by a show of hands, speaks for itself. He is effective no matter what the medium is.


21% of Americans DO listen and read to what opposition parties, candidates, publicly and privately say. This percentage additionally applies to independent voters.

Going into FOX homes, independent homes, and presenting ideas, qualifications, experience and plans does not lose the candidate speaker even one vote.

Will not convince everyone - but - starts to get many thinking.
And elders vote for their grandchildrens benefit.


The reason Bernie can handle being on FOX is because he doesn’t have anything to hide. The DP corporate wing does, and that’s why they struggle with their appearances. With Bernie, what you see is what you get.

I saw both and Bernie is so impressive. At present, Rogan is up to almost 6.5 million viewers. And we do - we need an executive order on marijuana and empty the prisons of pot offenses.

Can he do that on health care too? Anyone know?


Elizabeth Warren refused a similar offer, and I think it was a big mistake—even if her intentions were good.

She made the right decision for Warren. FOX would have slaughtered her. Her half hearted and just short of the goal post plans will not hold up to scrutiny. I hope she drops out of the race sooner than later. All she is doing is taking votes, (uninformed votes) from Sanders. Without her in the race, the polls would have Sanders way out ahead of Biden.


We don’t want an executive order for Medicare for All. We want legislation that makes it the law. With the majority of Americans behind him on the health care issue, Sanders standing on the presidential pulpit shaming any Congressional rep who doesn’t fall in line will bring us what we need.

He is the only candidate who can bring it home.


I didn’t save the source but I read somewhere that she didn’t spend much time in MI, WI, PA because her poll numbers dropped in those areas every time she made an appearance there. Her strategic team made the decision to keep her out of those states rather than change the messaging. Given how late in the campaign the realization came, it was probably the best they could do.

At any rate, she had already turned flips, summersaults, and performed head stands to shape shift her oligarchy message to falsely make it appear to match the very popular policies that Sanders gave voice to, that there really wasn’t any strategy that could have saved her from her own fate.


Yeah, why not appear on Rogan? It’s a forum that reaches a lot of people, a forum in which the interviewee actually gets to talk without a lot of attempts at control, and a forum not particularly dedicated to knocking Bernie Sanders out of the election.

Despite petty differences in branding, CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, and the NYT and the like have become so parochial and self-contained that people wishing to criticize American policies in a commercial venue wind up on Fox or RT. It’s hardly an environment in which one can reasonably criticize someone for appearing on Rogan.




Yes. Same thing with the comments section of Joe Rogan’s Gabbard interviews. Sanders was smart to do this. This is how you win elections.


I really like Joe Rogan and his show. He lets people go very in-depth. His personal politics are probably on the balance a bit left of center, which anyone could learn for themselves if they just took the time to listen to some episodes. But he has nonetheless been branded by woke twitterati and outlets within that orbit as “right wing” or “alt-right adjacent” for, presumably, having guests from across the spectrum. This is just authoritarian purity-politics and an attempted infantalization of the listener by those who would purport to “know better”, when in reality it showcases their ignorance via arrogant and dismissive attempts at pigeonholing.


I agree with @Callmeskeptical, this answer is easy and Tulsi had a great Rogan interview as well. I think Gabbard and Sanders would pull over slightly different sets of Trump voters. Sanders will get the ones like the coal miner Sanders talked to (Fox town hall maybe?) who said he was honored to meet the main who stood up for him more than his party ® did. Tulsi will get some of the same crowd maybe not as much as Sanders who is focused more on economic disparity. But I know several Republicana.at work (who did not vote for Trump) who would consider Gabbard but not Sanders. Tucker Carlson sure likes her. If I had any guts he’d endorse her. Only anecdotal, but I suspect there are many more.

I’m in full alignment with these two on never giving up on any type of voter (well I guess a progressive can give up on true KKK types ever voting for them.

If Warren can’t hold her own on Fox, she’s not the likeliest to win in the general (and her polls are worse 1 on 1 with Trump than Sanders - I wish Biden wasn’t the best on these.

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Exactly! Why can so many people not see that Bernie is head and shoulders above all the glorified narcissistic vanity candidate kids he is running against? You mention that he is the only one with authenticity and integrity! That is true. He is also the only one with the kind of serious GRAVITAS and prudence any excellent President must have!!

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“Without her in the race, the polls would have Sanders way out ahead of Biden.”
I’m afraid that is precisely why she is in the race.